How to make money from your blog? (Steps to earning blogging)


What is blogging? is a questions I had I always wondered and how does blogging work when you have your own blog?

Since I teamed up with ClickDo, it was never easier to understand the whole strategy. And I can tell you that anybody learn the ways to earn money online, blogging. But it needs a lot of effort and time put into it. In the beginning, because later on basically it’s a money making machine.

What do you need to earn money online?

It will take some time and many blogs to write until you build authority on the web. But if you are determined to make it happen and start making money from your bedroom, then it will happen. You need to be persistent, patient and hard working in all areas. Not only writing but also advertising and presenting. I’ll give you two examples of blogs. One is my own blog which I’m starting now and I’m on my way to really crush it. And the second one is a UK Business Blog which is running so good this year. I’m publishing new blogs on my website every single day, of course, they have to be related to my niche, not having cooking recipes in it.

Start a blog and write daily

My niche is media and digital marketing. I write about videography, photography, marketing, social media, SEO but with the biggest focus on creatives of all kinds. Sometimes I even write about other people or companies, to make it more interesting for the reader. It doesn’t always have to be only about me. I also plan to interview a few entrepreneurs, photographers and business people for my blogs which breaths another fresh air into it. There are many topics to write about and many ways to get in touch with new people from your industry. And your blog will make all these things easier.

Step by step towards making money

Create a blog section on your website and start posting daily. If you have more time, you can post multiple times of the day. Write a blog about current topics, about what you’ve learned recently or what you have done for your clients and so on. You can write longer or shorter blogs but the longer the better, from an SEO perspective. Also learn how to optimize a blog for Google, here is a great article on How to write SEO friendly blog titles for the blog posts to boost ranks.

Why my blog needs authority?

Build the general authority on the web, create courses and build your online profiles. Once you get the authority, you can start earning money. Keep reading and also watch this video on building authority online.

Once you have enough blogs, start offering your blog for guest posting. So I’m a videographer and you can see my website at and my plan is to offer my blog section to other videographers to post their articles about videography. And I will charge for it of course, because I built a blog which has authority and a good reach in the niche.

How do you turn your blog into a money making machine?

Why would they pay? They can place links to their sites and services on this blog, so it is advertising for them as well as good SEO. Their name will be seen by my audience as well which is exactly the audience they want. Videographers and people who want videography. For me it’s a win too, I get the money and they share my blog because they published their articles on it. Meaning – I get even more authority online. And of course more content to my website without actually doing anything anymore.

So once you build a blog with authority, your work is done more or less, it can run by itself. However, to get there, it takes a lot of time and effort. Give yourself the challenge to write a blog every single day for 30 days like Neil Franklin. If you can do it, then you’re all set up!

Successful blogs that make money

A good example of turning your blog into a good profit is UK Business Blog which is a role model of a successful guest post and blogging service. It generates money daily either with placing links on the existing articles or publishing new ones. It ranks #1 on Google and the content is business relevant and focused on the UK market. Companies publish their business stories with nice long articles, linking to their sites and they promote themselves this way as well as they get a backlink to their site for the SEO purposes.

How to promote my blog?

You can promote your blog in many ways but the best way is to make videos and publish it on all of social media. Create a video where you explain what is your blog about, what are the benefits of posting on your blog, how does it work to get published. And then circulate it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. You might even create campaigns but the main thing is to make multiple different videos and have it everywhere. If you don’t have much time, ClickDo Media can help you with your video production.

You don’t have to create social media profiles for your blog from the beginning, it will be much easier to promote it on your existing accounts from the start. Post Instagram and Facebook stories showing your blog, talking about it. Every single day put some video out there and explain to business owners why they should publish their business stories on your blog.

It’s your time to make money online

So these are some tips on how to make money from your blog. Anybody can do it. You can pick the topic that you like the most, the topic that you’re passionate about and want to write about it every day. Remember to write daily, once article per day at least and make it very SEO friendly too. Promote your blog with a nice video and do some email marketing, but only after you really grow it with your articles and have some good visitor reach daily.

