How to monitor your Brand mentions and Why it’s important?

First of all Brand mentions are a form of links and the safest form of quality SEO effect you can get these days for your brand/URL on the search engines eyes. However the concept is a little new though for some SEO’s.

brand mentions seo

Those mentions has to be on top authority sites to get the best boost, however it’s work it to invest on brand mentions on the web as much as possible. Still there is no evidence and justification to prove that brand mentions passes any form of link juice though.

But looking at the web, we can assume that having brand mentions on the web, even though without a direct backlinks could give  a massive trust flow for any branded URL ( That’s why we say all our new clients it’s time to build a solid brand if you are to successfully do business on search engines.

It’s said that:

Quality links from brand mentions worth it!

So how do you get brand mentions on the web?

  • By participating on forums, Yahoo new sections and Facebook groups/pages
  • Networking on the web – On Facebook, ask for brand mentions from your connections
  • Leaving comments on other top authority blogs/websites
  • Having profile created on authority websites like Forbes, Mashable etc. – We use this services from LockMybrand when we are supper busy or need to get done in bulk.
  • Getting published on other blogs on the web with just brand mentions (Not directly linking – Unless from a Naked URL)
  • Ideally try to get 50-100 guest articles done for your brand on the web. – Do not focus on getting backlinks for the keywords with direct anchor texts. You might think it’s a waste then, however this works works well and you can nicely be away from any Penguin penalties.

At ClickDo we highly encourage all our clients after the 18th Google Penguin update, to focus on getting more and more socially mentions by getting the brand name mentioned on the web.

How to monitor you brand mentions on the web?

It’s important that you monitor your brand mentions at least every week. Because when your brand is mentioned on the web, it might in some cases act as a solid backlink, so you should be knowing it. Also this could be a way to follow up and bring in a client or a sale for your business as well.

When you know what your target audience says about your brand, you can improve your brand, tweak it for best.

You can use the tool Mention tool to track all the mentions about your brand on the web. Also you can use Social mention as well.

Also create an Google Alerts and you will get alerts about your brand or service when someone mentions about you even without a link. So you track, contact that person. You can contact the person and ask if they can place a link to your site as well, which would pass on direct authority much better to you websites.

So go utilize on brand mentions today for your business. And if you do not still have solid brand, it;s time to build one and ClickDo Ltd. can help you with that. Get in touch with us today.

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