How to find who is the Domain Owner?



But why would you like to find the Domain Owner?

The domain owner is the person who has purchased a particular domain name and owns it, irrespective of whether it’s active or inactive. Finding the domain owner can help you in following ways:

  • For verifying whether the details presented are accurate or not. If incorrect you can miss out renewals and other offers and proposals.
  • For buying or selling an already registered domain name. You can get the contact details of the domain owner and initiate the deal.
  • For cross-checking whether the privacy controls stands effective or not.


How to find the Domain Owner?

Because of the above mentioned reasons, the domain owner details are not kept confidential and are accessible by all unless one has masked it using privacy measures.  Using certain lookup sites one can easily fetch the owner details of any domain. One can also keep track of both registered as well as expiry dates of the concerned domain.

Besides, once you have struggled hard to generate a unique and catchy name for your domain and go to see that it’s already being registered, you can take help of the lookup site to find the domain owner and negotiate accordingly since there may be chances that the domain is not in use and is available for purchase.

So let’s explore, how you can find the domain owner.

‘WHOIS’ – is the lookup site that fundamentally reveals the important details of any domain owner. The ICANN WHOIS website searches for any generic domain and finds the domain holder, listing the information such as name, contact details and registered and expiry dates related to the domain.


Open your browser and enter the following URL Type the required domain name. Once you hit search, following contact details are displayed (unless the domain owner has not enabled domain privacy service)

  • Place of domain registration
  • Email address, Contact number and fax(if any) of the owner
  • IP addresses
  • Domain Registration date
  • Domain Expiry date

Though WHOIS benefits you immensely by providing all the essential information but there are chances that this freely available information can be misused or exploited in many ways like unwanted emails and spams. And this is the reason that most of the domain owners go in for domain name privacy to mask their information details. In such a case, the interested individuals can contact the owner through their respective website either using a contact form, email or any other support provided.

Once you have fetched all the required information of the domain owner, it gives you the flexibility to carry out further necessary actions. Those interested in buying a particular domain of their choice can utilize the contact details of the domain owner to go forward with it. As an alternative, you can also explore the domain name broker option which will carry out the entire process of negotiation and purchasing for you that also free of cost.

Read more about how to find domain history.


What is the Best Web Hosting Provider in the UK


Want to know what is the best web hosting provider UK?


Whether you’re a small to medium-sized enterprise, a global enterprise or a localised business, having a reliable and highly effective website is paramount.

More consumers are choosing to shop or find services online than ever before. This means businesses should consider having “a piece of real estate on the internet.’’ For you to acquire this piece of real estate on the internet, you must pay to have it hosted.

The bigger the website, the more you’ll have to pay. At the most fundamental level, web hosting offers a plot for people to build websites on.

Long gone are the days when you only had to consider bandwidth and disk storage. Today, you have to adopt a comprehensive analysis of the service provider and the perks available to accommodate your needs for an appropriate web hosting service. So, with this in mind, how will you decide on the right web hosting service? Here are some considerations you should make:

  • Price: This is usually the first aspect most of us look at when choosing a hosting provider. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Avoid jumping on the cheapest offer. Ordinarily, the web hosting industry offers attractive offers during sign-up on your first payment. However, the renewal charges may triple. Take a closer look at the features that each host provides then compare prices and make a decision based on your needs.
  • Tech Space/Ability to Add Domains: Before signing up with a particular service provider, consider their different packages. This is due to the need for diversification in future. You will soon realize the need for multiple domains and subdomains in order to popularize your site. A cheap hosting plan won’t have the processing power and disk space to serve all these needs, so you’ll spend more time dealing with downtime or load issues. If you’re looking to host e-commerce, a blog or videos, then you shouldn’t go with the cheapest package you can find.
  • Client Reviews: You’ll have to get a little creative on this one. Do a Google Blog search on a particular hosting company. Look them up on social media. What are customers saying about them? Are they easy to contact for support? What’s the average time they take to respond? Try to choose a host that offers live support to their clients 24/7. Most importantly give priority to companies with in-house customer support department.
  • Availability of Site Backups: With the current wave of cyber threats, it is paramount to invest in processes and security tools that keep data secure. So, when you’re choosing your web host, have a look at the different security features that are on offer. This is especially important when you’re using your website for e-commerce and are taking online payments.
  • Hardware: You may have to do a bit of research on this one. You should find out, what kind of machines your host company uses, are they top-of-the-line or out-of-the-box new machines? Or are they cobbled together from what maybe spare parts? This is vital since hardware can affect the performance of both their servers and your site.
  • Server Reliability and Uptime Scores: Weak servers and unstable network connections can push your site offline. This will deny you possible viewership or even sales for your e-commerce store. This will, in turn, lead to low rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Banking on a good hosting company with reputable uptime scores, preferably 99.5%, is key to your site’s success.

