How Guest Posts can be used to build natural links?


Link Building is the core part of the Off- Page SEO which you should do in a very strategic manner by without letting the Google to realize that you are building links manually.

Guest posts are one of the natural ways of building authority links to your website in an SEO friendly way.

Here let’s see how guest posts helped me to rank some of my sites.

guest posts to build linksMake the On-Page Perfect:

Before getting into the Off-Page SEO works make sure that you fix all the On-Page issues.

Fix all the interlinking errors and update the web pages with the proper Title Tags, Meta Description, Image Alt tags, etc.

After making the On-Page perfect, then move on to the Off-Page SEO. That is backlinking.

Check out this Video – as Fernando is explaining On Page SEO with Live Demo.

How to build quality links with Guest Posts?

Google loves the sites which have authority backlinks from the relevant sites of high authority.

paid guest posts to build links

Guest posting will help you to publish blogs in high authority sites in the relevant niches.

Links from this sites will make your bank link profile look more natural.

Guest Posts helped me to rank our lovely client “Quick Wasters” for the top-notch business terms in the UK.

I worked with Fernando and made the On-Page factors perfect Quick Wasters before moving into the backlinking.

To be honest, Rubbish Removal industry is comparatively tough when it comes to ranking the websites for potential business terms.

But learning the organic SEO game makes it possible to rank any kind of website on top of Google SERP.

Being an SEO Consultant, if you are working to rank for really competitive terms, then you should plan strategically and execute it.

Bunch of links from the same site will not help you to rank your webpage on top. Google gives importance to the quality of the links than the quantity.

Find the best sites relevant to your business and start publishing guest posts & get quality backlinks to your website.

Not only Guest Posting, Create accounts for your business in platforms like Quora, Medium, etc.

Start publishing blogs in these platforms like once or twice per week.

Try to give branded links or naked links to the website.

Give equal importance to both the do follow links and the no follow links.

Having a good number of no follow links will make your backlink profile to look more natural and help you to budge to top of Google SERP.

Then the quality guest posts that I have done for the Quick Wasters made the job more easier. We ranked Quick Wasters #1 for many potential terms as in the below screenshot.

Myself and Fernando did quality guest posing for Quick Wasters in top notch sites and help it budge to top of Google.

Quick Wasters have the account in Quora nd Medium, which makes their backlink profile to look more natural.

guest posting

Thus if you are fumbling with the ranks of your web page in the SERP. Then get publish guest posts in authority sites and gain quality backlinks to your website.

You can get in touch with us or just drop a mail to ClickDo Ltd to build quality backlinks to your website. Our expert team will help you to publish guest posts on quality sites and improve the ranks on Google.

This will help you to improve the ranks of your web page on the Google SERP.

If you need quality sites for guest posts. Get in touch with me or just drop a mail to, I will help you to publish guest posts in quality sites and get backlinks for your site.

3 Simple Hacks to build the natural backlinks to the website


Backlinking is the core factor of Off-Page SEO. Having quality backlinks from the high authority websites will help you to improve the ranks of your website.

Here let’s see some simple ways to build the quality and natural backlinks to the website.

build natural backlinksUse Forums to build links:

There are many question-answer forums in online like Quora, Fixya, etc. You can use these mediums to build the natural links to the website.

Mostly the links will be No-Follow backlinks from these Forum sites.

Though the links are No-Follow, these links will help you get more traffic and will also look more natural in view of Google.

Use Infographic Submission Sites:

You can create the Infographics related to your business and can submit them on the online mediums.

Submitting the Infographics in mediums like Flickr,, etc will help you get high authority backlinks to your website.

Sharing the quality content in the Infographics will make the users to engage with your posts.

More than the text content, Media files tend to keep the users engaged with your web page.

paid guest post backlinksPublish Guest Posts:

Guest Posting is the way of publishing your own content in other high authority website and getting links from that particular site.

Finding the good websites and outreaching to the site owners directly is one of the ways to publish your guest posts.

