69 drops Studio: Ranking journey the most glamourous photography studio brand on Google

It’s been 4-5 months now since we’ve started the 69 drops Studio optimization. You probably saw the story when we were starting the search engine optimization for 69 drops Studio on this post. That’s the day the we made announcement and you can see the progres below. Still to climb up for the uber competitive keywords. But we’ve come a long way so far. 69-drops-studio-ranks-as-of-19-11-2016

This is one of the best journeys we took with content marketing and so much of social SEO work. At ClickDo, Stuart, Michael, Logesh and Fernando was involved in this SEO project till to date. When it comes to citations and listing and authority websites, Stuart handles that and Micheal does the weekly blogging on https://www.69dropsstudio.co.uk/blog

The content was written in a manner to support the root domain, which is after the buyer keywords which we are optimizing for the website. If you check the blog posts on https://www.69dropsstudio.co.uk/blog you can see the inter linking done by Micheal in startegic manner. Logesh does audit to make sure all perfectly done.

Also Logesh did implemented the CDN which resulted in a fast loading time, which gives better user experience. The brand is very string on the web now and it surely will take over this industry as the leading website that drives the most of the long tail buyer terms every day to the business website.

Winner keywords in Photography studio niche in London:

  • photography studio
  • photo studio

Each of the above terms are having over 5400 search per month as of Google’s data, so you can see the competition and the value of achieving the organic ranks for such keywords. Honestly it took some really hard work, that we did daily and continuous. our goal is to help 69 drops Studio become the niche dominator and win the whole market. At the moment 69 drops Studio also runs PPC Google AdWords and stands very high on ads as well due it’s high quality score.

How to achieve a higher quality score?

That’s to be covered on the next round by Logesh with the what he did and how the CDN integration was done. It’s a trick and you can inquire us on that for private consultancy.

If you check teh 69 drops Studio, website home page you can see it is done for trigger the visitor to take action. That made the site have very low bounce rate and better on page time. Which are crucial factors when it comes to organic search engine optimization and ranks.

The traffic shows a upword spiral and pretty amazing for a such local business website in London. We believe the traffic to further go up and average 100 daily unique organic visitors daily.


We have some journey to take towards the market domination. So I will stop here for today > 19.11.2016 and will take over from here on 30 more days.

You can join the ClickDo SEO tribe and ask any question you have regarding the SEO work we’ve did and if you have any questions, please do contact us.