Grow your business online with videos in 2019

If you want to grow your business online, build a strong brand and get more customers, you need to make and post videos on your social media channels and website.
Read this article and pay attention to it. I’ll uncover the most important video statistics, facts, myths and some tips for you.

Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021. Hurry up or else you’ll find yourself way behind your competitors.

Do you know the number one website on the Internet all the users go to? Yes, it’s Google. And do you know the second one? Youtube. When you cook and look for the recipe. How many of your kids watch fairy tales on Youtube every day? If you want to buy an iPhone, you go on Youtube. When you need some motivation for your day – you go on Youtube. The list goes on.

You don’t have a Youtube channel? WHY?

5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. Only “How-to” searches on YouTube are growing 70% year over year. (Search Engine Island)

Youtube does not only gives you free attention to your videos, but it also helps SEO to get the backlinks to your website. Let me ask you something because you are also a consumer of videos on a daily basis. Would you rather read 5 pages long pdf file or watch a 1-minute video? Do you trust a customer review when you actually see and hear a person or when you just read the text?

According to Forbes, 90% of customers are saying video helps them make buying decisions.

When we say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, it’s double for a video [at least]. If you own a small business or you’re an entrepreneur, you can get to people easier than ever. Well you already know that, but do you actually take advantage of it? Posting photos are not enough anymore.  

Viewers retain 95% of a message after watching it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. (Wirebuzz)

The video is everywhere, and the point is that people – your potential customers are used to seeing video everywhere. So when they see your website or social media, it is weird to them that you don’t have a landing page video, or that you only post pictures and text.

76% of businesses reported an increase in traffic due to video. (Wyzowl)

You’ve got your customers, maybe not millions but they buy your products/services from you so show them what you do and how you do it. Explain, talk to them. Post. Every business should have an introduction and or promotional video about who they are, what they do. Make yourself more approachable and actually start a relationship with them by making a connection with them through video.

Want to hire someone?

A creative recruitment video will get more attention and you can target it precisely on Facebook, so only the group of people with the age/location/qualifications that you look for is going to see it. Great news for HR! You will get ‘rid off’ unqualified people. It will save you time and trouble.

Of course, you want more clients! Product videos are the most popular videos on the Internet, hand in hand with demo and explainer videos. People are more likely to buy the product online when they can actually see it and ‘test’ it through someone else’s experience.

It happened to me few times that business owners always agreed with me that video is very important and maybe the only medium in the future. There’s no advertising without a video. The content is more engaging etc.. However, did all of them actually start making videos for their business? No. So what is stopping them?

Maybe they think if it costs thousands of pounds and they can’t afford it. There are two things wrong with this. The first one is that nowadays, there are so many video agencies and freelancers, that are more and more skilled. So if you find the right people to work with, you can afford it, trust me. Secondly, you don’t only need a video maker but also a video expert first of all. Someone who gets to know your business and tells you exactly what kind of video will help your business the most. On every platform, you’re using.

This is not a game of one amazing video

…that will sell you thousands of products for 10 years. You need to post videos every day and you have to do it yourself as well. Put your face out there, talk about your brand, show you’re passionate about it. People are attracted by other people passion.

You have to show everyone your passion and you have to do it through your videos, stories on Facebook and Instagram. Show them your satisfied customers, your production or how your service looks like. Do you say you don’t look on camera, or it is embarrassing for you to do it? You don’t like your voice? Etc…. You can watch my video, where I give you some tips to overcome it and become good at it.

Everybody feels the same, also some of the most successful actors/actresses are feeling uncomfortable to see themselves in the movies. This is no excuse for you if you’re a business owner or someone building your brand. This is the game of the 21st century, this is the game of social media. You have to put your face out there if you want to succeed. In anything.

A great example of how to break social media is Will Smith. I know, I know, he’s famous and all. But he was always social media shy AND he’s 50 years old, so there really is no excuse for you anymore, no matter who you are.