So, equipped with all this information, you should consider choosing to host in the UK. There are many benefits such as:

  • Better Performance: If your business operates in the UK, then it is a no-brainer that you should ensure that your server is in the UK too. This is because internet traffic must travel to and from your hosted platform and local hosting. This means that it should have a shorter distance to travel, hence significantly improving the performance of your applications.
  • Data Sovereignty: You must abide by the laws in the country where your server is located, therefore choosing a UK hosting provider can be advantageous due to the high levels of data security, advanced IT infrastructure and a stable government.
  • Ease of communication: Trying to get in touch with an overseas hosting company can sometimes be hectic, hence having them in the same country can be a relief. This will mean instant availability in case of technical issues or a crisis for an efficient solution.
  • Search Engine Rankings: Having a server based in the UK will ensure you rank well on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Safe Climate: Hosting in the UK is advisable when it comes to facing the risks of a natural disaster. Whilst some oversees hosting providers need to accommodate for hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, the worst your equipment might face in the UK is a bit of rain.

With consideration to all this, the best hosting service provider in the UK is SeekaHost. Its main focus is on delivering their hosting promises and in building strong relationships with their customers. It provides the best web hosting services to power your website on the internet. The types of hosting packages SeekaHost provides are:

  • Personal Web Hosting: For the ones who want to start businesses on their own, SeekaHost provides personal web hosting packages. It is good to start with the basic then upgrade later on.
  • Virtual Private Server: This is more like a shared web hosting but with a visualisation technology to provide you with dedicated resources on the shared server. It shares a single physical server where it is the stepping stone between shared hosting and getting your own dedicated machine. The dedicated servers make it more secure and stable for mid-range traffic therefore you get all the services like a site running on a dedicated server with a lower cost. Some websites are better off with VPS from the start even though most prefer to start with a shared web hosting then upgrading to VPS after traffic growth. The only catch with VPS is that you need a little technical know-how to operate. Well, you can always learn with time.
  • Dedicated Web Server: This is when your website comes with its server. It is quite pricey since it offers reliable power and flexibility. You should then be sure that you need all that power before going for it. Dedicated servers offer exceptional performance that makes it great for high traffic websites, unlike shared web hostings that limit your configurations and usage. Cost aside, it allows you to handle massive traffic without any lags. It can handle up to 30 times an increase in your daily traffic. It also comes with guaranteed security and faster page loading. They will be costly but effective in handling multiple websites based on the need for resources for the website.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: Looking for a secure, efficient and reliable WordPress site? Then you need a managed WordPress hosting. This comes with several features that allow both automatic and manual backups. Most web hosting service providers have to provide exceptional customer service due to the popularity of WordPress. The hosting offers easy site set up and reliable staging performance. It also provides fine-tuned and easy to use dashboards, better caches and assured security. However, it might not be compatible with some plug-ins and may cost a little more to get the web hosting facilities. You should consider taking up the Managed WordPress Hosting if you run a high traffic website and are looking to take advantage of the benefits.
  • Shared Web Hosting: In this type of hosting, the costs will be lower and cheaper than any other hosting type. More than one website will be hosted on a single server hence the resources will be shared among the websites. This means that the server price will be shared by the domain administrators. This is one of the most popular web hosting for beginners. In most cases, the websites do not know about the other sites. One key benefit of this web hosting is the price tag. It is quite affordable and comes with several package prices for ease of upgrading on a need basis. It also features a pre-installed control panel for ease of managing your website hence requiring less technical maintenance routine.
  • Reseller Web Hosting: This is also one of the shared hostings but here the user will be provided with a greater technical control such as Web Hosting Manager Control panel. It is excellent for anyone with a low budget yet need high-end sites. It involves sharing your allotted space and bandwidth with other sites on behalf of the service provider. However, there is the risk of extensive damage in case of any hosting issues.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business in the United Kingdom market, your website is the first link to your customers.

You should consider SeekaHost as your hosting provider since it will help you create and optimize your website to capture the expectations of your customers to satisfy both your needs and yours.

Cheap web hosting deals for bloggers and small business owners in the UK from SeekaHost


Are you looking for an affordable UK web hosting service that can run smoothly, load fast and even work efficiently when traffic is at its peak? Selecting a good host can be a difficult task with different reviews about different companies and their hosting service, picking one out of all of them would not be that easy. When making your decision for a web host for your blog or website, you need to consider a few things.


