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SEO strategies that works in October 2017

As London’s leading SEO agency we’ve been testing what works this month when it comes to local business SEO. We’ve tested the SEO strategies in some of the most competitive on-demand services industries in London. One if the rubbish removal niche in London and daily content marketing helped tremendously for Quick Wasters clearance company to budge back to ... Read More

How local business citation building services helped our client EOT Cleaning services in London?

We are glad to see how EOT Cleaning company budged to local map pack nicely with our manually done local business citations services. We’ve been doing it for a while now and well utilized for Orthodontists in UK. You can see the case study on https://www.clickdo.co.uk/case-studies/orthodontist-seo and if you are in London just search for “orthodontist London” ... Read More

EOT Cleaning Page Speed Optimized To Be Green On Newly Developed Website By Madhura Darshana

Our senior web development expert, Madhura Darshana further optimised the newly designed and developed website for EOT Cleaning.  The London’s premier cleaning services company. Kasun designed new website and Madhura developed the website to be elite. EOT Cleaning Page Speed Optimized To Be Green On Newly Developed Website By Madhura Darshana Google page speed tool analysis : ... Read More

9 local Link-Building techniques that are healthy and practical for your business website

You’ve probably heard of latest link-building techniques and even tried your hand at it for your website. Maybe you’ve started to get the hang of it but you’re not seeing the desired results or you’re avoiding link-building altogether. Whatever the case is, it’s important that you start building a quality link profile for your local ... Read More

How Google is going to treat link building in future

Since the first Penguin search algorithm (April 24 2012) started punishing websites which had spam and unnatural links, there has been a great misconception living among SEO peoples that link building is dead and the SEO show is finally over. Some people think that link building is not dead, but they are too afraid to ... Read More

How to Calculate Social Media ROI

Social media is a growing field that helps a business in creating a strong online presence, connecting with people and taking the business to a new height. But you can’t take your business to a new height on social media without investing time, money and efforts. I know you would put these three things into ... Read More

How to do Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is a very huge concept and before trying to do Real estate SEO it is very important that you know why to do Real estate SEO. Since there is huge demand in the real estate market all round the globe, the competition level in this sector is very high. Every day there ... Read More

8 Key Factors To Remember In On Page SEO

  SEO is one of the tools that have changed the marketing and promoting approach. This is the enlightened age tool that is very popular among the people. SEO helps to increase the visibility of the website in the search engines and that is why there are many businesses looking for SEO services. Customers seek ... Read More

Post penguin strategy in 2015 by ClickDo SEO consultants

Google Penguin: Google Penguin was released to penalize those websites which used spam or unnatural link building techniques. The first version of Penguin algorithm affected around 3.1% of search queries in English while the latest version Penguin 3.0 impacted less than 1% English queries There has been much discussion about the Post penguin strategy in ... Read More