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7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies For 2016

The 7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies are vital for your blogging success in 2016 and beyond. 

If you´re a blogger or helping somebody run one and are not happy about the traffic on your site, you should seriously consider guest blogging. It will help you spread your brand, get new viewers, get some nice backlinks and all kinds of new marketing opportunities in the future. It´s a great leverage opportunity and you should not miss it. However, there are things to keep in mind, so you will be successful.

  • Find good targets. Know your demographics. Who are your readers? Who do you want on your site? What´s your perfect reader, customer? Search terms like  “Guest blog”, “guest posting guidelines” will help you. Also check the site´s domain authority and page authority – how big is there presence on the internet?
  • Make it personal dude! “Who are you, do we know each other?” Don´t just run to people and ask them to do a guest post. Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+. A recommendation is a couple of weeks of interactions with the person before asking for anything. Comment on their blog, engage and interact. After you build familiarity you can ask for a guest post. Also, provide value. Help them out by giving them some tips or any other help they might need.
  • Make your content relevant for their readers. Don´t just just go out with your idea and topics. Make it as tailored to their readers as possible. This way you will get more engagement and views and you will make them and yourself more happy. Study the audience. What´s the most successful content? Where is the most engagement?
  • Provide examples of your previous work in the email – but link it, don´t write crazy long emails, no business owner has free hours to read through walls of text.guest-blogging


  • Make sure you dont give too many links to your site inside your posts – people will feel it´s spammy. However, embeddable content – videos, pics will works better because it´s too large for post itself, so you can link to it. Also hosting will be easier for them if large files are linked to.
  • Usually you will have many targets, several people you want to write for. Doing it easier would be that when you write for one person, link back to the others. They will all be happy and they will all get more links.
  • Obviously, you should be doing SEO when writing a blog post. Now, maybe it´s a good idea to not target your main keywords, as those will probably not be the same as the niche you are writing for. Don´t try to force it. Instead target secondary or tertiary keywords. It won´t seem forced but it will still help with your SEO.

Now all the theory is nothing if you don´t do something about it, right? So I´m giving you a challenge. Find 3 people who you want to guest blog for. Then engage with them on social media for a few weeks, then ask them to do a guest post. Success is guaranteed.

Since I started blogging myself not even a month ago I will do the same. In a little less than 1 month I have had about 5500 unique visitors on my site. Not a bad start. I´ll try to double that this month with the help of guest blogging.

I´ll try to do it for Lifehack, HuffingtonPost and TinyBuddha. And fuck it´s, it´s all about over-delivering, so I´ll try to get to reddit too! Let´s see how it goes 🙂



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