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“SEEDR” – THE BIT TORRENT KILLER – Most Effective Way To Use BitTorrents in 2016

People in Developing countries love “Torrents“. In India or China, you can easily find at least one computer turned on at night because they might be downloading some movies or games using the torrents. Torrents are the lifeline for the Developing countries to stay connected to the Pop culture; I say lifeline because we can’t afford original content, simple as that. They are obscenely high priced for our currencies, and on top of that, our governments shoehorn huge taxes on them to make it completely impossible for the consumer to own.

Introduction to BitTorrent Sync

In the world of torrenting, there is a new cool game changer in the town of Peer-to-Peer sharing. It will totally change the way you download things from the torrents. This is the next big thing, and probably kill the BitTorrent clients.


We are talking about a cloud-based torrent service, where you don’t even download a bit from torrents, some other machine in the cloud does, and you just download that file at a very high speed. Yup! You heard me right – Torrents in the cloud! The best part IT’S FREE! Here are the 4 biggest reasons, you should try Seedr today!

1) You don’t have to keep your PC or Laptop Turned ON!

Seedr Cloud Torrenting - No More Turned ON laptop or PC
After all our trials and tribulations with torrents, we all might understand the concept of Seeders and Leechers. The Seeders are the people who are providing the content on the torrents, and leechers are folks who are sucking them down, like you and me. Therefore, we often hit a situation, where the Seed to Leech ratio is really poor hence you need to keep your damn computer ON for days to get that file from torrent.

Seedr has changed this. The machine on the cloud will download your desired file from a torrent, nothing happens on your system. You just need to add the torrent page, magnetic link or the torrent file to seedr. Now, as the machine in the Seedr cloud is in Europe or US; their download rate is fast than Asian countries because the latency is less. And then once the torrent is finished downloading on the cloud machine, you can pull it down like a file share from your assigned folders in the cloud.

Seedr provides every free user with 2 GBs of Data that can be used to save the content you download from torrents. In simple words, no need to keep your machine’s turned ON at night or day due to bad Seeder<>Leecher Ratio. All you need to do is have a torrent page link, magnetic link or the torrent file. That’s it!

2) The Downloading Speed Is Lightening Fast!

Seedr Lightening Fast Downloads
As you are downloading your files directly from a server that’s dedicated to you in the Seedr cloud, you’re speed is going to be extremely high, as you are not limited by the peer to peer connection on your bit torrent client. If you have a good bandwidth, I’ve seen the download speed hitting 4Mbps. Yes, I am not kidding! Check the above screenshot from my mobile.

3) You can directly Stream you video files, music, photos or E-books!

Seedr - Direct Streaming No Downloads
Not all movies or video tutorials have samples in them to check the quality of the video-audio, and even if its present in the torrent, sometimes you don’t have the patience to download them. With Seedr once the file is in your Seedr folder, you can directly play it from there without even downloading it to your machine. Those video or audio files will work directly from the cloud folder of your Seedr account. That’s priceless!

4) No torrent Client or Firewall Shaping is Required.

You are not downloading any torrent on your machine directly; hence, you don’t need to have U torrent or any other bit torrent client on your machine. Plus you don’t need to fiddle with your firewall settings to make this work because you are not doing the real torrent download on your computer, it’s happening somewhere else in the cloud, and we are just borrowing it from there as a direct download/Sharing. Most importantly, seedr can be opened on your mobile, iPad, Android tablets, Chromebook Playstation 3, PlayStation 4 or any other gadget that has a browser in it. This means your torrent folder is now mobile; you don’t have to move files from one gadget to another, it’s always there for you in the Seedr folder. You just need to open the Seedr website.

5) Satisfying free Version and a Powerful Premium Version.

Seedr gives a free account to everybody with 2 GBs of Space. You just need to register via your email or Facebook account. They also have paid programs that let you use simultaneous torrents, 160 or 250 GB of Storing space, and many other powerful features which you cannot do on a free Seedr account. You can review all those features directly from the website link below.

Now go out and use this link to register your account on Seedr, if you use this link you will get additional 500Mbs of Space along with 2 Gb, which you won’t get directly from the site. Consider this gift from ClickDo Ltd to our loyal readers, here is the link -> https://www.seedr.cc/?r=53452