Grow your business online with videos in 2019

If you want to grow your business online, build a strong brand and get more customers, you need to make and post videos on your social media channels and website.
Read this article and pay attention to it. I’ll uncover the most important video statistics, facts, myths and some tips for you.

Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021. Hurry up or else you’ll find yourself way behind your competitors.

Do you know the number one website on the Internet all the users go to? Yes, it’s Google. And do you know the second one? Youtube. When you cook and look for the recipe. How many of your kids watch fairy tales on Youtube every day? If you want to buy an iPhone, you go on Youtube. When you need some motivation for your day – you go on Youtube. The list goes on.

You don’t have a Youtube channel? WHY?

5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. Only “How-to” searches on YouTube are growing 70% year over year. (Search Engine Island)

Youtube does not only gives you free attention to your videos, but it also helps SEO to get the backlinks to your website. Let me ask you something because you are also a consumer of videos on a daily basis. Would you rather read 5 pages long pdf file or watch a 1-minute video? Do you trust a customer review when you actually see and hear a person or when you just read the text?

According to Forbes, 90% of customers are saying video helps them make buying decisions.

When we say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, it’s double for a video [at least]. If you own a small business or you’re an entrepreneur, you can get to people easier than ever. Well you already know that, but do you actually take advantage of it? Posting photos are not enough anymore.  

Viewers retain 95% of a message after watching it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. (Wirebuzz)

The video is everywhere, and the point is that people – your potential customers are used to seeing video everywhere. So when they see your website or social media, it is weird to them that you don’t have a landing page video, or that you only post pictures and text.

76% of businesses reported an increase in traffic due to video. (Wyzowl)

You’ve got your customers, maybe not millions but they buy your products/services from you so show them what you do and how you do it. Explain, talk to them. Post. Every business should have an introduction and or promotional video about who they are, what they do. Make yourself more approachable and actually start a relationship with them by making a connection with them through video.

Want to hire someone?

A creative recruitment video will get more attention and you can target it precisely on Facebook, so only the group of people with the age/location/qualifications that you look for is going to see it. Great news for HR! You will get ‘rid off’ unqualified people. It will save you time and trouble.

Of course, you want more clients! Product videos are the most popular videos on the Internet, hand in hand with demo and explainer videos. People are more likely to buy the product online when they can actually see it and ‘test’ it through someone else’s experience.

It happened to me few times that business owners always agreed with me that video is very important and maybe the only medium in the future. There’s no advertising without a video. The content is more engaging etc.. However, did all of them actually start making videos for their business? No. So what is stopping them?

Maybe they think if it costs thousands of pounds and they can’t afford it. There are two things wrong with this. The first one is that nowadays, there are so many video agencies and freelancers, that are more and more skilled. So if you find the right people to work with, you can afford it, trust me. Secondly, you don’t only need a video maker but also a video expert first of all. Someone who gets to know your business and tells you exactly what kind of video will help your business the most. On every platform, you’re using.

This is not a game of one amazing video

…that will sell you thousands of products for 10 years. You need to post videos every day and you have to do it yourself as well. Put your face out there, talk about your brand, show you’re passionate about it. People are attracted by other people passion.

You have to show everyone your passion and you have to do it through your videos, stories on Facebook and Instagram. Show them your satisfied customers, your production or how your service looks like. Do you say you don’t look on camera, or it is embarrassing for you to do it? You don’t like your voice? Etc…. You can watch my video, where I give you some tips to overcome it and become good at it.

Everybody feels the same, also some of the most successful actors/actresses are feeling uncomfortable to see themselves in the movies. This is no excuse for you if you’re a business owner or someone building your brand. This is the game of the 21st century, this is the game of social media. You have to put your face out there if you want to succeed. In anything.

A great example of how to break social media is Will Smith. I know, I know, he’s famous and all. But he was always social media shy AND he’s 50 years old, so there really is no excuse for you anymore, no matter who you are.

Will Smith created his Instagram in 2017, currently, he’s got 27,5M followers and 90% of his posts are videos. Don’t think it’s easy for him to get himself millions of followers because he’s famous. Social media is current, people follow people who are current. So he got himself a Youtube channel to support it as well and completely broke down the social media.

If you want to start making videos and taking advantage of this day and age, which our grandparents could only dream of, when they started their business, here’s what you can do:

Do it yourself

Basically, all you need is a smartphone, you can film your products, you can do some vlogs and just put it online the way it is. This is the easiest and cheapest way, it’s very good to start. But then you have to step up your game because the video content on social media is getting better and it’s looking better. The quality of videos, especially the right editing to create a catchy video that keeps the viewer engaged and interested is very important.

Hire a videographer/video editor

You can hire someone who will edit the videos that you shot throughout the day or of course they will come and film you themselves. But as I mentioned before, it’s important for you to post every day. So you do the work as well. We can edit your videos, we can make you explainer videos, GIFs, photo collage. Anything that pumps up your social media and catches the attention of your buyers.

Don’t think that you need a huge budget for one video. Video production is not cheap but you can try to cut some costs, with for example using your employees or yourself as an actor. Or if you locate the shoot in your office/company, you will save money on renting office space.

Either way, don’t wait anymore and start now. Not tomorrow or next week. Start today. Get in touch with ClickDo, we’re excited to help you with your videos. Let’s create something great together and step up your game!

Advantages of Using Facebook Marketing For Your Business


Facebook Marketing will help you get more reach for your brand and increase the conversion rate at the very less cost. Here let’s see some of the main advantages of the Facebook Marketing.

Increase traffic and brand reach:

Say, if you are starting a new business website, at the initial state it will be very tough to receive the audience organically from Google. facebook advertisingFacebook Advertising will help you to target the potential audience and gain some traffic to the business website.