Will Smith created his Instagram in 2017, currently, he’s got 27,5M followers and 90% of his posts are videos. Don’t think it’s easy for him to get himself millions of followers because he’s famous. Social media is current, people follow people who are current. So he got himself a Youtube channel to support it as well and completely broke down the social media.

If you want to start making videos and taking advantage of this day and age, which our grandparents could only dream of, when they started their business, here’s what you can do:

Do it yourself

Basically, all you need is a smartphone, you can film your products, you can do some vlogs and just put it online the way it is. This is the easiest and cheapest way, it’s very good to start. But then you have to step up your game because the video content on social media is getting better and it’s looking better. The quality of videos, especially the right editing to create a catchy video that keeps the viewer engaged and interested is very important.

Hire a videographer/video editor

You can hire someone who will edit the videos that you shot throughout the day or of course they will come and film you themselves. But as I mentioned before, it’s important for you to post every day. So you do the work as well. We can edit your videos, we can make you explainer videos, GIFs, photo collage. Anything that pumps up your social media and catches the attention of your buyers.

Don’t think that you need a huge budget for one video. Video production is not cheap but you can try to cut some costs, with for example using your employees or yourself as an actor. Or if you locate the shoot in your office/company, you will save money on renting office space.

Either way, don’t wait anymore and start now. Not tomorrow or next week. Start today. Get in touch with ClickDo, we’re excited to help you with your videos. Let’s create something great together and step up your game!

Different Outreaching techniques to increase the traffic to the website


If you are owning a blogging site or a business website, there are several techniques available to increase the traffic of the website by outreaching.

Here let’s see some smart ways to bring more traffic to your website.

blog outreaching techniquesE-Mail Outreach:

E-Mail outreach is one of the primary ways to increase the traffic to the site.

As a blogger or the business owner, you should plan well and do the E-Mail outreach.

Sending E-Mails daily will not help the users to engage with your blogs.

Update quality content in your website and send like weekly two potential emails to the users.

This will make the users to follow your blogs regularly and visit the site regularly over the period of time.

You need not spend money in collecting the potential customer’s E-Mail list.

You can set up the attractive Pop-Up’s in your website and start collecting the data from the traffic that you get for your website.

Setup E-Mail Marketing Campaign using SUMO: helps you to set up different kinds of pop-up in your website for specific pages and gather the user data when they sign up.

Using Sumo, you can also set up the proper attractive autoresponder mail for the users who have subscribed to your website.

Sumo is available in both the free and the paid versions, Free version has only the limited options to work with, Whereas you can full control in the paid marketing campaign

You can also connect the Sumo with the Google Analytics of your website and analyse the website traffic and the submissions.

When you have opted to the paid version of Sumo, you will have more options to create varieties of popup forms, which is not available in the free version.

You can show different kinds of Popup in different pages and also you can restrict the popups from being shown in pages like Cart Page, Contact Us Page, etc.

Exit Popup can be set up easily by using the Sumo, That is the popup will only appear when the user tried to close or exit the website.

email marketing for businessThe main advantage of using the Sumo for the E-Mail marketing Campaign is that it can be connected to Mail Chimp and other similar platforms.

Being a business owner, Planning the perfect E-Mail marketing campaign will help you to increase the sales by more than 40%.

It’s all about having the right kind of popups with some best offers, This will tempt the users to submit their data in order to avail the offer.

Seasonal offers will help you to get more submissions from the users, Always have the short-term offers. Having longterm offers will not mentally make the users to avail the offer immediately.

You need not spend money in collecting the E-Mail list of the potential customers from the other vendors, Instead, you can set up the own campaign and start collecting the data.

different blog outtreaching technqiuesUse will help you to show notifications in the user’s browser If you publish any new blogs on your site.

By using this platform you can even grow the audience base and track them.

You can track the number of users that you have received for your website from the notification.

This notification popup is supported in most of the browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc.

As mentioned for E-Mail marketing, just send like weekly 2 to 3 notifications to keep the users engaged.