Also, you can get in touch with digital marketing companies like ClickDo to find the best sites for you and publish the guest posts.

We at ClickDo own more websites in many verticals and we do accept paid guest posts in them.

If you would like to publish any guest posts in the high authority websites, you can get in touch with ClickDo Ltd or drop a mail to

We will help you publish your posts on high authority websites. This is one of the natural way of building links to your website.

How Anchor Text Affects Your Search Engine Ranks?


Anchor text is the clickable text available in the web pages, which redirects the users from the one webpage to the other webpage.

Anchor text not only helps the users to navigate to the other pages, it also helps the Google Crawlers or the search engine bots to move to the other web pages and discover new pages.

Anchor Text in Backlinking:

You should give more importance to the anchor text while building backlinks to the website from the other sites.

importance of anchor text in SEOAvoid building backlinks with the direct keyword target anchors, as it will not help you to improve the ranks anymore.

Google is smart nowadays, hence try to build links with the branded anchors or the long tail anchor texts.

Don’t build multiple links from the same website, Google will spot them easily as manual link building and will deindex the site.

Build links from different sites relevant to your niche, This will make your backlink profile look more natural.

Give equal importance to both the do-follow and the no-follow links.

Naked Links are also the positive signs for SEO, Hence you can build backlinks with brand anchors, naked links, long tail anchors.

anchor text in seoAlso, you can link to your site from the other sites through images, This will help you to get an SEO boost.

What not to do with Anchor Texts?

Many people try to rank faster and hence will use the direct keyword targeted anchor texts.

Using the direct keyword anchors will not help you to rank on top for the potential terms.

Also, Build links with a wide range of anchors, Avoid using same anchor text while building links.

seo friendly anchors for backlinkingEven, you can use the LSI keywords as anchor text, this will greatly help to improve the ranks of your website.

Thus Being an SEO Consultant, just be smart and use the brand anchors, naked URL’s, long tail keywords as anchor texts to make the backlink profile look more natural. This will help you to budge up of the SERP for the potential search terms.

How to use SEO friendly anchors?

Most people in the motive of ranking the web pages fastly, they will use the direct keyword targetted anchors. But this kind of anchors will not help you to budge to the top of the Google.

Using keyword targetted anchors will make Google to easily spot that you are doing manual link building to improve the ranks.

To improve the ranks organically, just build links with the branded anchors or the naked URL’s.

using seo friendly anchorsAlso, don’t build a bunch of links at the same time, Try building unique and quality links with SEO friendly anchors over a period of time.

This will make your backlink profile look more natural. You can just try building links by targetting the inner pages, blog pages, etc.

Also, give equal importance to the do follow links and the no follow links. Having No-Follow links will make your backlinks profile to look more natural.

When it comes to backlinking, give importance to the anchor text than any other factors. Anchor text plays a key role in improving the ranks of your webpage on Google.

Even you can link to your website from other sites by just using the Images or Infographics. That is if any users click on the image, then they will be taken to your website.

Even you can use long tail anchors instead of using the exact target keywords as the anchor text.

These are some of the cool tips to build quality links to your website by using the SEO friendly Anchors.

If you are a business owner in the UK, then get in touch with ClickDo to build quality links for your website from the high authority domains.


Quality Backlinks Vs. Bad Backlinks in SEO


Backlinks are the core off-page factor which will help to improve your ranks on the Google SERP in a more strategic way. You should be aware of the sites from which you are building links and ensure that it won’t affect your SEO Badly.

Quality Backlink:

A quality backlink is the one which points to your website from a trusted source. The links from the sites which are related to your niche and receives more traffic organically are the quality links.

good vs bad backlinksIf the website linking to you has high domain authority and the relevant content to your website, then it’s good for your organic SEO.

As an SEO Consultant, you should not always try to get do-follow links to your site. No-follow links are equally important.

No-Follow links will make your backlink profile look more natural and help to improve the ranks.

A quality backlink is the one which comes from the niche relevant website.

Always build one or two links from the particular website, don’t try to build a bunch of links from the same website.

