3 best ways to increase your sales online

Want to know the best ways to increase sales online? – Then listen to what I have to share with you in this blog post. Sales are one of the most important things to grow your business and without increasing sales, your business isn’t growing. 

There are many ways to increase sale, but utilizing online marketing strategies are the best way to grow your sales…

All of our customers, in fact, all of the people who want to buy something including us, only use 3 tools to decide. If you’re missing all of them, you should rethink your business strategy. And if you’re using just a few of them, maximize your profits by using all of them.

selling-onlineHow to increase your online sales?

Before we buy or even consider to buy a product or service, we ask our friends if they can recommend us some company or agency or a person. This is a no brainer, if they have a good experience, we will too. And don’t forget that this goes both ways. If one person had a really bad experience, all of their friends won’t use your product and services because they definitely heard their friends complaining.

How to use Google to get traffic?

If our friends don’t have experience with a certain product or service, we go to Google and try to find the best companies that offer it. We barely go to page 2 on Google, so you better be on the first page and shine. Think about your SEO and try to get on the first page so people can find you easier.

The part of this is web design. You can be on the first page of Google but if your website is not functioning properly, you have broken links and error messages, people won’t buy anything because it’s not trustworthy. Also if your design is old fashioned looking like from the 90’s, it’s not such an appealing sales tool.

googleVideos can help you increase traffic

Youtube or any other social media is the place where we go every single day. If we see a video of an awesome hairdresser nearby, it gets into our mind and we might actually go there. Maybe not on the same day but later on.

If we see a photo of a hairdresser, do you think it does have the same impact as video? Seeing different creations of a haircut, hair care, nice studio in movement is much more powerful.

Before we buy something like electronics or something that needs to function well, we go to Youtube and see any customer reviews or just to see how this product works. If you have a product, you need those videos on your Youtube channel so people don’t go to someone else’s channel to see how your products work.


filming-business-ownerIf you offer a service, you can have video testimonials of your happy clients and put it on youtube and all social media channels as well as your website.

The ideal situation for your business is definitely having your site optimized, being on the first page of Google. Treating your clients like kings and queens. Having a good looking and functional website and having videos all over the place. You can get to this stage step by step, not all at once but now it’s time to start. If you need help creating your video testimonials, definitely visit my website NicoleVen.com and get in touch with me.


How to Optimize as Google-Friendly Content?

Optimize as Google Friendly Content

A topic between SEO and Google will always revolve around content optimization to make everything perfect. Everybody expects their content to be of high quality, but what does it actually mean? A high-quality content is when it is meaningful and return quality results for a business, when one must do proper keyword research, quality content writing and follow on-page SEO metrics.

How to Create A Quality Content?

A high-quality content will not happen in quick, as there needs some accuracy to bring the best out of it and perform well among the targeted audience. For such things to happen, one can follow the below steps,

  • Trending Topics
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Spy
  • Content Plan


  • Trending Topics:

    • There always falls trending topics on this earth at every point, figure out what you can bring out of it and utilize it in a right way. A content can be labelled as high quality when it has its quantity.
    • Analyze the market and know what the market actually demands its audience, so you can a writer who can give a solution to the market’s requirement.Trending Topics for Content Writing
  • Keyword Research:

    • Use the Google keyword planner tool wisely to decide on which keyword you’re going to target and how potential the target audience is to give back traffic.
    • The keyword research must be based on the trending topics, so the end content will be fresh and answerable to new industry questions which you covered in the article.
  • Competitor Spy:

    • Do some research on competitors of your business, so you will get a clear idea of what you can perfect in your process.
    • Analyze their website, for what are the keywords they are ranking so far and how potential it can be for your growth in online platforms.
    • Go through their website manually and have a read, so you may get a point to set your content level, quality and quantity.Competitor Analysis for Content Writing
  • Content Plan:

    • As everyone knows, the Google algorithm is smart enough to know whether the content is highly relevant to the search query. So everything you write must be relevant or semi-relevant to the search query, where the semi-relevant covers LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.
    • So, save your time and put some effort to build a quality content give it to the audience in a single shot.

What are the biggest AdSense Publishers Concern?

