How to make money from your blog? (Steps to earning blogging)


What is blogging? is a questions I had I always wondered and how does blogging work when you have your own blog?

Since I teamed up with ClickDo, it was never easier to understand the whole strategy. And I can tell you that anybody learn the ways to earn money online, blogging. But it needs a lot of effort and time put into it. In the beginning, because later on basically it’s a money making machine.

What do you need to earn money online?

It will take some time and many blogs to write until you build authority on the web. But if you are determined to make it happen and start making money from your bedroom, then it will happen. You need to be persistent, patient and hard working in all areas. Not only writing but also advertising and presenting. I’ll give you two examples of blogs. One is my own blog which I’m starting now and I’m on my way to really crush it. And the second one is a UK Business Blog which is running so good this year. I’m publishing new blogs on my website every single day, of course, they have to be related to my niche, not having cooking recipes in it.

Start a blog and write daily

My niche is media and digital marketing. I write about videography, photography, marketing, social media, SEO but with the biggest focus on creatives of all kinds. Sometimes I even write about other people or companies, to make it more interesting for the reader. It doesn’t always have to be only about me. I also plan to interview a few entrepreneurs, photographers and business people for my blogs which breaths another fresh air into it. There are many topics to write about and many ways to get in touch with new people from your industry. And your blog will make all these things easier.

Step by step towards making money

Create a blog section on your website and start posting daily. If you have more time, you can post multiple times of the day. Write a blog about current topics, about what you’ve learned recently or what you have done for your clients and so on. You can write longer or shorter blogs but the longer the better, from an SEO perspective. Also learn how to optimize a blog for Google, here is a great article on How to write SEO friendly blog titles for the blog posts to boost ranks.

Why my blog needs authority?

Build the general authority on the web, create courses and build your online profiles. Once you get the authority, you can start earning money. Keep reading and also watch this video on building authority online.

Once you have enough blogs, start offering your blog for guest posting. So I’m a videographer and you can see my website at and my plan is to offer my blog section to other videographers to post their articles about videography. And I will charge for it of course, because I built a blog which has authority and a good reach in the niche.

How do you turn your blog into a money making machine?

Why would they pay? They can place links to their sites and services on this blog, so it is advertising for them as well as good SEO. Their name will be seen by my audience as well which is exactly the audience they want. Videographers and people who want videography. For me it’s a win too, I get the money and they share my blog because they published their articles on it. Meaning – I get even more authority online. And of course more content to my website without actually doing anything anymore.

So once you build a blog with authority, your work is done more or less, it can run by itself. However, to get there, it takes a lot of time and effort. Give yourself the challenge to write a blog every single day for 30 days like Neil Franklin. If you can do it, then you’re all set up!

Successful blogs that make money

A good example of turning your blog into a good profit is UK Business Blog which is a role model of a successful guest post and blogging service. It generates money daily either with placing links on the existing articles or publishing new ones. It ranks #1 on Google and the content is business relevant and focused on the UK market. Companies publish their business stories with nice long articles, linking to their sites and they promote themselves this way as well as they get a backlink to their site for the SEO purposes.

How to promote my blog?

You can promote your blog in many ways but the best way is to make videos and publish it on all of social media. Create a video where you explain what is your blog about, what are the benefits of posting on your blog, how does it work to get published. And then circulate it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. You might even create campaigns but the main thing is to make multiple different videos and have it everywhere. If you don’t have much time, ClickDo Media can help you with your video production.

You don’t have to create social media profiles for your blog from the beginning, it will be much easier to promote it on your existing accounts from the start. Post Instagram and Facebook stories showing your blog, talking about it. Every single day put some video out there and explain to business owners why they should publish their business stories on your blog.

It’s your time to make money online

So these are some tips on how to make money from your blog. Anybody can do it. You can pick the topic that you like the most, the topic that you’re passionate about and want to write about it every day. Remember to write daily, once article per day at least and make it very SEO friendly too. Promote your blog with a nice video and do some email marketing, but only after you really grow it with your articles and have some good visitor reach daily.

How to make the backlink profile look more natural with the help of Guest Posts?


Backlinking remains as the old school SEO factor to rank the websites on the SERP. Even though there are many updates rolled out by the Google frequently, some of the terms behind the ranking remain the same. One such thing is the backlinking in the Off-Page SEO.

How To Build SEO Friendly Backlinks With Guest Posting?

Here let’s see some smart ways to build backlinks from the guest posts. Building the links which look more natural from Google’s point of view will help you to improve the ranks on the SERP,

guest postsGuest posts is the primary way of building high-quality backlinks to your business website. Backlinks from the wide range of websites will help you to improve the ranks on the SERP.

Try to build the link with the relevant anchors and not with the direct keywords. Google will blow away your site if you build links with the direct keyword anchors.

