Why you should say “NO” more

I read this great short article by Derek Sivers. It´s about a very simple concept that will make your life a lot easier, especially if you are very busy – It´s either “Hell yeah” or “NO”

Most people (that used to include myself) have a problem with saying NO. “Join us for dinner on Sunday”, “Could you help me correct my essay?”, “Do you want to hit the gym with me today?”, “Can we have a short Skype call?”, “Do you want to make a video on this topic?”.


So look, in life you are always Acting or Reacting (deep shit coming up lol). And when you just say Yes to all your friends and potential mediocre business projects all the time you are not making yourself a favour. Short term, you will feel good because you didn´t “disappoint” the friend/you are doing something for your business. Long term, you will lose precious will power, time and energy on something that you are really not super hyped in doing.

So what happens when you learn how to say NO a lot? Guess what, you free up a lot of time, energy and will power, to do the things that really make you passionate. Or to get some rest/exercise, if you are a typical overworked (welcome to the club) entrepreneur.


I´m pretty good at saying NO in my personal life. I know when to I need some rest or when to cut the bullshit. However, being a relatively new blogger and vblogger, people are reaching out to me and asking stuff. How do you film that? What kind of equipment? How to get this job? Etc. Now I have to start learning to say no more in my professional life as well.

Here´s what Marie Forleo has to say on saying NO to people who want to pick your brain

So yeah. Next time somebody asks you to do something you´re not really hyped to do, say NO. Politely, though 🙂

Till next time,