How to get more likes on Facebook and get more eye balls

It happened to you before for sure. You post something amazing on FB and only 3 people like it, zero comments and shares. Then you post something random and it picks up. Why is that and why should you care?


The benefits of engaged public should be obvious to anyone who is running or wants to run an internet business. And to be honest, every business is an internet business nowadays, I can´t think of one business area that would not profit from exposure via internet. If you can, let me know in the comments 😉

Now, FB, similar to Google, has it´s own Algorithm on how the post and shares people put on FB rank. So for example, if your niece Angela, who is 13, posts a new status update on Monday, 6pm, a very different crowd will get to see that update compared to a post by Mark, who is a mid-year entrepreneur with a big and different friends circle. (I dont know why I used Mark and Angela example, hahah, why not 🙂 )

So let´s crack right into it, what are the things that the FB algorithm checks when it decides how a post will rank/get shown on people´s walls? First with a video from my home country of Slovenia, then similar content in words (so if the video is too long for you just skip to the words).

1. Time Sensitivity

The faster a post gets engagement, the faster it will climb. Engagement is likes, comments and shares. Share is worth more than a comment, which is worth more than a like. So if you get a lot of engagement early on, there is a big chance the post will pick up a larger audience.

Need a tip? Tell you friends/business partners when you publish something you want noticed. Tell them, or even better, train them, to automatically like and comment (and even share) whenever you put something out. You might notice us doing that at ClickDo because it works well!

2.  Photos Rank Higher

Photos on Facebook have always gotten a slightly better visibility in the News Feed. But don´t always use a pic. Keep it fun with a mix of vids, pics, text only and links. When you do share photos, make sure they look great and are eye-catching in a smaller version, given most people will see a reduced size in their News Feed and/or mobile app.

3.  Short Narrative

Keep the narrative short and keep the first person to minimum. Too long posts are too long for FB attention span. Sadly, some of FB´s attention span is similar to that of the goldfish – about 3 seconds. So if you want big number, go low on word count. Also keep in mind that if you start the sentence with “I went…”, “I think…” nobody will care. Seriously. It´s much better to start off with something like a question or general statement that people can relate to much easier

4.   Include a call to action

Ask a question? Ask for likes. For example, “For each like I get, I will make 1 pushup”. “For each share I get, I will link to your site.” If the content is good and you ask people to engage in the end, they will. If you don´t ask, they wont. Our species is lazy by nature.

5.   Post more videos.

FB is competing hard against Youtube. That´s why if you link to a Youtube video, you won´t get as much exposure as if when you upload the video directly to Facebook. So use videos on FB, you will get plenty views! Another tip – put catching big text letters in the beginning of video, because vids will play without sounds on people´s news feed, so letter will increase the chance of people actually click through to the video page with sound.

6.   Post funny shit.

Don´t be too serious. Seriously, who gives a fuck?

  1. Pay attention to timing

    Based on my experience and most online advice – Sunday noon is the best possible time to get the most eyeballs. Weekdays either 1pm or 7pm, so during lunch break or after work. Pay attention to different time zones too (if you travel). But the key is to strike your demographics right, so dont be afraid to experiment

  1. Make sure you like/comment people who comment and share

    People took time to engage – the most precious thing they have, to like and comment on your little post. Show some respect and like/comment back. That´s how you establish real connection, reciprocity. A good book that supposedly talks about this (haven´t read it yet but want to) is the Thank You Economy.

A few links of articles that gave me some insight on the topic:

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By: Bostjan