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Quality Backlinks Vs. Bad Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are the core off-page factor which will help to improve your ranks on the Google SERP in a more strategic way. You should be aware of the sites from which you are building links and ensure that it won’t affect your SEO Badly. Quality Backlink: A quality backlink is the one which points to ... Read More

Link Building Strategy: Don’t Link to Pointless Content

In all the talks of search engine optimization, there always be two major topics commonly covers, the first one is content and the next is link building. Everything in SEO revolves around these two factors, where the experts would like to play and rank at the top. Today, we will cover the latter part with ... Read More

High Domain Authority Backlinks: Why it Makes Difference?

Backlinking is the most important and wide open topic in search engine optimization. It is indeed a rare occasion to see a website ranking without many backlinks. Do you wonder? How will a website rank without many backlinks? We at ClickDo proved it last week with our project “69drops studio”. Yes, we ranked for “photography ... Read More