How to start a personal blog on WordPress and do SEO step by step?


Starting a blog on WordPress was one of the best things I did when getting online.

Honestly, I did not know how to start a blog, but now as one of the top bloggers and built hundreds of blogs through the years, I can share with your how to start a personal blog.


I started my first blog back in 2013 and in 2019 I created a personal blog on and everything was documented for you to learn online step by step in this free blogging course.

Why start a personal blog?

You might think why should you start your own blog?

Let me tell you.

The world is moving online and if you do not have a blog personal brand online, you are going to be left behind. The job market is getting competitive, it’s tough to get new business, getting clients is hard (online for you who did not build a brand online)

For me, I get clients every day (yes every day I get new customer online)

I built my personal brand online with blogging skills and SEO skills I gained.

Now I want to help you get online and build your own personal blog or create a new website with a blog.

Many people want to learn to make money online, but it all starts by getting online. Read how to start an online business and you will get some ideas.

Let me share with you something to get inquired.

Top 7 personal blogs to keep an eye on:


How to start a personal blog?

First, you must pick a domain name for your blog. You register domains here.

You can watch the video by Nicole Venglovicova about how to find a great domain name for your blog.

Once you picked your domain name, then you need to get web hosting to host your domain name.

How to choose a web hosting for your blog?

How to buy a domain name and web hosting

Now you saw how to get the domain name and hosting.

I will now bring some videos from John Bucalo who built hit the personal blog, which you can see here

This is a long video, but it will show you everything about starting your blog and hosting it on WordPress and getting online.

If you want to hop over and read John’s tips, you can check How to Start a WordPress Blog Site then build a personal website and do SEO step by step

Now I assume you got your blog up.

If not go register a domain name and start your blog and come back.

You are about to learn how to do On-Page SEO for your blog step by step.

That’s how John does it.

You can watch the below video to see how I do On page SEO for a WordPress blog using the All in one SEO pack.

You saw how easy it is to get online with a personal blog.

You can learn more about blogging tips and this guide by Neil Franklin teaches how to write the perfect blog post.

How to earn money online from your blog?

If you built your blog the right way and added the pages it needs to grow online, you can think about how to earn from your blog.

There are many ways you can earn from your blog.

One of the easiest ways to earn from blogging is to offer guest posting services and reference links.

When you grow your blog and traffic started to come to it. You must add pages like this:

So people will inquire you to publish on your blog and of course, you charge for that.

The biggest blogs in the world earn money from publications. I teach it all in the blogging course and you can read more on this page


To learn more about starting and growing a personal blog, you can check the Nicole course on Udemy.



5 Monetisation Tips for Student Bloggers – Learn how to monetise your blog and earn online

monetization tips - student bloggers

Are you a student and looking on how to modernise your blog and ways to earn money online in the UK? – Then this guide will give you the tips to start a blog and earn blogging by monetising your blog.

Blogging is a popular option for students. It gets your voice out there, and you do it all from the comfort of your own home… or wherever you happen to be at the time!

However, making money from a blog can be a complex business. You must have the right content, plus a substantial amount of followers to seriously monetize what you post.

This naturally doesn’t apply to everyone, and if you’re just getting started writing a blog there are plenty of resources out there to help you with your online journey.

If you want to cash in from your blog, you need to know where to start. We’ll take you through 5 steps, giving you the lowdown on monetizing those internet outpourings… 

  1. Affiliate to accumulate 

Affiliate marketing is a good place to start for the curious blogger. Why is this? Because it’s straightforward and potentially connects you to major players quickly.

How does it work? It starts by finding the right brand to fit your voice. Visit a site such as Affiliate Window, a handy platform that joins all the dots and gets you on your way.

You then offer your honest opinions on various products and services via your blog. In these posts include links to what you’re talking about, which take readers to specific sites.

Companies then reward you for directing traffic to them. If you have a flair for marketing and are not afraid to be honest, then this could be a great choice for you.

tips for student bloggers

  1. Banners for bucks 

Whatever the content of your blog, you should be able to think of adverts to go with it. For example, if all you do is take selfies all day, what about ads for selfie sticks?

Have you thought about this? By having banner adverts on your site, you can generate a small income by prominently displaying products and services.

Whether you choose the option of Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost per thousand hits (known as CPM), it may add up to a nice little earner, with minimum effort.

As with all blogs, having a sufficient number of followers is important. So if you don’t see decent figures for folk visiting your site, you should work on boosting clicks first.

  1. Sponsored talk 

Maybe you have a smaller site with a dedicated following. If that’s the case, and you want a more creative way of monetizing content, then what about sponsorship…?

Here’s what happens. You could approach (or be approached by) companies looking to promote their wares via a blog article. They should pay you for this.

Instead of sitting there while ads squat on your page, or being like an online salesman, you’re doing what you do best -writing blogs – and getting someone’s message out there.

These posts are called “advertorials”, i.e. a cross between an ad and an editorial. They aren’t always popular but are worth a go if you’re testing the financial water.

  1. Be their guest 

A more specialized route to monetization involves using your attention-grabbing blog to guest post with a company. If firms like what they see, they might get in touch.

Get your clicks this way. For instance, should you be getting good results from a budgeting blog, a media outlet could ask you to send them money-saving ideas.

monetization tips for student bloggersAs a guest poster, you may attract new readers to your site and ramp up those numbers. It should also give you a lift that companies have confidence in your style!

This applies if you have a reasonably successful blog, plus credentials as a go-to source of info on a chosen subject. So if you don’t, then you have work to do!

  1. Self help

For many people, a blog is where they talk about their lives. Be it promoting a business, or informing people about a lifestyle, it’s typically all about you.