Google gives priority to the quality of the links than the quantity, hence always build unique links from the niche relevant websites.

If you need quality backlinks from quality websites then have a look at  

Bad Backlinks:

The links which are built from the spammy or the sites which are irrelevant to your niche are bad backlinks.

This kind of links will spoil all the SEO work that you have done so far and will result in rank drops.

backlinks in seoAlso, getting a bunch of backlinks from the same website will result in the rank drops, Google doesn’t give importance to the quantity of the links, only the quality matters.

Hence try to build links from the websites which are relevant to your niche. Don’t build the bunch of links from the same website or from the sites hosted on the same IP.

To build the quality links to your website and improve the ranks organically, do guest post outreach.

Get connected with the site owners and publish the guest posts in the relevant sites to your niche and get backlinks from the same.

This is the organic and natural way of building backlinks to the website and improve the ranks. At ClickDo, We offer paid guest posts in all the niches from the different websites.

What do we do at ClickDo to build links?

we at ClickDo have more than 100+ high-quality websites which are updated regularly.

We publish posts in these sites regularly and will link to our target websites with the proper anchors.

The main thing to note here is that we don’t build a bunch of links at the same time. We do write quality blogs and will publish one or two posts for a week in the guest posting sites,

Publishing posts like this will make your backlinks to look more natural and will avoid Google from picking up as manual link building.

It’s all about building links in a natural way, hence give equal importance to both the do-follow links and the no-follow links.

You can easily get the no-follow links from the platforms like Quora, Medium. Also, you can get some source of traffic from these platforms.

Don’t just give more importance to factors like domain authority, etc. Just make sure that the site is indexed by Google and also updated regularly.

If you need any guest posts from the high authority websites, just drop a mail to I will help you to publish your posts on quality sites and get links in return.


How to find the right source for Guest Posts to get quality backlinks?


Well, Backlinks is the core factor of SEO which should be done in a more strategic manner to improve the ranks of the web page on the Google SERP.

Many people are selling guest posts from the nasty websites for the high price, Its difficult to find the right person to get the quality backlinks to the website. Here let’s see some smart ways to find the right person for guest post outreaching.

guest posts to get quality backlinksUse Facebook Groups:

Facebook is used by most of the people around the world, There are tons of groups in the Facebook for Guest Post outreaching and for getting the paid backlinks.

Use the groups effectively on Facebook and get connected with the right people,

This will help you to get some SEO tips for you from them and also quality guest posts indeed.

Use other online platforms:

Not only Facebook, there are many other online platforms like Legiit, Konker, Fiver, etc where you can find the right people selling the guest posts for you.

You can go through the profile of the people who are offering paid guest posts and can review the client feedbacks. Based on the client reviews you can choose the right guest post seller.

find guest postsFinding the right website:

Most of the people would search for the high domain authority site for getting the backlinks, but it’s not the case.

Don’t give more importance to the domain authority, instead give check whether the site is spam free and it is indexed by Google.

Links from the spammy website will spoil all the SEO works that you have done so far,

Hence it’s important to check the quality of the sites before getting into the action.

We at ClickDo offer the Guest Posting services from all the relevant niches. Our websites are well indexed by Google and its spam free. If you need paid guest posts, just drop a mail to

Different Types of Backlinks For your Business Website to Boost the SEO


Backlinks are the core part of the Off-Page SEO which you should do in a very strategic manner to improve the ranks on the SERP. Google will consider only the quality of the backlinks and not the quantity. It’s up to you to find the best websites relevant to your niche and build quality links using those sites.

Directory Links:

Usually, these links may take some time to reflect back in the search console. These are powerful links which point to your sites from the business directories and even from local citations. These links will also generate some traffic for your website if listed in the right places.

types of backlinksIn ClickDo We have an expert team working in the local citations who will help you to build high-quality authority links to your websites from the local business directories in the UK.

Blog Comments:

You can get links from the blog commenting as well, But it’s important to make sure that the links are spam free and from the relevant niches. Mostly the links from the blog comments will be no follow.

