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Basic TTFB and Page Speed Optimization Guide by Logesh Kumar

Page Speed Optimization is one of the major ranking factor in Google Search. Google as well as users like a website that loads fast! Preferably in less than 3 seconds. I am the one who keeps Page Speed Optimization in my radar for all our clients. Sometimes, we migrate sites to a better hosting service provider Like Seekahost, GoDaddy and Hostgator to get best possible speeds. I have reviewed Seekahost in my Blog with all Technical Specifications. In the video explanation below, I have shared my knowledge about TTFB (Time To First Byte) and Basic Page Speed Optimization Tips.

In the Video:

In the video I have covered the below topics:

  • Why does a website load slow?
    • JS Files
    • CSS Files
    • Image Optimization Technoques
    • Code Quality
    • Code Redundancy
    • TTFB – Time To First Byte
    • Recommendations and Solutions


We acheive Page Speed by Combining CSS, Minification of JS and reducing the TTFB Factor. The important information in the Video is about TTFB and I have shared tips on Image Optimization Techniques using the tool called as Caesium. In our next video, I will explain Advanced Page Speed Optimization and how to use Caesium tool.