3 best ways to increase your sales online

Want to know the best ways to increase sales online? – Then listen to what I have to share with you in this blog post. Sales are one of the most important things to grow your business and without increasing sales, your business isn’t growing. 

There are many ways to increase sale, but utilizing online marketing strategies are the best way to grow your sales…

All of our customers, in fact, all of the people who want to buy something including us, only use 3 tools to decide. If you’re missing all of them, you should rethink your business strategy. And if you’re using just a few of them, maximize your profits by using all of them.

selling-onlineHow to increase your online sales?

Before we buy or even consider to buy a product or service, we ask our friends if they can recommend us some company or agency or a person. This is a no brainer, if they have a good experience, we will too. And don’t forget that this goes both ways. If one person had a really bad experience, all of their friends won’t use your product and services because they definitely heard their friends complaining.

How to use Google to get traffic?

If our friends don’t have experience with a certain product or service, we go to Google and try to find the best companies that offer it. We barely go to page 2 on Google, so you better be on the first page and shine. Think about your SEO and try to get on the first page so people can find you easier.

The part of this is web design. You can be on the first page of Google but if your website is not functioning properly, you have broken links and error messages, people won’t buy anything because it’s not trustworthy. Also if your design is old fashioned looking like from the 90’s, it’s not such an appealing sales tool.

googleVideos can help you increase traffic

Youtube or any other social media is the place where we go every single day. If we see a video of an awesome hairdresser nearby, it gets into our mind and we might actually go there. Maybe not on the same day but later on.

If we see a photo of a hairdresser, do you think it does have the same impact as video? Seeing different creations of a haircut, hair care, nice studio in movement is much more powerful.

Before we buy something like electronics or something that needs to function well, we go to Youtube and see any customer reviews or just to see how this product works. If you have a product, you need those videos on your Youtube channel so people don’t go to someone else’s channel to see how your products work.


filming-business-ownerIf you offer a service, you can have video testimonials of your happy clients and put it on youtube and all social media channels as well as your website.

The ideal situation for your business is definitely having your site optimized, being on the first page of Google. Treating your clients like kings and queens. Having a good looking and functional website and having videos all over the place. You can get to this stage step by step, not all at once but now it’s time to start. If you need help creating your video testimonials, definitely visit my website NicoleVen.com and get in touch with me.


Establishing Your Brand with Video Marketing

Ever since we started with the ClickDo Media about half a year ago, our results have skyrocketed. Our media team is small yet fully professional. This gives us the maneuver space to create beautiful and eye catching videos that will push your brand into the world. But since bragging is worthless, we´ll let somebody else do it for us:

Judge Us By Results

We didn´t offer anything in specific to get such a nice review, we just did what we are good at. We discussed what needed to be done, we came to their office, brought everything we needed, kept an relaxed attitude, and most importantly – we made some really cool videos for their company. For example, here is the trailer:

Make you want to go to the dentist´s, huh?

So what can you expect once you decide you want to work with us in creating your branding videos?

The main goal of a good video that draws people in is an amazing story. If you have a fleshed out an idea already that´s great. We will listen to it and help you develop it even further.

If you don´t know exactly what you´d like, that´s not a problem at all. We will ask/or email you some questions that will help us determine your goals, target audience etc. Then we´ll create an interesting story idea and present it to you.

Once we have a story in mind, our team will visit you for a shooting. Now don´t be afraid, there will be zero pressure and the atmosphere will be relaxed. Nobody likes to be stressed out and a friendly and relaxed team ensures that the videos and interviews are colorful and full of life, not scripted. Oh, and we make mistakes as well, so don´t worry. We´ll make them funny:

The Shooting

Depending on what you will want, the shooting day will last from 3 to 6 hours. Our team will shoot literally everything, because we want to have a lot of different material, to give us the creative freedom to craft amazing videos. We´ll be shooting your working place (or wherever the video is shot), yourself, the employees. The more material we have, the more we can create. Here´s a little behind the scenes:

Relaxed and Professional

And while we like to have a fun and keep a relaxed attitude while shooting, the end result is always professional. You can expect great picture quality, sound, and most importantly, a story that will catch the attention of your audience. For example, here´s a nice short interview from an associate dental surgeon for the above dental company:

There you go. So if you are not using videos in the way that helps you brand and position yourself on the market, your are doing something wrong. Drop us an email, and we´ll prepare a free video marketing story we could produce FOR YOUR SPECIFIC MARKET.

Shooting you soon,

ClickDo Media Team