Sending frequent notifications will make the users to unsubscribe from us.

As a blogger or the business owner, you can get in touch with ClickDo to set up the proper E-Mail marketing Campaign.

Just drop a mail to, Our E-Mail Marketing experts at ClickDo will get in touch with you to setup the proper E-Mail outreaching campaigns.


How having own blog will help you earn more in 2020?


Well, 2018 is done already, it’s time for you to plan something for 2020 now and lead a happy life. Starting a blog today will help you to work from anywhere and earn more in the future.

earn more with bloggingWhy Starting a Blog is Important?

Starting a blog will help you grow in many ways. Choose the domain in which you have more interest and knowledge.

This will make you work more enthusiastically and explore the skills in it.

Choose the industry in which you have more knowledge. Register a domain and host it at the cheap price at SeekaHost.

Start updating the blog with daily contents and try to keep the users engaged with your blog or website.

How Blogging will help you earn in 2020?

start a blog for 2019Once you drive decent traffic to your website from Google, then you can monetize your blog and start earning.

Driving traffic organically for the new website is not an easy task.

Update the site with quality content, do regular social media shares, keep the users engaged.

This will increase the authority of your site on Google and will help the web page to rank for some potential terms.

This will increase the traffic of your website organically.

You can apply for Google Adsense with the organic traffic data and can start earning.

Google will approve your request only if you have quality content which adds value to the users and a good amount of organic traffic.

Start a blog today!

If you are interested in writing more quality content, then you can start two to three blogs and can work in it.

2019 start a blogYou need to look into many factors before starting a blog.  Registering a new domain and start publishing blogs will make some time to rank on Google SERP.

When you start a new website, Google initially puts in a Sandbox to understand what the website is actually about.

Usually, you can skip this Sandbox time by either buying an old domain with Good authority.

Ensure that the old domain which you are planning to buy contains very less spam score, good domain authority and page authority, good volume of backlinks from the reputed sites, etc.

Choose the domain which is relevant to the platform that you are going to start the blog.

There are many online sources available to choose and buy an expired old domain with good authority.

All that you need to do is that analyze the website very well before buying it.

Once you own a website, start publishing quality blogs daily. Publish up to two or three blogs daily and increase the authority of the site online.

start a blog for 2019Having more blogs alone will not help you to rank in the top of Google, You should have quality content with the proper internal links, On-Page SEO, etc.

Always don’t depend on the one blog, try to own three to four blogs and update them regularly. Even if one doesn’t perform well, the other will do.

When your blog receives the recommended amount of traffic from Google, Then you can start accepting paid guest posts in your blogs and start earning through that.

Lots of bloggers are available who are ready to contribute contents to the well-performing blogs, you can outreach to them and keep your blog up to date with the latest contents.

By 2020, plan to start at least three or four blogs and spend daily at least 2 hours to update quality contents in them. This will help you to earn more in the upcoming days.

Over the period of time, this will turn into a big online money making platform.

Just be strategic in what you do and start earning online.

Learn SEO from and start optimizing the blogs.

This will help you to rank easily on Google SERP and drive more traffic.

Why Your Website’s Blog Traffic is Decreasing?

Website Blog Traffic Decrease

Most of the SEO people still believe the regular blog posting a website with proper internal linking is the best way to build a website with regular content that leads to regular traffic. It happens to work out for most of the experts since it’s logically right approach for keeping your website live and show as it is. When your website’s blog or even your whole website traffic starts to decrease then you must have a look around the blog you’re writing and the strategy you follow to outreach others with the article. Today, we are here to discuss on where you actually lag in getting traffic for your blog.

Website blog

Check Existing Blog:

Every website will have a blog article that gives you a regular flow of traffic by ranking on top of the search results for a competitive keyword. When a traffic drops, you must check such kind of blogs ranking status then find a solution to tweak and make the URL back to its original solution in SERP. If the blog traffic hasn’t reduced because of a rank drop, then follow the below steps to boost them back in the graph vertically.