AdSense Publishers Concern

Money making has become wider through different fields in a different way, where the online mediums play the major part. It leads people to search for platforms to make money online. One such thing is blogging and earning through AdSense. It follows some strict guidelines to activate AdSense account for any website and make money out of it. Today, let’s break down what are the difficulties publishers will face while trying to activate AdSense account and earn money.

  • AdBlockers and AdSense Revenue
  • AMP and Monetization
  • AdWords And AdSense
  • Google Play And AdSense

Google Adsense publisher

  • AdBlockers and AdSense Revenue:

    • The most peculiar thing in Adsense revenue is, the ads are blacklisted by blockers that affect end stats. Ad blockers will deprive sites of needed income.
  • AMP and Monetization:

    • The publishers have the fear of transition to AMP, as that may decline the AdSense revenue.
    • The proper and step by step implementation of AMP cannot cause any trouble to the revenue through AdSense.
    • If this happens, then publishers will not face any fear of downfall and making the things worse.
  • AdWords And AdSense:

    • There is always a correlation between Google AdWords and AdSense.
    • If anything happens on the side of AdWords, that had lead to side-effects on AdSense, since there leads an impact.
    • The most concern things in this part is the publisher, doesn’t know there happens some act in Google AdWords side.Google AdWords
  • Google Play And AdSense:

    • Everyone could see websites being converted into App and that app being promoted to Google Play Store.
    • A publisher faces a gap between Google Play store and Google AdSense.
    • Here, people started to use the third party application to display other publisher’s content and gaining revenue from the content with AdMob.
    • After understanding the seriousness of the issue Google AdSense team had taken this into consideration to stop such activities.



Google’s Knowledge Graph – Expand Your Reach and Strengthen SEO

Google Knowledge Graph And SEO

There used to be a time when ranking high in search results was the only way to garner maximum attention and reach out to customers far and wide. With the evolution of SEO, the method of gaining maximum outreach has also changed. Search engines are continuously striving to present the most appropriate answers to search queries. Google is keen not only to provide the right information but also show it convenient ways so that searchers can consume it instantly without having to look around.  In its endeavour to understand the relationship between entities in the real world and the intent behind searches, Google came up with Knowledge Graph. The impact of Knowledge Graph has changed the face of the search for the business, consumers, and brands.

The Knowledge Graph panels that you see in SERP aim at giving searchers access to highly relevant information straight away. Searchers can consume the information without thinking about looking elsewhere for something more relevant and appropriate. It saves enormous time for searchers and gives them the satisfaction of having the right information served by search engines just like restaurants serve food against orders.  It also offers marketers a golden opportunity to make their brands more visible.

Google Knowledge GraphTo know the speciality of Knowledge Graph and how you can enhance its use for driving more traffic to websites, keep reading this article.

Google Knowledge Graph

Google is in the process of building the largest knowledge warehouse that has a huge information database of facts and entities and intends to use it for understanding how these connects to one another in the real world. As Google wants to discover the intent behind searches, by navigating through the repository of information it becomes possible to look beyond keywords when interpreting it so that search engines can get closest to user intent. The focus shifts from trying to know the literal meaning of search queries to understanding the underlying intention behind searches. The Knowledge Graph helps to dive deep into the information repository and extract information that matches almost exactly with what searchers are looking for.

By using the Knowledge Graph Google wants to transform its identity from being an information engine to knowledge engine. Google is not happy to present some basic information that matches closely with the search terms. Instead, they are trying to make broader connections between various data by analyzing massive amounts of data to present the most comprehensive result.

The gain for marketers

In its earlier form, the Knowledge Graph used to display static results, but it has now changed. You can now interact with various sites mentioned in the Knowledge Graph and even listen to songs or buy movie tickets. Brands can now use the Knowledge Graph to reinforce brand authority and enhance visibility. The shift in Google’s way of presenting information has also affected SEO. Earlier the measures of optimization used to revolve around search rankings only and today its focus on optimizing data for use in Knowledge Graph that has immense powers of driving traffic and encouraging more clicks provided you have a brand in place. The best thing about Knowledge Graph is that it allows you to take its full control, as you can have an influence on the content and even suggest changes.

Knowledge Graph can trigger instant business

Business and Google Knowledge GraphThe Knowledge Graph has given marketers a shot in the arm as they can use it as a business card that helps to publicize the brand, drive more traffic and earn more clicks and conversions. Knowledge Graph panels are ideal places to showcase your brands, logos, and mascots so that viewers can closely engage with it by using the information nicely grouped. It becomes an invitation card for participating with your business as, besides the description of brands and products, you can also provide information about price and stock.