Don’t just focus on to build the do follow links, give equal importance to the no-follow links as well. This will make your backlink profile look more natural and will help you to improve the ranks on the SERP.

backlinks for business websiteGuest Posts:

Guest post is the way of publishing your own content in the other websites and getting backlinks to your website. Guest posts will help you to improve the ranks on the SERP.

Guest posts from the relevant niches with the SEO friendly anchors will help you to move to the top of the SERP. Don’t try to boost the ranks by giving links from the direct keyword anchors as it will spoil your good SEO.

We at ClickDo offer paid guest posts from all the niches to help the business people to improve the ranks of their business websites on Google.

Get in touch with us if you need your business to be listed on high authority UK based local citations. Also, we offer paid guest posts from all the niches. For details mail to

Link Building Strategy: Don’t Link to Pointless Content

Content Link Building Strategy

In all the talks of search engine optimization, there always be two major topics commonly covers, the first one is content and the next is link building. Everything in SEO revolves around these two factors, where the experts would like to play and rank at the top. Today, we will cover the latter part with some sensitive information around it. On behalf of basic understanding of SEO beginners/experts, there always a myth that you have to build link daily to increase the so-called website authority.

Recently, I have got a chance to attend the Google Search Conference, where I met people who work on the SEO part of Google. When one of mate rise up and questioned, I have been getting backlinks from high authority domains, still, my domain doesn’t rank on top, why does that happen? The answer is simple, does anywhere in Google Guidelines they suggest you to get backlinks from high authority domains? Is there anything called domain authority? Google never used suggest terms. The search algorithm’s biggest concern is quality content and content only.

Plan And Execute Linking Strategy:

Though it can be internal link or backlink, you have to plan and execute the strategy. Let’s start with internal linking that’s our today’s major topic speaks about. Everyone understands that internal linking is one of the key factors in on-page SEO techniques until you do it properly. The basic rule of internal linking is to suggest that there a page which is relative to this content which makes you understand the concept better. It doesn’t happen in that way most of the time. For this, you must know, what is the quality content available in your website that makes more sense to the audience and adds additional value to information on what you’re delivering on the landing page. So, make sure you interlink to the quality, relative and awesome content of your website. As already discussed, backlinks also have to be from the quality and relative content regardless of the domain authority as suggested by the experts of Google.

How to make your Backlink Profile look more natural?


When it comes to SEO, there are two important categories to deal with, one is On-Page SEO and the other is Off-Page SEO. Even though there are many updates rolled by Google more frequently, there are some core SEO factors which remains the same.

Backlinks are the important thing you should take care of when it comes to Off-Page SEO. You should build links to your website in a way which looks more natural from the point of Google.


Here let’s see some tips to make your backlink profile look more natural,

Don’t build a bunch of links from the same site, Though there are many backlinks to your website, but from the same website is not fine. Google considers the quality of the backlinks than the quantity.

Keep your strategy more simple, plan to build links from the variety of sites based on your niche. You may wonder on how to build a variety of links from the same site. Guest Posts is the only solution to build quality links for your website.

Use Google to find the top ranking sites that are relevant to your niche, Email to the site owners requesting for the guest posts. Many may ignore but few may accept, keep your mail quite simple and communicate in a polite way.


Use Facebook groups to get the paid guest posts based on your niche. Links from the high authority sites with the SEO friendly anchors will help you to rank on top of the Google SERP very easily.

Give more importance to the domain age than the domain authority of the website. Links from the relevant niches and from the variety of websites will make your backlink profile more powerful.

Backlinks are the support for top ranks and help a business website get more qualified traffic.

Backlinks also help a website get buyer traffic from the websites that you’ve gained the links from.

At ClickDo we specialize in authentic links building techniques. We do encourage email outreach and guest posting other niche relevant blogs to get backlinks.

Getting branded anchors and naked URL backlinks are the safest when it comes to gaining backlinks. If the on-page SEO is done perfectly Google know what your website is about. So what you must do is increase the authority of the website with traffic that and link juice that comes with the backlinks.