Later by using this audience data, you can go for Facebook Remarketing. Using the Facebook Ads you can get more reach for your brand.

Keep the audience Engaged:

You should keep the audience engaged always, this can be done by Facebook Remarketing Ads, By using the Facebook

Pixel data you retarget the customers who have visited your website previously. This will make the users to be consistently engaged with your website.

Increase the Sales:

facebook marketingIn a recent survey, it has been found that the Remarketing Ads will increase your sales by more than 40%.

Users will compare many websites before buying products, Hence retargeting the users who have visited your site previously will help you to get more sales.

Especially, if you own E-Commerce sites, then the Remarketing Ads will help you get more conversions.

Also, if a customer makes a purchase on your website, then you can exclude them from the Sales Remarketing Campaign. You can target the purchased customers by providing special offers to them.

As the usage of the Social Media’s like Facebook, Instagram has been increased among the people. As a business owner, it is important to promote the business in platforms like Facebook and gain some quality conversions from it.

Advantages of Facebook Remarketing:

Facebook Remarketing is the process of integrating a small piece of code called Pixel with your website and tracking the list of users who are visiting the website and the Facebook Id’s associated with them.

Facebook Pixel will keep track of all the users who are visiting the website and their Facebook Id’s. Later by using this data you can target the custom audience and show them Ads.

Normally people wont buy any product or avail service from you for the first time when they land on your website, they will take more time before making a purchase, they may visit many websites and compare the price in each before making a purchase.

facebook remarketing

Hence as a business people, you should show the Ads about your products ot services to the people who are visited your website previously. This will help you to get more brand reach and increase the sales.

In a recent survey it has been found that a particular business gets more sales through remarketing. Even you can take big business giants like Amazon and other E-Commerce sites, they do massive remarketing in Google and Facebook to get more sales.

Hence as a business people in London, you should try different kind of digital marketing techniques like Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, Remarketing to get more traffic to the business websites and increase the sales.

We at ClickDo help business owners in UK to get more leads for their business with the help of Facebook Advertising. If you have any queries regarding Facebook Advertising feel free to contact us at

How to Set Proper Facebook Remarketing Campaign?

Set Proper Facebook Remarketing Campaign

Facebook as a business platform is utilized more than it as social media. Every business started it get benefit out of it as early as possible. Since the marketing platforms become wider than ever before, it is important for any business to use it perfectly with a right strategy around it. One such way of branding strategy is remarketing, where you will target the audience who already had some interaction through a website or app. Now, let’s discuss on what you must need to do before remarketing and how it can be executed.

What Should You Do Before Remarketing?

A Remarketing campaign must have a proper way of execution. If it doesn’t meet the right point, then it not work out as you expect. There are two things you must do before remarketing.

  • Remarketing SetUp
    • Once your website is built, you will start to integrate Google search console and analytics. While doing so, set it up for remarketing campaign. As it helps you to track the record of each user from day one of your website going live.
    • Do pixel integration in your website, which will help you track all the visitors to your website, where it has different events for a different motive.
  • Proper SEO Activities
    • Start with proper on page and off page SEO activities. Only SEO can drive regular traffic to your website.
    • When SEO activities and Facebook campaign work together you will have a killer ROI to your business.
    • The reason for combining these two are, both will provide the audience who are in of the service/product of your business. At the final stage, you will get a filtered record of users who literally want to get in touch with your business.

Facebook Remarketing

How to execute a Facebook Remarketing Campaign?

Under SEO Activities you will be covering daily blogging activities, so remarketing them will provide an added domain knowledge to the audience. You can set pixel code in two ways, one as targeting complete website and other as targeting particular selling page of your website. Here, you should not use a particular page audience to a wide range of audience, as they require only that particular product or service. When you are tracking for the complete website visitors, you use them for a wide range of audience.

If you’re not aware of setting up a proper remarketing campaign, get a tailored course on Facebook marketing that will help you to assist in a right way.


Increase the ROI of your Business by using Facebook Remarketing


Facebook Remarketing is the way of retargeting the customers who have visited your website previously. This can be done by integrating the Facebook Pixel with your website.

Facebook Pixel in your website will keep track of all the users who are visiting your website and the Facebook Id’s associated with them. Later by using the Pixel data, you can retarget the users on Facebook.

Increase your ROI:

Many people don’t avail service from you or buy the product from your website when they visit for the first time. Users will take some time to buy the product or avail services.

facebook remarketingBefore buying any product user will visit multiple websites, compare the pricing on each site and will take the decision based upon them. Hence when the user lands on your site you should follow them wherever they go by using the Remarketing Ads.

How will Remarketing help to increase the sales?

When the user visits your site and bounces back without making any purchase. Then you can show the custom offer Ad for the particular specific users who have visited your website.

Most of the people will tend to make the purchase when they see the Ad about the products or services what they are looking for. Even the conversion rate may increase if you provide some offer for them.

Will Suit for all kind of business?

Well, the answer is Yes. Most business people think that remarketing is going to suit for only the E-Commerce sales. But the fact is that it is going to help all kind of business to get more conversions if it is planned well and executed in a strategic way.

We at ClickDo work with clients from multiple verticals. We do the best plan for Remarketing & also execute them in a more strategic way to get more ROI.

facebook remarketing for businessBenefits of Facebook Remarketing:

  • Get more brand outreach
  • Get more ROI
  • Fine-tuned targeting
  • Target wide range of mobile audience
  • Increase in Conversion rate
  • Target the potential audience

Thus by using the Facebook Remarketing, you can increase the conversion rate of your business.

Learn the Facebook Remarketing & plan your own strategy for your business. Get instant access to the Facebook Remarketing course by ClickDo –