How does Google deal with the Keyword Stuffing in the content?

What is Keyword Stuffing?

The keyword stuffing in SEO is the means by which the target keywords are used more number of times in the content. This is in fact done in the motive to make the web page rank easily on Google Search. Actually filling the pages with the target keywords will create a very bad user experience. Also, this is not the proper organic way of ranking the website on Google’s SERP.

How does Google deal with Keyword Stuffing?

Google is smarter nowadays & hence will figure out the keyword stuffed pages more easily. Google’s John Mueller said in a recent interview that Google ranks the websites based on the 200 ranking factors. Also, he added that the site need not to be perfect in all the 200 factors to be ranked on the #1 for the particular keyword. John Mueller also said that the importance of target keyword in the content is just one of the ranking factor from the total.

How does Google deal with the Keyword Stuffing in the content

Think before stuffing the keywords

Google will not remove your web page from the search index if it found that the more keywords are stuffed. It will just fluctuate the ranks to help the users get the better reading experience. The beauty of Google’s ranking algorithm is that you need not get all 200 ranking factors to be perfect, Instead, you can just focus on optimizing the site with the quality content & the perfect On Page. Instead of stuffing the keywords on the web page, spending time on writing quality content will help in SEO.

Quick Summary About Keyword Stuffing – What Should I Do?

  • As an SEO Consultant, you should focus on developing your own content rather than analyzing why the other content is ranking #1How Google deal with the Keyword Stuffing in the content
  • Excessive keyword stuffing will not remove the web page from the Google Index
  • Use of keywords in content is only one of the ranking factor among 200
  • Google may even ignore the keyword stuffing if the content has good value