Google AdWords Case Study – Pay Per Click (PPC) for Cleaning Company

Google Ads for Cleaning Company

In the UK, there are hundreds of cleaning companies operating in and around London. If you are an owner of a cleaning company reading this blog, then you would know how Google Ads can help you get more leads in a quick time. Our PPC Experts at ClickDo have worked with many cleaning companies in the UK like Quick Cleaning Services and many more for both the SEO & paid campaigns like Google AdWords.

Why you need Google Ads for your Cleaning Company?

Google search is one of the main sources to generate leads when it comes to the cleaning business. The user who would like to avail for services will first take their mobile phone and search for the terms like “cleaning company”, “cleaning company near me”, etc to looks for the best company and contact them for cleaning services.

So as a owner of the cleaning company, you should make sure that your website is ranking organically for cleaning services related keywords. This will help you to get more inquiries. At the other end, you can proceed with the Google paid campaigns like Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads to get more leads for your cleaning business. When it comes to Google Ads, results are quick and you will start getting the inquiries instantly when you start the campaigns.

Cleaning Company Google Ads – Case Study

Here in this case study, We are going to see how ClickDo has helped one of the cleaning companies in the UK to get more inquiries from Google Ads with normal spend in Google.

Our PPC Consultants at ClickDo have been closely working with many cleaning companies in UK for both SEO & Google Ads,

Below you can see one such client where we have spent around £1.8k in Google Ads and have nearly got 400+ bookings to through their website in the cleaning niche.

cleaning company google ads

Our consultants closely work with the business niche and will work closely with the clients to understand the business better and plan the perfect strategy which will work.

Below you can see some of the keywords for which we have made the users to click on the ads and land on the cleaning niche website.

google ads for cleaning company

google adwords for cleaning company

Searches for the cleaning service-related terms are mostly from the mobile devices. Below data shows the percentage of clicks to the ads from different devices. It shows that majority of the clicks are from mobile devices.

google adwords for cleaning companies

To improve the conversion rate, our ClickDo web developers have worked with the landing pages and made it more mobile-friendly to ensure that the website performs better on mobile devices as well.

Roughly one of our client from cleaning niche have spent £20k in 12 months’ time with Google Ads. By seeing the results with us, they have increased the budget for Google Ads and as a result our PPC Consultants helped them by flooding more inquiries.

google ads case study of cleaning company

So when it comes to the paid marketing campaigns, our ClickDo team will fine tune everything right from the landing page optimization, choosing the best keywords for Ads, monitoring the campaigns and updating it regularly to improve the quality score, etc.

How we can help your cleaning business in UK?

At ClickDo, we have an internal team that expertise in SEO, Google Ads, Remarketing, Web Development, Web Hosting, and other stuff. You can find all digital services under one roof at ClickDo for your business. If you are a cleaning company owner reading this, we can help you out with SEO, Google Ads to help you get more inquiries for your business from Google Search. A dedicated consultant will be allocated for you from ClickDo and he will closely work with you to ensure that you get more out of your business.

If you would like to book a free consultation today, email or just give a call to 020 8638 5857.