SOS Electricals: Optimization for 24 hour London electricians

SOS Electricals: Optimization for 24 hour London electricians

The newest website we took on board at ClickDo consultancy services is > SOS Electricals. The owner Omer Atuf came and met us at the Canary Wharf office and decided to give it a try for our local SEO services that we’ve preach like a religion. Doing local business seo consultancy is like an addiction to me now. So let’s get into the story about SOS Electricals and why they are best when it comes to 24 hour London electricians

SOS Electricals is built on WordPress and the page speed is super after Logesh Kumar did his magic touches to the site, and it started to load uber fast. I did the On Page SEO elements just 24 hours back and you wouldn’t believe the budge. The below image shows that the site is very healthy and has promising future on the web. If a site budges several pages once me and Logesh does the On Page SEO, I know its all smooth and good to go long way in the niche.

Ranks- for-SOS-Electricians

So how did we do it?

first of all >> Perfectly done On Page SEO and the healthy backlink profile of the website, helped it. Also the SOS Electricals is a well established brand on the web. Which you can see when you just Google “SOS Electricals


See how nicely the Google search engine has identified the brand name. That’s the key to build a business. Every business should consider building a brand that search engines would be proud to place on top spots for their users to enjoy.

When I see businesses like this, I know the journey is clear. Because it’s only by building an authentic brand you can rank effectively on the modern day web. I did that for ClickDo by having patience and knowing that building a brand that serves the web users is the best way to get top spots on the web.

What’s needed for SOS Electricals brand to be perfect?

  • More customer review from the people on the Google business page.
  • A Well created YouTube channel with 7-10 nicely done video about their brand.
  • Social Media brand pages and activity on them daily/weekly/monthly.
  • PR done right by well established bloggers, branding strategists in the industry.
  • Weekly blogging which will be done by Bertrams Arni

That’s what we would cover and hop you got an idea about how we are doing the search engine optimization in the most effective manner and how brands helps budge.

Keep and eye on the website and I will update you with the progress report in 35 days. Normally it takes 3-4 weeks before coming to conclusions about how long a property will take for niche domination.

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