12 Best Cheap Web Hosting UK Services: Cheapest Website Host (Pay Monthly & Get Online Fast)


Are you looking for the best cheap web hosting UK services that can run smoothly, load fast and even work efficiently when traffic is at its peak? – Then you are about to get the 12 best packages that are the cheapest website hosting.

Many other companies in the UK shows a price tag that’s cheap but when you go to buy it they ask you to pay for 4 years (you know who I’m talking about)

And some of them offer bad services and tries to get you on the higher more expensive packages.

I’ve used many cheap hosts to host my blogs when I was learning how to start a blog and doing SEO services for clients sites and nothing comes closer to the SeekaHost services. Not just the hosting, but the customer care and support that comes to hosting plans.

Want to buy cheap web hosting?

Selecting good web hosting services can be a difficult task with different reviews about different companies and their hosting service, picking one out of all of them would not be that easy.

When making your decision for a web host for your blog or website, you need to consider a few things.


Price is a primary determinate for the host you choose to go with, most notably for the newbies. Many websites get hacked on a daily basis and are infected with malware or viruses, and you get tensed up when you hear webmasters share their experience.

You also listen to complaints from webmasters that their web host cannot handle traffic spikes. Well, because of the various shortcomings of different web hosting services, a new web hosting company, SeekaHost was formed.

SeekaHost.com domain was on the web since 2000 and in 2015 the top SEO specialist Fernando Raymond took the management and grew the business to become the best web host in the UK for business websites hosting.

Although they are a new web hosting service, they have earned a lot of loyal customers because of their consistent uptime, robust security, and lower prices.

If you are searching for a budget-friendly hosting service that can support multiple domains hosting with excellent protection, then SeekaHost is the perfect pick for you.


SeekaHost Hosting Review- A Reliable and Cheap Hosting Solution for SEOs

SeekaHost Pricing and Plan

They offer hosting services at lower prices than other web hosting companies. Their package is suitable for webmasters that want to run single websites or the ones that want to run multiple blogs or websites. They provide three kinds of hosting.

Personal Web Hosting

This web hosting package is most suitable for small business websites and personal websites. SeekaHost provides three hosting plans for its customers under Personal Web Hosting Section-Small, Medium, and Large.

Business Hosting

Business Hosting is a powerhouse. It is most suitable for webmasters that run multiple websites or blogs.

PBN Hosting in the UK

PBN hosting is specially designed for SEOs. It allows the SEO experts to run their PBNs efficiently and securely at an affordable price. You can get the private blog network hosting at the seekahost.com website this page.

And if you want easier option to host your blog cheaply the seekahost.app is the best solution.

Recently SeekaHost team has introduced the best and very affordable hosting service to host private blog keywords with unique IPs.

And the unique IP address with multiple location servers is ideal for anyone who wishes to build blogs for SEO purposes.

You can watch the below video Fernando Raymond has done a month or so back but now prices slightly different on the live site, however still the cheapest you can get for blog hosting from the UK company.

So you can see how easy it is to how a blog or small website with a unique IP address.

When I spoke to Fernando he said soon the cheap WordPress hosting packages should also be available to buy on the seekahost.app website.

This will change the way people in the UK host websites and get online for the most affordable prices.

There are many hosting services companies that trick people with pricing, showing one price as the front end and tries to charge more.

Most of the affiliates who writes about cheap hosting services write about expensive hosting stating they are good and stuff because they want to get more affiliate commissions.

It’s your responsibility to check each host or best signup for a free trial at SeekaHost and see what it’s like to use the best cheap hosting in the United Kingdom.

SeekaHost Cheap Web Hosting Plan Packages


This package can handle one website. You get 500MB of disk space and 5GB data transfer. It also provides for 1 MySQL database and fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. Its price is £1 per month, which is cheap for the amazing features provided by SeekaHost. It is the perfect web hosting plan for small businesses.


This package handles three websites. It comes with 1GB of disk space and 10GB data transfer. It also provides for 3 MySQL databases, a fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. Its price is £3 per month.


This package handles six websites. It comes with 3GB of disk space and 30GB data transfer. It also features 6 MYSQL databases, a fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. You are to pay £5 per month for this web hosting plan.


This package handles ten websites. You get 7GB of disk space and 80GB data transfer. It also features 10 MYSQL databases, a fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. You are to pay £7.50 per month for this web hosting plan. You can subscribe to any of these plans.

Benefits of SeekaHost web hosting services

Uptime Guarantee

When choosing a web hosting service for your website or blog, uptime is a significant factor you should put into consideration. SeekaHost unlike other web hosting companies guarantees 99.9% uptime. One advantage of SeekaHost is that they maintain the uptimes very consistently.

Antivirus Software

Having antivirus software that would protect your website or blog from viruses or hackers is very important, which is why SeekaHost made provision for it in all their hosting packages. So, you do not have to worry about hackers or malware because SeekaHost has got you covered.

Free Website Transfer

To transfer websites to the server of your new web host is not an easy task. At times, many websites end up crashing if you do not go about the transfer in the right way. Unlike other companies that charge for the transfer, SeekaHost is completely free. They offer migration services for these CMS

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Joomla
  • PHP Websites
  • PHP Code Ignitor
  • HTML Sites

You will have to email SeekaHost customer support if you are using a custom-made CMS.

Ease of use

SeekaHost provides for a cPanel that is easy to use. It has a straightforward interface, which makes it extremely easy for newbies to operate while managing their websites. You can even manage emails, files, databases and everything from cPanel.

Cheap and reliable web hosting services

SeekaHost’s cheap web hosting combined with cPanel and one-click install using Fantastico or Softaculous makes them irresistible. Affordable web hosting packages are designed for webmasters who need small space for their web sites and blogs.

Why opt for SeekaHost cheap web hosting plans

They are the most affordable web hosting providers in the UK; they also have a network of web hosting servers positioned at premium data centres in London, UK and different places around the world. That would enable you to choose where you would like to host your website. They are selective when it comes to their hosting network partners, and they have a very meticulous selection process to ensure that their partners are up to SeekaHost’s standards.

Great web hosting services matching many budgets

SeekaHost is astonishing and just perfect, considering their amazing prices at which they offer excellent services. It is well-known that spam comments are widespread on websites or blogs; fortunately, SeekaHost takes care of spam comments through their SpamAssassin program, which ensures that you do not get any spam comments on your blog or website. Their support team is terrific and they understand every facet of SEO, which is simply exceptional. They are the best web hosting providers enriching the SEO efforts of their customers. The most shocking aspect is that they are stunningly cheap.

Overall, SeekaHost web hosting is the most recommended hosting service for anyone looking for a budget-friendly cheap web host that offers excellent security and fantastic uptime services.

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