Better Usage Of Social Media:

Before sharing on social media, make sure your profile has the capable audience in numbers. Sharing for a sake doesn’t make value for the time you spend of thinking hashtags. So, whichever the social platform it can be, build an audience for your profile. It makes sense when you share the article on social media.

Social Media - Website Blog Traffic Decrease

Article for success:

Similar to the effective use of social media, an article you write daily must have a motive. The motive can be reaching a particular audience of a social media community, targeting potential keyword, writing on the current trend or anything else. Here, you can easily determine the success of the article by knowing the analytics/interaction on how well you have reached the targeted audience. When you start to understand your website’s audience through analytics, you can write around that topic and get more attention.

Advertising and newsletters:

Writing an article daily and leave it as is won’t help you to widen the audience. There should be some effort around the article to show there is such content exists with clear statements. This process can be through advertising, social sharing and sending newsletters to the list of email address you have it in your pocket.

Content Marketing Pitfalls – How To Avoid Them?


Content marketing is the way of generating high-quality contents on any particular niche and populating the same on the web. Content marketing is done mainly to bring more traffic to the website and also to promote any product or services.

Here let’s see some pitfall in the content marketing and also some simple ways to overcome them.

Relevant Content:

Make sure that the content that you are providing is more relevant to the title. Avoid updating the content which is not relevant to the topic. This will make the users bounce back even if they reach your website by some means.

Build content for the users and not for the Google, don’t try to over optimize the content in the motive of ranking them in SERP.

content marketing

Don’t provide flat content:

Add more media and images in the content. Avoid publishing the blogs with plain text content. Add Infographics, Images, Videos, etc in the content to make the users engage with it.

Try to give more visual representations of the content. This will make the users to read it and even share externally.

Present the content:

Though you have quality data, it can only reach the target audience if you present them in the best way on the Web. Just don’t add more paragraphs as text, users will ignore the blog and will bounce back.

Add the contents in steps or in bullet points. This will make the users read and understand the concepts better.

content marketing pitfalls

Optimize the content:

The most common mistake that occurs in the content marketing is the Optimization. Optimize the content to rank well on SERP. This can be done by providing the proper title, meta tags, internal linking, etc.

Thus these are some of the common mistakes that usually the publishers make in the content marketing, Just follow some quality tips which are listed above and provide the best content for the users.


Blogging Benefits of Business and Marketing

Blogging Benefits of Business and Marketing

Internet marketers highly stress on blogging, regardless of platform or business. Do you know why? Think of a situation when everyone stops blogging. There won’t be any publishers on the internet to publish new content to the respective industry. Even Google can only sustain in the search market if there is regular content publishing happening all around the internet. By understanding the importance, we are here you discuss on blogging for business and marketing and its key benefits.


  • Search Engine:
    • The Search Engine perspective differs based on the website with and without a blog. Search Bot prefers a website with regular, fresh and original content. With a blog, a website can get 55% more traffic than the other.
  • Personal Growth:
    • The crazy benefit of blogging is, you will start to learn to write about something and become a master of it. You will personally grow when you blog daily.
  • Skill Set You Possess:
    • Blogging is a most important and valuable marketing skill. During such a phase, An approach towards your market will start to differ based on the skills you gain.
  • Your Stand:
    • A blogging person will get a glass-like clarity on the niche, they work on. It takes to be bold and pave a right path for your future.


Market Growth:

  • Development:
    • When visitors start to engage in your blog and get to know you are a master of it, you will be an R&D lab for them to solve problems.
  • Library:
    • After a period of time, there will be a huge set of content which holds the record of complete market. It stands as a library for a blog library to search and find whatever requires.
  • A Search of Market:
    • Exploring every corner assist a blogger to enhance the industry itself. There will always be a search for new things to bring the market up.
  • Social Engagement:
    • A Master will become an influencer to lift the social audience up in the industry. One will get attention of the global audience to join hands and reach a wide range of people to endorse their business.