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Off-Page SEO 2016 Style – Why Off-Page SEO Still Matters And Best Practice

Why Off-Page SEO Still Matters And Best Practice In 2016

When it comes to SEO strategies, they can be categorized majorly into 2; on page, and off Page optimization. The former entails any efforts done on the website to enhance its chances of being ranked top, while the former entails efforts carried out off page. Often, they include link building, although they aren’t limited to that alone. Off page SEO strategies do matter a lot even in 2016, and they are effective and recommendable.

  • Social networking sites are still an effective way to pull traffic to your website in 2016. Join sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, and such like.
  • Also, post as many articles as you can in online article directories. The articles must contain unique and informative content. While at it, it is advisable to make use of long titles that are catchy. Monthly submissions always work great.
  • Share videos related to your products or brand on popular video sharing sites. The video doesn’t actually have to do with your specific product; the trick is to share a video that has the ability to go viral, and be shared amongst many people.
  • Infographics are also a great way to help a site get ranked; write nice and catchy infographics, and share them on popular infographic sites.
  • Lastly, you can’t afford not to make use of links in 2016. However, like any good SEO consultants will advice you, the trick is to use quality links. In other words, it is better to have better but fewer links, than to have numerous links but that are useless in as far as helping you reach more people is concerned.

Off page SEO tips and tricks can still play a very helpful role in 2016, you can make use of them to ensure that your site gets ranked on top of all popular search engines.


Change Your Of-Page SEO Strategy In 2016

The battle for online dominance of brands continues to get more intense, and in 2016, this trend isn’t expected to change. Consequently, the SEO skills and tricks are also evolving to keep up with this trend. One of the oldest tricks in the books of SEO has been Off page SEO strategy. These are strategies that have been proven to help market your site, help in building an online reputation, and also help you get ranked on top of search engines. Below are some off page SEO strategies that you should consider revising, knowing about, or trying out, in 2016;

  1. Social networking sites; in 2016, you should consider being a member of popular networking sites like Myspace, Orkut, Linked In, and so on so forth. This is a way to expand your online networks, share things with the online community, and by so doing, you’re basically helping build a solid online reputation.
  2. Blogs; blogs are a powerful way to promote your online brand. You can write a blog about your company, brand, products, and while at it, ensure that you use informative and unique content. You can go ahead and promote your blogs on blog search engines and blog directories. You can also comment on other related blogs, and leave links to direct readers to your very own blogs.
  3. Search Engine Submissions; you should also consider trying to submit your site to popular search engines. These include Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alexa, to mention but a few. Doing so will help you get listed at no cost!
  4. Link Baiting; It is common practice to copy or publish content and news from other sites, to your own blog or website. Once you have done this, always remember to place the reference URL link for that site. If your content meets the threshold, you can let others use your links too, which is a sure way to enhance the popularity of your link.

Make use of the above easy tips to change your off page SEO strategy in 2016, and you’ll surely witness positive results.