When viewers are browsing the information on the Knowledge Graph panel, they can click on to the link to reach your website or social media profile directly. The Knowledge Graph card can help mobile users to browse products by accessing search boxes depending on the type of business.

You must know the resources that Google uses for its Knowledge Graph so that you know how to tap at the right ones for gaining more visibility for your brand.

Schema mark up on the homepage

Schema markup is extremely important for ensuring that the Knowledge Graph picks up information about your business. Provide all information about the business from organization to a person to the local company so that Knowledge Graph easily picks any data using schema.org elements. The experts at Kotton Grammer Media can guide you in selecting what types of markup to use for customizing Knowledge Graph.

Optimize Google Plus Business Page

For small businesses, it is critical to set up Google My Business Page, and Google Plus profile correctly so that it becomes easy to convey all important business information to viewers. The information about business hours, phone number, address, location, etc. should be accurate.  Optimize Google maps so that users can easily reach your address by using the directions.

Be active on the social media

Use your social media accounts regularly so that you can closely interact with customers, earn local citations and acquire new reviews. Social media accounts are important because the more active you are across social media, easier it becomes for Google to identify your business if it is difficult to reach your website. Make sure that you have verified social media accounts.  By looking at your social media profile, Google can connect the business to the brand.

In the last step, relate your business to the brand by requesting Google to accept that you are the official representative of the brand by establishing your ownership of the business. You can request Google to make necessary changes in images, logos, social profiles, URLs, etc. and await their email confirmation about acceptance of the changes.

The Knowledge Graph empowers marketers as they can bring their business right in front of customers.

Why XML Sitemaps are important to improve SEO of websites?


There are many SEO advantages, however, the importance of XML sitemaps in SEO is something many web developers miss when they build a business website. In this article, we will be looking at what are the core SEO benefits of having a Google Sitemap for your website.

What is XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap of your website will contain all the URL’s of the pages, posts and the media files present in your website. By using the XML sitemap, you can make the Google crawler to access your website more effectively and index the contents.

Properly updated XML sitemap will help the Google crawlers to effectively discover and index all your web pages. You can easily create the XML sitemap if you are using the Yoast SEO or All in One SEO plugin.

How Sitemap helps the crawlers?

sitemap in seoGoogle Crawlers will initially follow all the URL’s in the XML sitemap and will index them based on the ranking criteria.

After that, the crawlers will follow the links present in the particular page and will repeat the process in the newly discovered pages.

Thus the crawler will simply follow the links present in the current page to discover the new pages.

Hence proper internal linking is more important to make the crawler to spend more time on your website.

How to Create & submit XML Sitemap?

You can create the XML sitemap for your website by using any plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO plugin.

Later by using the Google Search Console, you can submit the sitemap to the Google.

xml sitemapMake sure that the sitemap doesn’t have any errors while you are submitting.

Sitemap with errors may block some resources from being crawled effectively.

You can test the sitemap in the search console itself before submitting.

Once the URL’s in the sitemap has been indexed by the Google, then it means your web pages are ready to be shown on the SERP.

But the ranks of the web pages on the SERP may depend on the various ranking factors.

XML Sitemap is the most important thing which you should take care to help the crawlers effectively analyze the website and index them.

What Google Says About The August Core Algorithm Update?


Many are wondering about the freaky funky Update that has been rolled out by Google recently since August 1st, 2018. This core update has affected many websites. Some sites were nowhere in the SERP but suddenly moved to the top 3 and some websites which were ranking on top of the SERP were dropped dramatically.

This was the biggest Google algorithm update for over a year. Many business websites were affected and moved from their ranks.

However, Google doesn’t reveal any reasons for the update, Google has only announced that the core algorithm update is a very extensive one with lots of fluctuations occuring two to three times per year.

More than that, Google doesn’t give any valid explanations or reasons for the rank drop of some of the top ranking websites. Some SEO bloggers and experts speculate that it’s all about the content and that Google focus on validated and useful information.

What does the Google Core Algorithm Update actually mean?

google updateGoogle creates tons of minor updates every year but the core update comes in big waves only two to three times annually.