Here’s the thing. While that can sound self-absorbed, you know it also makes for great self-promotion. And that can really pay off in terms of a future career.

Writing blogs well is a great skill to have in terms of communicating ideas. You never know if someone influential is reading your output, and sees you as a talent to watch.

So work on the perfect blog by all means. But also be aware that it’s more than just words and pictures on a screen. It can act as a vital step toward further opportunities.

How regular blogging can help you in SEO?


When you try to improve the ranks of the web pages in the Google SERP, then regular blogging in the Website will help you in achieving the same.

Here let’s see some advantages of doing regular blogging in the website.

blogging helps seoKeeps the Site Updates:

Regular Blog publishing will help you to keep the website updated. Also, from Google’s view, fresh content is updated regularly in the website.

This will help you to increase the authority of your web page on the Google Search Engine.

In the dynamic online world, you should regularly update the sites with the quality contents to be in the race!

Inbound Links:

More the internal links that you have in the website, then there will be more possibilities of your web pages to be indexed by the Google Search Engine.

Internal links will help the users to explore more contents present in youe website.

Google crawlers follow the links on the each page and discover the new web pages where the links points to.

Regular blogging with the proper inbound links will help the new web pages to be indexed by the Google.

how blogging helps seoEngage Audience:

Blogging regularly and sharing in the official social media pages will help the audience to be engaged with your website.

It will also help you get more brand outreach. Regular blogging will increase the authority of your website and will improve the ranks on the SERP.

Adding quality contents in your website will make the users to visit your website regularly, Inturn to buy the products or avail services from you.

Increase in Traffic:

Publishing blogs based on the trending topics will make many users to visit your website.

benefits of regular bloggingThus the blogs acts as a new traffic source and bring in the quality users from social media, Search Engines, etc.

More traffic and the less bounce rate will help you to improve the ranks of the web page in the Google SERP.

Thus as a business people, If you haven’t started a blog page in your website. Then this is the right time do start one.

Start publishing regular blogs and improve the authority of your site on Google.

Regular blogging in the business website will help you to increase the traffic by more than 30%.

Blogs On Trending Topics:

Blogging will always help you to increase the authority of your website online. Blogs will make the new users visit your website.

Being a Business Owner, Having the blogging section in your website is must and it will help you get some conversions indeed.

advantages of regular bloggingJust update the blogs daily with new and trending topics. Share the latest blogs on Social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This will help you get more brand reach and engage new customers in.

You can publish contents like “How To Do?” Blogs, Product Review Videos, etc. This will make the users to understand better about the services/products that you are offering.

Don’t focus only on adding the text contents, add more media files like Videos, Infographics, etc to make the users to spend more time on your website.

Video Contents & Infographics will help the users to engage more time on your website. This will greatly help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Publishing blogs alone will not help you to get more users to the site. Just share the blogs on Social Profiles to reach the target users.

Use or SUMO setup to make the users to subscribe to your website and know about the regular updates that you are doing.

As a business people in the UK, you can get in touch with ClickDo Ltd to optimize the business site and rank it in top for the potential terms.


Top tips for Successful Content Marketing


Content marketing is the way of creating and sharing the contents on online such as articles, videos, infographics, social media posts, etc. The content marketing is not done purposely to promote a brand. It is done with the intent to create interest of the users on certain products or services.

Here are some of the tips for the successful content marketing.

content marketingContent should be well written by doing the in-depth research about the domain and should provide the detailed information for the user as what they are looking for.

Content should satisfy the user’s needs and also should provide the extra information about the particular niche what the user is searching for on the web.

Add the call to action wherever needed. Make the people to click on the Call to action immediately when they read the content. This will help you to increase the conversion rate.

Add multiple content formats to lead the people to the landing page that you are looking for. Use more media content like Infographics, Videos, etc. This will make the users engage more time with your website.

content marketing strategiesIf you are selling some products, then add more media files about the products, try to add the videos about using the products. This will help the users to get the information that they are looking for.

Guest blogging will help you in two ways. One is that it will increase your traffic rate to the website and the other is that it will act as a natural backlink to your website. This will help you to improve the ranks on SERP.

Try to promote the content organically. You can share the content in Social Media’s, Forums, etc. This will help you to get more reach for your content.

At ClickDo We offer paid guest posts for all the niches from the quality websites. If you need any guest post, feel free to contact me at

Content Marketing Pitfalls – How To Avoid Them?


Content marketing is the way of generating high-quality contents on any particular niche and populating the same on the web. Content marketing is done mainly to bring more traffic to the website and also to promote any product or services.

Here let’s see some pitfall in the content marketing and also some simple ways to overcome them.

Relevant Content:

Make sure that the content that you are providing is more relevant to the title. Avoid updating the content which is not relevant to the topic. This will make the users bounce back even if they reach your website by some means.

Build content for the users and not for the Google, don’t try to over optimize the content in the motive of ranking them in SERP.

content marketing

Don’t provide flat content:

Add more media and images in the content. Avoid publishing the blogs with plain text content. Add Infographics, Images, Videos, etc in the content to make the users engage with it.

Try to give more visual representations of the content. This will make the users to read it and even share externally.

Present the content:

Though you have quality data, it can only reach the target audience if you present them in the best way on the Web. Just don’t add more paragraphs as text, users will ignore the blog and will bounce back.

Add the contents in steps or in bullet points. This will make the users read and understand the concepts better.

content marketing pitfalls

Optimize the content:

The most common mistake that occurs in the content marketing is the Optimization. Optimize the content to rank well on SERP. This can be done by providing the proper title, meta tags, internal linking, etc.

Thus these are some of the common mistakes that usually the publishers make in the content marketing, Just follow some quality tips which are listed above and provide the best content for the users.