If you need quality link building services or guest post to publish the blogs relevant to your niche. Mail us to

What is Parasite SEO? – 2018 Parasite SEO Guide


I recently got this question in a Facebook live stream.

“Almin,” asked me “What is parasite SEO?!

Immediately, I knew I had already heard of it before.

I’ve heard a ton of people talking about it.

In this post I wanted to talk about, is parasite SEO relevant in 2018 and does it still work?

First of all…

What is parasite SEO?


When you say “parasite SEO”, it doesn’t sound like a clean SEO tactic you’d want to use.

It kinda sounds like a tactic from 2003 that’s completely outdated.

Parasite SEO is creating and ranking content on a subdomain.

For example,,, etc. These are all subdomains.

So why exactly would you create and rank content on someone else’s domain?

Why not focus on ranking your site’s pages instead?

You see, parasite SEO was created because people had a tough time ranking their own sites.

So, what did they do instead?

They went ahead and leveraged the authority of other people’s sites so they could rank higher on Google.

That’s pretty much the secret sauce of parasite SEO. Leveraging other people’s websites to rank your own.

In their parasite, people would give a call to action for people to visit their site or even sell products and services on the parasite.

Honestly… this is a really smart way to do SEO if you ask me.

So the big question is…

Does parasite SEO work in 2018?


In short: Yes, parasite SEO still works in 2018.


…it’s nowhere near as effective as it was a few years ago.

You can’t sign up to an authoritative subdomain, put up some content, blast it with links, and expect to rank.

In fact, if you do what I just described, you’d get slapped with a Google penalty and you won’t even rank your parasite.

You need to treat the subdomain or web 2.0 as it can be referred to, as a real blog.

  • You need to fill the blog with helpful content
  • Do the on-page SEO
  • Create high-quality backlinks.

By doing this, you’ll have a better chance of ranking your parasite.

So how do you create a parasite that actually ranks?

It’s actually simpler than you think.

Just treat the parasite like your own blog.

Take your time to create content, make sure it’s helpful, and build high-quality backlinks like social profiles.

By building social profiles to your parasite, you actually make it look like a real website and it will get indexed by Google.

With a parasite, you can let the link building quality slip a little.

You see, normally I’m strongly against buying links from Fiverr because they can really damage your site, despite what the vendor days about their gig.

You can purchase some links from Fiverr like web 2.0s and social shares to really give your parasite a boost.

Choosing how to monetise the parasite

First, you need to figure out how you’re going to make money from your parasite.

There are a ton of ways to do this.

If you’re new to this, I would recommend doing affiliate marketing. This is where you’re promoting someone else’s product and getting commisions from each sale.

Make sure you research which product you want to promote.

Make sure the product is high-quality, has lots of positive reviews and something you would actually buy.

If it’s not a product that you would buy, then why would someone else?

There are a ton of different affiliate networks you can choose from.

Don’t want to do affiliate marketing?

No worries.

If you have your own product or another idea in mind, just do that.

Keyword research

When creating your parasite, you need to do the correct keyword research.

If you’re new to this, make sure you go ahead and pick a low competition keyword.

When doing your keyword research, I would recommend staying away from the keyword tools to give you a competition score.

Instead, you should type in the keyword you may want to target into Google and see what the competition looks like.

Creating the content

When you’re creating content for your parasite, it needs to be super helpful and enjoyable content.

Don’t just hire some writer from the Philippines or England.

The person who cares about your content more than any other writer in the world is you.

So you will do a better job than any other writer out there.


…you want the content to be spectacular.

I’m not talking about just publishing a 500 word article. (You can do that if you believe 500 words will be enough)

Go above and beyond, create a 3,000 word article or maybe even 5,000 words. Heck, you can go even higher.

The more content, the better.


You don’t want the content to be fluff you just added. This will make the bounce rates go crazy and you’ll have a tough time ranking.

You want to make sure the content is as lean as possible. Make sure the reader is constantly getting all the meaty, juicy details.