Google undertakes a lot of research and makes at least one change in its core algorithm per day.

These small changes may not noticably affect the websites, but the core updates will do so.

Core updates of Google will actually make changes in valuing the different kinds of ranking signals.

Not many, but some sites may be affected by this when their ranking factor depends upon very few signals. However, it can’t be claimed that this is the reason for the rank drops unless Google confirms this.

How to bring the lost ranks back?

google algorithm updateUnless Google reveals a few reasons about the update, you should not try any weird and unreasonalbe things on your website.

Google may work on many things once the update is rolled out, you can see the fluctuations in the ranks even after a few days of the update being rolled out.

Usually, Google doesn’t give any static reason behind the rank drops.

Mostly Google pays more attention to the content presented on the website, hence its important for all the site owners to work on the content and make it more useful for their readers and visitors.

Was your website affected by the August 1st Google core algorithm update? 

If yes, just follow Google’s quality guidelines to bring the ranks back.

Do not give up on SEO if you want your ranks back and enjoy the ranks that give you leads, sales and help you make money from the Google ranks on Google.

You should focus on long tail keywords and add more quality content to your business websites.

At ClickDo we’ve seen many websites drop as well as many moving up.

To be honest we feel there wasn’t anything specifically that we could rectify for the shuffles. Some of the client websites we just started working on bounced to the first page with very little backlinks and work being done. So we think this could be that Google tries to give a chance to everyone and make the rankings more transferable.

This morning when I searched for “google core algorithm update I saw this article > Google: August core algorithm update still rolling out


You can read more on Google, but all we can say is have patience and chill for a bit.

In the meantime, you can join the ClickDo online SEO training academy and lean the SEO skills to Rank & Bank.

How Google Combine URLs Even before Crawling?

Google Combine URLs before Crawling

In the Search Engine Optimization Process, there are some things which you cannot leave as it is or not completed. One such thing is crawling and indexing a website through Google Search Console(Webmaster Tools).

To explain shortly about crawling, a website will have a sitemap which contains all the URL of the complete website, where the Searchbot will do its process of visiting each URL and will be stored as an index file. It helps when users search for a query that relates to the content you have published on your website.

But, this one is not the core topic to be covered for today. We are into something new and deep that makes more sense. Let’s discuss on how the Google Searchbot combines the URL before it starts crawling.

google bot crawling

Combine URL Before Crawling:

Google is clear in what they have to deliver to its search users, where the content should be clear and not duplicated. When a website has duplicated content, Google doesn’t want to show the same content in the search results repeatedly for one search query.

Here, the combination URLs start even before crawling each URL. It has been clearly explained by John Muller, who has been the voice of Google’s search console for some time now. In a recent hangouts session, he clearly explained this combination.

“We also do that folding process essentially before crawling. Where we look at the the URLs that we see and based on the information that we have from the past we think well probably these URLs could end up being the same and then we’ll fold them together,”

It includes the structure of a website, canonicalization and permanent or temporary redirects which can easily show how the website actually behaves every time when the Searchbot try to crawl each website.

So, a website must concentrate on certain things that they should not show any negative signals to Google at any point. This is where Google maintains the clear sheet of the website behavioural pattern. It is very easy to understand that when you are loyal to your customers, they will give it back to you, similarly when you do best practices to Google search algorithm they end up ranking your website on top of the search results.

More Brand Outreach For Your Business Using Google Display Ads


What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the digital marketing strategy by using which you can target the users who have visited your website previously. You can get more brand outreach by using the Remarketing strategy.

Google Display Ads are the best thing you can implement for your business to get more reach for your brand. You can increase your sales by more than 50% with the help of Remarketing.

More Brand Outreach For Your Business Using Google Display Ads

How Remarketing Works?

Users may land on your website from different sources. They may not avail services from you when they visit for the first time, Hence you should promote your brand when the user leaves the sites without purchasing. This is done by Remarketing.

By integrating the Google Remarketing tag in your website, you can keep track of the users who are visiting your website. Later by using this data, you can show the Ads about your business by particularly targetting them.

google display ads

Where will the users see your Remarketing Ads?

Say if the user visits your website and then after some time he/she is surfing through some other sites. You can show your business Ads on the other sites where ever the user is going.

Even by using the Google Display Ads, you can show the Ads on the Apps, Article Sites, etc.