Don’t build a bunch of links from the same website. This will make no sense on the view of Google and hence it will not help you in SEO. Build unique links from different websites

Don’t focus on the number and build more links. Just keep your strategy simple and build high-quality links. Google gives priority to the quality of links than the quantity.

build backlinksTry to get connected with the new people by sending them good Emails requesting for guest posts. Many may ignore your mail, but few may respond. Try to get your posts published on their websites.

What will I suggest you find guest posting opportunities?

You can use the Facebook groups and other platforms like Fiver, Legiit, Konker to find the best Guest Post sellers. You can publish your posts on the other websites with the help of them.

People owning high authority websites will not accept free guest posts. Hence, spend some money on the guest posts as they are worth it. Being a blogger or SEO Consultant, you can see the good improvement in ranks with the help of Guest posts.

How can I help you get SEO friendly backlinks to boost your SEO?

We at ClickDo help the bloggers & SEO people by offering the paid guest posts in all the relevant niches. If you need any guest posts, feel free to contact me at

How Guest posting can help you boost your website’s SEO?


Backlinking is the old school SEO factor, which remains the same even though there are tons of updates rolled out by Google frequently. In this blog, let’s see about building the high-quality links to the website to rank on top of the SERP.

Backlinks From Reputed Sites:

Make sure that you don’t build links form the spammy or the penalized sites, It will harm the good SEO work that you have done so far. Try to build links from the high authority websites which has daily organic traffic.

guest post to boost your seo

Build links from the high domain age sites, Give more importance to the domain age than the domain authority. Google will move your web page to the top of the SERP if the linking domain has good domain age.

Type Of Website:

Give backlinks for your website from the most relevant niche. Consider giving links with the proper anchor text. More importance should be given to the quality of the links than the quantity.

Giving a bunch of backlinks from the same site doesn’t make any sense from the point of Google. Make sure to give fewer links with the SEO friendly anchors to move the site to the top,

Content Matters:

More importantly the quality of the content matters in SEO irrespective of the site from where you are getting links from. When you are backlinking, keep your strategy very simple and publish the blogs in the relevant niches.

guest posts to improve website ranks

This will make your backlink look more natural. Give equal importance to the no follow links. Don’t always rely on the do follow links.

These are some of the core factors which you should give more importance when you are backlinking. Guest posts will help you to improve the ranks rapidly.

We at ClickDo offer paid guest posts at, and even in
If you need guest blogs mail us to We will help provide you authoritative blogs relevant to your niche.


How Daily Sales Game would Change Your Business?

Selling is an art. If you along with your team master the art of selling, it would change the perspective of business. At ClickDo, we have been training people form the India team to focus on daily sales. We have now reached a daily minimum sales average of $200 / User / Day. In our team, we have Dinesh and Aslam who have mastered the sales game for Guest Blogging in UK Niche sites.

Below is a quick review of their daily activities broken down by verticals:

1. Email Harvesting and Email Marketing

This is the most effective way to reach out to people who buy every day. In this technique, we harvest the email addresses from different popular websites and we send them cold emails with their own targeted keywords that suite their website. This is also made niche / domain specific for every country. One example explained below:

We search for a keyword like “dentist in london” and we find the sites that rank in Page 2 to Page 5 in Google. Most of the website have the footer linking to their respective website developer (or) digital marketing agency. We visit their website and collect their email addresses.

Once this is collected, we store them in a database based on the niche. This process is called as Email Harvesting.

After this database is filled with more than 200 email addresses for different domains, we send out customised emails with suggested anchor texts to rank for their client’s target terms on Google. This gives us a very good response rate on the Email Marketing part.

2. Facebook Group Posting

Our team members are members of different facebook groups where the people actively engage in guest posting. We have particular time slots in which people are actively responding to posts in Group. At that time, our team will jump into the conversations and build relationship with the people who are seeking for backlinks. We understand their objective of building guest post links and will share suggestions for them to rank better.

This in turn brings us more guest posts and daily sales!

This is just a quick recap of the daily sales game. Stay tuned and we will share more insights and emailing templates in future in our ClickDo Blog.

Guest Posting – Advantages & How It Helps Your SEO?


Guest Posting is the organic way of getting backlinks for your website from the other sites based on your niche. You can publish your own content on the other websites and obtain backlinks to your site.

This is the more natural and the organic way of getting backlinks to your website. Google improves the rank of the website on the SERP which has links from the variety of relevant niches.

Advantages of Guest Posting Services

Authority of Your Site Increases:

When you publish your blogs on the relevant niches based of your domain. Then the authority of your website will be increased on Google Search. High authoritative sites are more likely to rank on top of the SERP.

guest posts in seo

Don’t give importance to the domain authority of the website that you are linking from. Instead, give importance to the domain age, niche and the make sure that the site is spam free.