Make sure you have multimedia like images and videos in your content.

Make some jokes in the content and show your personality. You want this piece of content to be absolutely killer!

Sure, it’s going to be a lot of work, but no one got anything great by being lazy.

Take it one bite at a time. You don’t have to pump it all out in one day or a week.

By doing this, it’s going to ensure low bounce rates, better conversions and rankings will actually stick.

Pick a link building budget

You’re not going to be doing all the link building yourself. Or at least you don’t have to.

You see, you’re not going to be going to some expensive marketing company to do outreach and get you links.


Instead, you’ll be using sites like Fiverr and Konker.


Because they’re cheaper and you can let the quality of your links slip.

But don’t get the wrong idea…

…You can’t just fire up a tool like GSA and blast the crap out of your parasite.

You will need to get some high-quality links. Or at least what passes as high-quality on sites like Fiverr.

I would recommend starting with $60 and working your way up. I would try not to go over $300 unless I’m seeing a return.

The links to buy:

Social profiles – Remember, you want your parasite to look like a legit site. Make sure you don’t point them at the article you want to rank, this is a big mistake. Make sure you point it at your homepage. If there is no homepage on your parasite, point the links at your profile.

Social signals – This is a tricky one. You don’t want some crappy social signal gig from sites like Fiverr. You want manual social signals to be made. I would recommend going to PBN Butler to get your social signals.

At this point you want your parasite to sit for a week. Don’t build any links until then.

20 Tumblr web 2.0s – Tumblr is an epic web 2.0 to use to really give you a boost in the SERPs.

Other web 2.0s – It’s important to get some other web 2.0 links to really diversify your link profile.

Diversity links – The are a bunch of different links to help diversify your link profile. Links from image sharing sites, powerpoints, video sites and more. You get the idea.

If you feel like you need to purchase more links, go ahead and do that.

Anchor text

The anchor text is going to be pretty simple:

50% Branded

10% Naked URL

30% Miscellaneous terms

10% LSI keywords

You don’t have to have the exact percentage of anchor text shown above. I just wanted to give you an idea of what it would look like.


Watch me create an effective parasite/web 2.0

Do you want to learn how to create an effective parasite step by step?

Do you want to learn how to pick a great product for your parasite?

How to do the keyword research, create the content and more?

Are you having a tough time ranking in the Google search engine?

If you want a solution, check out the SEO Blueprint.

High Domain Authority Backlinks: Why it Makes Difference?

High Domain Authority Backlinks

Backlinking is the most important and wide open topic in search engine optimization. It is indeed a rare occasion to see a website ranking without many backlinks. Do you wonder? How will a website rank without many backlinks? We at ClickDo proved it last week with our project “69drops studio”. Yes, we ranked for “photography studio”, which is one of the toughest keywords in photography niche is ranking #1 in Google Search Results. Now, you can see the traffic they got over time,

69 Drops Studio - Domain Authority BacklinksThe way we rank 69 drops is with the Perfect On Page and Minimum High Domain Authority Backlinks.

Domain Authority Backlinks:

The most common problem every SEO expert facing is happening only because of them. An SEO Consultant has to be very strategic in doing all the SEO activities with a proper schedule. Getting backlinks where ever is possible is not going to help at any cause. One can show that a particular domain had earned 100+ backlinks last week, but there is no point when it doesn’t reflect positively on ranking. Plan a proper SEO  strategy by choosing high domain authority websites that can link back to your target page. Too much of low-quality backlinks are good for nothing.

Domain Authority Backlinks

How will it reflect on your website?

The purpose of getting domain authority backlinks is to rise up the authority of our website. The trust of the website is based on the link relevancy. When you start to build backlinks from high domain authority website, it will become a habit for you to follow. Otherwise, you’re in a position of spoiling the website of your own. At the same time, there is no point in analysing your competitor websites and their domain authority, as they follow different strategies at different times to rank their website.

When you’re struggling to build SEO strategies, then get a consultation from #1 SEO Consultant London soon.