Benefits Of Google Display Ads:

  • More Brand Reach
  • Increases the Conversion rate
  • Retarget the users by Remarketing
  • Increase the traffic to the site
  • Reach customers through several platforms

When your website receives more traffic from Google Search organically. Then you can use the integrate the Google Remarketing tag with your website and can retarget the customers using the Google Display Ads.

Remarketing suits for all the business, particularly if you are running an E-Commerce business. Hence its time for you to unwrap the Remarketing strategies for your business and increase your sales.

To Get More Outreach For Your Business Using Google Display Ads. Contact Logesh (logesh@clickdo.co.uk). Increase Your Sales By Using Remarketing.



Future Of SEO – Optimize The Websites For Voice Search


How optimize the websites for voice search?

People around the world nowadays started using the Google Voice Search to find information on the web. Hence it’s the right time for all the website owners to optimize the websites for voice search and to get reasonable traffic from the voice search regularly.

Website Speed Matters in the Voice Search:

Website loading speed is important in the normal text-based searches. But when it comes to the voice search, it’s even more important. The average voice search results page loads 50% faster than the average page.

Secured Sites Dominates Voice Search:

At the start of this year, Google already warned the website owners & publishers to upgrade their website to SSL (HTTPS). In turn, this reflects in the voice search as well. Google displays the voice search results by giving more importance to the Secured Sites.

optimize for google voice searches

Make Your Site More Social:

In Voice Search, Google ranks the websites which have more reputation on social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Hence try to get more reach for your website on Social Media platforms.

Google Likes More Content:

Update your web page with more quality content to rank for the voice search. It is found that the Google gives more importance to the web page with the average content length of 2000 words for the voice search.

google voice search

Featured Snippets:

More than 50% of the websites appearing for the voice search are from the featured snippets. Hence update the content with more headings, bullet points, etc to make them rank on the featured snippets.

Domain Authority:

High domain authority and the page authority of the website will make your job easy to optimize for the voice search on Google. Increase the site authority to make your web page perform well on Google’s SERP.


Google Ranking Suddenly Drops – Fix To Recover Quickly

Google Ranking Suddenly Drops

Every SEO Experts across the globe must have faced the issue of the rank drop. Instead of saying this as an issue, the rank has affected because of some other issue, which we left without showing much concern. At first, you can see the rank drops in Google search results for your potential keyword then the analytics will show it’s reflection as a drop in the traffic graph. Here, Let us list out the point where you must check and take immediate response.

  • Crawl Errors in Search Console:

Already your website must have a webmaster console, as sitemap is submitted through that for indexing. In the same platform, you can navigate like “Crawl > Crawl Errors > List of Page Errors”.

Crawl Errors - Quick SEO Fix

Start to fix the URL errors with proper redirection or correction in format. It mostly happens when you start a new website or a website you want to redesign. Google bots will consider this as a regular URL of the website, but it leads to not found pages which is the greatest sign of negativity in SEO.

  • Search Engine Penalty:

    When you start to violate the guidelines of Webmasters, then you will face the consequences. Mostly you will be caught by the human reviewers in Google, who will send a notification to your Google Search Console in the Manual Actions section. One such reason can be your website is hacked, which can’t be taken into your control beyond a point – Make sure you take regular backup. Other than hacking, most of the process can be solved on your own. The most common issues are listed,

    • Risky or Unnatural Links to the website
    • Cloaking – Content shown to search bot is different from what user actually see in your website
    • Duplicate Content
    • Improper Redirects
  • Algorithm Update:

It’s the most common thing to happen for rank drops in search results. Google doesn’t always intimate before releasing an algorithm update. SEO Experts around all the places will face the rank drop at the same time, where they can come to a conclusion that Google algorithm update is processed. We can’t take this in our control, as it some leads to positive results as well. So, just follow the guidelines of Google to avoid rank drops to the max.

Google Algorithm Update

  • Lost Backlinks:

Monitor the number of backlinks and the quality backlinks in it. When these numbers reduce as loss of low-quality backlinks cause no problem. The issue arises when you lost a huge set of high domain authority backlinks. It can happen when the decides to remove, or the webpage/website itself closed permanently. So, keep on building backlinks from valuable websites, so the loss of backlinks from other websites can be bearable to a certain extent.