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SEO Skills You Can Gain to Increase Your Sales & Profits From Your Money website
Get my SEO course and learn the SEO skills that you can do every day that will make you more money from websites. It's the simple theory of "Rank & Bank techniques I used to rank #1 for SEO Consultant London" - Fernando
This SEO training course is tailored help you learn all the fundamentals of search engine optimization. I've created this course with my experience in ranking in over double dozen local business niches in the UK. You will learn exactly what is SEO, how to build a SEO friendly site with perfect On page SEO and do the off page SEO link building. The course is done in manner to give you the knowledge step by step, so at the end you can go and replicate the SEO on your business website and rank for keywords that get wallet out ready to buy customers. You can see what's included in this online training below:
Course Modules
  •  Basics of Search Engines - What is SEO?
  •  Complete Keyword Research Strategy
  •  On-Page: Usage of SEO Tools and Audit Software
  •  On-Page Meta Writing Strategies - exactly how I do at ClickDo
  •  Google Analytics Setup and reading traffic data
  •  Google Webmaster Tools Setup and Monitoring
  •  Google Analytics and Webmaster Connections
  •  Social Media Optimisation and Setup for SEO
  • Basic Page Speed Optimisation
  •  SSL Implementation on domain
  •  CDN Implementation for better SEO boost
  •  Local SEO Setup and Business Listings
  •  Google Map Listing Setup
  •  Rank Tracking and Reporting Strategies
  •  URL Structure Mapping - Creating SEO friendly URLS
  •  Internal Linking Strategies (SILO)
  •  High Authority Backlinking - Guest posting secrets 
  •  Web 2.0 Creation Strategies - Ultimate guide
  •  Content Writing and Marketing Strategies for SEO
  •  Video Creation and Marketing Strategies
  •  Image Optimisation and Geo-Tagging | Advanced
How ClickDO 
Ranks on Google...
We will teach what we practice at our business and also what search marketing strategies we do use for our clients business websites to achieve niche domination ranks. Some keywords that dominate in London for us “SEO Consultant London” < You know how competitive that terms is!! So you know Fernando and his team walk the talk.

See “Private Orthodontist”, "Rubbish Clearance London", "mobile car Wash" < Boom crushed it and those niches as well in London. Want to know how we helped our client in London, UK? Check out for more details
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