Online Accounting Software For Small Business

Top 7 online accounting software for small business in the UK

A comparison to help you choose the best!

Are you looking for the best online small business accounting software to smoothly run your business in the UK? – Then you are on the right page. We have researched and listed the top 7 accounting software’s for you to smoothly run your small business and grow it a large profitable business.

small-business-accounting-softwareRunning a small business or being self-employed means there are so many things that you need to handle personally. Anything that can make doing those jobs faster and easier should be considered, so that you can focus less on tasks that need to be done and more on growing your business.

Why you should use online accounting software?

Finances are the biggest worry of any small business owner, after all, you work hard to make money. Accounting software can aid a company exponentially when it comes to keeping finances up to date.

Previously accounting software was aimed primarily at larger companies. In the modern market, we continuously see an increasing number of software on the market aimed at smaller businesses. With so many options and packages to choose from it can be quite confusing as to which software to invest in, and due to some of them coming with quite a hefty price tag you do not want to purchase the wrong one. To aid you in making a decision we have written this guide.

What are the best online accounting software that is available on the market?

The great thing about online accounting software in today’s age is that it is mostly internet based, making it suitable for any type of computer; MAC or PC.  Many many of these programs are also compatible with all other devices such as tablets and mobiles.


QuickBooksQuickbooks is probably the most expensive accounting software out there. Coming in around £800 to purchase the software it may seem a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, it is definitely worth the investment. Currently, they’re both Mac and Windows version is available on the market to buy at an upfront cost. QuickBooks also has a subscription-based version which is available to use on the cloud come out, which seems to be proving more and more popular with its use currently there are both Mac and Windows version is available on the market to buy at an upfront cost. QuickBooks also has a subscription-based version which is available to use on the cloud, which seems to be proving more and more popular with its users. If your business primarily uses Mac-based software it is important to note that QuickBooks has less features available for Mac then it does for the cloud or Windows versions.

QuickBooks is quite complicated to work, so it will require some investment in the form of time, in order to fully understand and work the software. Due to the popularity of the software, there are multiple tutorials on how to use it available online.


xeroThis software has always been cloud-based software. This makes zero perfect for any company that is Mac-based and cannot get the full features on traditional software like QuickBooks. Is there a course with over 600 features that can help a business of any size perform the accounting tasks efficiently and more easily.

One of the more attractive and unique features of Xero is the ability to track costs by project allowing you to know exactly how much of your funds are the particular project is taking up, and how much you need to earn from it to make it profitable. 


Zoho-books-accounting-softwareZoho is perfect for smaller size companies that do not have many complex accounting tasks. It’s very easy to navigate and is a very helpful tool when it comes to organising payments. Alongside basic financial tools such as financial statements and manual dashboard entry, it also provides a notification system that notifies you if a client has missed payment upon the agreed terms.

This is an easy to use much cheaper option for startups and any new business to use for bookkeeping and all your online accounting needs.


Wave-accountingThe best thing about Wave accounting software is that most of its features are free. Wave gives users the ability to track both personal and business transactions in one software allowing them to manage their finances successfully and efficiently. While, this software is very basic and does not provide as many in-depth features as other paid for accounting software, it is great if your accounting requirements are not many.

There are, however, some features that need to be paid for whilst using this software. Things such as invoicing come free of charge, but if you are needing to provide payroll then you will have to pay a fee for use.


For people such as freelancers or individuals who are self-employed such in-depth financial reporting and task requirements might not be what they need. Freshbooks is a simple easy to navigate platform that is great for tracking, invoicing and payments.

And it has the cloud accounting option so you can use it from anywhere by just logging in to a PC with internet connection. You can try their pricing as it starts from just $15 per month. You can sign up with  a30 day free trial and see how you like it and if not you can switch to any of the other accounting software we have listed below.

At ClickDo we Quickbooks and currently developing our own software for small business owners to start using since our business directory is getting so many small business owners signing up.

GoDaddy bookkeeping:

GoDaddy-online-bookkeepingDid you ever think GoDaddy will come up with their own bookkeeping software targeting the small businesses? I feel the reason is that they can this way get more small business owners to also start using their web hosting services.

This softwareThis software might be too simple for small businesses, but is a great and relatively cheap alternative to other bookkeeping software on the market for self-employed individuals. It works in a similar way to FreshBooks but with a slight twist. It is fully integratable to online platforms such as Shopify and Etsy, making tracking payments and invoices simpler than before.

When we look at this, we feel it’s time for ClickDo to launch the accounting services software and give our SeekaHost customers a free solution for their online accountancy needs.


17Hats-accounting-toolsWhen owning a small business you have to do multiple tasks. You can be the accountant salesman, hiring manager and the personal assistant all in one day. This is where this software comes in to make your life easier.

17hats is a fully integrated Suite that allows you to keep track of everything to do with your business. It provides you with easy access calendars, accounting software, CRM software, to do lists to name but a few features that will aid you to do your job more easily.

With that being said, if you are still looking for help to pick your best choice, we would recommend you to contact ur account Roshan via email and he will help you find the most suitable online accounting software for your small business.