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This project is for Trade Your Jewel, one of the unique website designs we have created with a brand new style. Trade Your Jewel included a website design and a web development also. They didn’t own any website earlier, so this was their first. And we want to ensure that our clients get only the best SEO-friendly and conversion-optimized for the Top results for their Google rankings too.

Our ClickDo team consultant Jonathan personally had a meet up with the client to get a better understand about the client’s requirement.

With the client’s requirement Our ClickDo team members have designed a very unique UI design for this website and made it more user-friendly by adding different and well-optimized media and content. They worked closely with the client’s on each aspect for the website creation. Also with the help of our development team, this website is 100% mobile responsive and managed to increase the loading speed too.

As you can see we’ve used an eye-catching unique media images for the to create an elegant look. These visual flourishes can often work to create a more immersive and outstanding experience which helps the customers understand and grab the full range of services a company offers in an eye-catching manner in a customized way.

Trade Your Jewel

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