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Importance of online reputation management for political parties in United Kingdom

A modern political party is simply not imaginable without an online reputation manager. It’s the same reason the corporate CEO’s and heads of big organizations have speech-writers – the public perception and image plays a huge importance in an organizations success. Every statement that goes out is well thought out and planned.

There are many reasons for a political party to hire an online reputation manager, such as:

  • Continued articles on persons in the party
  • Some public opinions might of changed over time as events develop
  • Continued opposition attacks
  • People search Google for everything
  • A chance to display the best opinions in the search engine result pages

If the party has a great opinion and a policy in mind for a specific subject, such as “immigration policy UK” – a highly searched term, it’s a great opportunity to win voters by ranking for an opinion by the party. Another tactic is to rank the opposition for an opinion that’s too controversial and makes the party be viewed in a negative light.

No alternatives

In the online reputation managements campaign, ranking for the positive aspects, there simply are not alternatives – a party cannot buy PPC for “European union referendum”, not only is this restricted by Google’s PPC, it would also be perceived quite weird by the internet searchers. Similarly, a political party cannot buy PPC for an article that brings the opposition in a negative light.

Online reputation management is about de-ranking sites by ranking other sites – this is perfect for de-ranking old opinions on events by the party members.

Often times the big media websites are the first in the search engine results pages when searching for a persons name. They’re the so called “Keyword magnets”. A SEO agency can help with what’s displayed – if a party or a person has multiple articles on a given website, all it takes is to sent some backlinks to the other more positive article, to outrank the bad ones.

An SEO agency can keep on creating links for a specific articles – this is to avoid the opposition ranking a negative article.

When it comes to online reputation management – the opposition is the key to understand. In business, everyman is out for themselves, in politics it’s a lot more structured – a group is against another group. Attacks are common and expected. An old and outdated opinion might be picked up by someone and used in their attack.

An SEO agency allows a political party not only to defend against attacks, but also get back at the opposition themselves. It’s politics, after all.


To sum it up, online reputation management allows to display the public, very likely controversial, opinion on subjects and to remove any negative opinions by journalists and opposition in the search engine pages.

There is more content than ever before available online – people are writing and publishing content all over the world on various platforms.

In times when being a blogger and expressing an opinion online is easier than ever before, every politician and a political party shall have an online reputation manager employed.