New Traffic Source:

Making your blog published on the quality sites will help you get more traffic from that sites, Users will just follow the links on the Guest Posts and will reach your site.

This will help you to get more traffic in addition to that you receive from the Google Search. Also, Guest blogging will help you to reach a wide range of audience network.

guest posts advantages

Guest Post helps you get brand reach:

You can use your brand names in the guest posts. This will help you get more brand outreach organically. You can find quality sites that are offering free/paid guest posts through Facebook Groups, Linkedin Forums, etc.

Guest posts in the relevant niches will help you in expanding the audience base. Google started giving more importance to the quality of backlinks. Hence try to build more authority backlinks instead of building a bunch of links from the same site.

We are offering Guest Post in our sites. For more details mail to


How Guest Posting Impacts Your SEO?


What is Guest Posting?

If you are a blogger and if you are not satisfied with the level of traffic that you are receiving for your website from Google. Then you can try some alternatives to boost the website traffic. Once such an organic way of boosting your site traffic is the guest posting.

Guest Posting - How It Impacts SEO

Guest Posting allows publishing your own content or blogs on the other sites which has literally high reputation and more traffic than your website. Posting your blogs in high authority sites will help you to get SEO boost for your website as well.

How Google Treats The Links From Guest Posts?

Google is very smart these days, Your site will gain the SEO boost if your content is of high quality and also published in the relevant site under the relevant category. Avoid acquiring a bunch of links from the same site, as this will spoil all the good SEO works that you have done so far.

Google’s Matt Cutts elaborated that the guest posts will be treated as the high authority links by Google as long as the content is fresh and also published on a relevant niche website.

Advantages of Guest Posting:

Guest posting has many advantages other than boosting your website’s rank on SERP. Here let’s see some main benefits of guest posting,

  • Increase the authority of your site
  • Has more brand outreach, as the blogs are published in the name of your brand
  • New source for organic traffic
  • Quality backlinks are obtained
  • Capture a wider audience
  • Acquire new customers from the guest blogs

Guest Posting Impacts SEO

Though the guest blog contains more advantages, you should do it in a more strategic way to improve the sites SEO without blowing up. We at ClickDo provide guest posts from the high authority sites. If you wish to take some guest posts for your business websites, you can just mail to  we will send you the details to publish your blogs.


7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies For 2016

The 7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies are vital for your blogging success in 2016 and beyond. 

If you´re a blogger or helping somebody run one and are not happy about the traffic on your site, you should seriously consider guest blogging. It will help you spread your brand, get new viewers, get some nice backlinks and all kinds of new marketing opportunities in the future. It´s a great leverage opportunity and you should not miss it. However, there are things to keep in mind, so you will be successful.

  • Find good targets. Know your demographics. Who are your readers? Who do you want on your site? What´s your perfect reader, customer? Search terms like  “Guest blog”, “guest posting guidelines” will help you. Also check the site´s domain authority and page authority – how big is there presence on the internet?
  • Make it personal dude! “Who are you, do we know each other?” Don´t just run to people and ask them to do a guest post. Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+. A recommendation is a couple of weeks of interactions with the person before asking for anything. Comment on their blog, engage and interact. After you build familiarity you can ask for a guest post. Also, provide value. Help them out by giving them some tips or any other help they might need.
  • Make your content relevant for their readers. Don´t just just go out with your idea and topics. Make it as tailored to their readers as possible. This way you will get more engagement and views and you will make them and yourself more happy. Study the audience. What´s the most successful content? Where is the most engagement?
  • Provide examples of your previous work in the email – but link it, don´t write crazy long emails, no business owner has free hours to read through walls of text.guest-blogging


  • Make sure you dont give too many links to your site inside your posts – people will feel it´s spammy. However, embeddable content – videos, pics will works better because it´s too large for post itself, so you can link to it. Also hosting will be easier for them if large files are linked to.
  • Usually you will have many targets, several people you want to write for. Doing it easier would be that when you write for one person, link back to the others. They will all be happy and they will all get more links.
  • Obviously, you should be doing SEO when writing a blog post. Now, maybe it´s a good idea to not target your main keywords, as those will probably not be the same as the niche you are writing for. Don´t try to force it. Instead target secondary or tertiary keywords. It won´t seem forced but it will still help with your SEO.

Now all the theory is nothing if you don´t do something about it, right? So I´m giving you a challenge. Find 3 people who you want to guest blog for. Then engage with them on social media for a few weeks, then ask them to do a guest post. Success is guaranteed.

Since I started blogging myself not even a month ago I will do the same. In a little less than 1 month I have had about 5500 unique visitors on my site. Not a bad start. I´ll try to double that this month with the help of guest blogging.

I´ll try to do it for Lifehack, HuffingtonPost and TinyBuddha. And fuck it´s, it´s all about over-delivering, so I´ll try to get to reddit too! Let´s see how it goes 🙂