Price is a primary determinate for the host you choose to go with, most notably for the newbies. Many websites get hacked on a daily basis and are infected with malware or viruses, and you get tensed up when you hear webmasters share their experience. You also listen to complaints from webmasters that their web host cannot handle traffic spikes. Well, because of the various shortcomings of different web hosting services, a new web hosting company, SeekaHost was formed. domain was on the web since 2000 and in 2015 the top SEO specialist Fernando Raymond took the management and grew the business to become the best web hosting the UK for business websites hosting. Although they are a new web hosting service, they have earned a lot of loyal customers because of their consistent uptime, robust security, and lower prices. If you are searching for a budget-friendly hosting service that can support multiple domains hosting with excellent protection, then SeekaHost is the perfect pick for you.


SeekaHost Hosting Review- A Reliable and Cheap Hosting Solution for SEOs

SeekaHost Pricing and Plan

They offer hosting services at lower prices than other web hosting companies. Their package is suitable for webmasters that want to run single websites or the ones that want to run multiple blogs or websites. They provide three kinds of hosting.

Personal Web Hosting

This web hosting package is most suitable for small business websites and personal websites. SeekaHost provides three hosting plans for its customers under Personal Web Hosting Section-Small, Medium, and Large.

Business Hosting

Business Hosting is a powerhouse. It is most suitable for webmasters that run multiple websites or blogs.

PBN Hosting in the UK

PBN hosting is specially designed for SEOs. It allows the SEO experts to run their PBNs efficiently and securely at an affordable price. You can get the private blog network hosting at the website this page.

SeekaHost Cheap Web Hosting Plan Packages


This package can handle one website. You get 500MB of disk space and 5GB data transfer. It also provides for 1 MySQL database and fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. Its price is £1 per month, which is cheap for the amazing features provided by SeekaHost. It is the perfect web hosting plan for small businesses.


This package handles three websites. It comes with 1GB of disk space and 10GB data transfer. It also provides for 3 MySQL databases, a fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. Its price is £3 per month.


This package handles six websites. It comes with 3GB of disk space and 30GB data transfer. It also features 6 MYSQL databases, a fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. You are to pay £5 per month for this web hosting plan.


This package handles ten websites. You get 7GB of disk space and 80GB data transfer. It also features 10 MYSQL databases, a fantastic control panel, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains and a free SSL certificate. You are to pay £7.50 per month for this web hosting plan. You can subscribe to any of these plans.

Benefits of SeekaHost web hosting services

Uptime Guarantee

When choosing a web hosting service for your website or blog, uptime is a significant factor you should put into consideration. SeekaHost unlike other web hosting companies guarantees 99.9% uptime. One advantage of SeekaHost is that they maintain the uptimes very consistently.

Antivirus Software

Having antivirus software that would protect your website or blog from viruses or hackers is very important, which is why SeekaHost made provision for it in all their hosting packages. So, you do not have to worry about hackers or malware because SeekaHost has got you covered.

Free Website Transfer

To transfer websites to the server of your new web host is not an easy task. At times, many websites end up crashing if you do not go about the transfer in the right way. Unlike other companies that charge for the transfer, SeekaHost is completely free. They offer migration services for these CMS

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Joomla
  • PHP Websites
  • PHP Code Ignitor
  • HTML Sites

You will have to email SeekaHost customer support if you are using a custom-made CMS.

Ease of use

SeekaHost provides for a cPanel that is easy to use. It has a straightforward interface, which makes it extremely easy for newbies to operate while managing their websites. You can even manage emails, files, databases and everything from cPanel.

Cheap and reliable web hosting services

SeekaHost’s cheap web hosting combined with cPanel and one-click install using Fantastico or Softaculous makes them irresistible. Affordable web hosting packages are designed for webmasters who need small space for their web sites and blogs.

Why opt for SeekaHost cheap web hosting plans

They are the most affordable web hosting providers in the UK; they also have a network of web hosting servers positioned at premium data centres in London, UK and different places around the world. That would enable you to choose where you would like to host your website. They are selective when it comes to their hosting network partners, and they have a very meticulous selection process to ensure that their partners are up to SeekaHost’s standards.

Great web hosting services matching many budgets

SeekaHost is astonishing and just perfect, considering their amazing prices at which they offer excellent services. It is well-known that spam comments are widespread on websites or blogs; fortunately, SeekaHost takes care of spam comments through their SpamAssassin program, which ensures that you do not get any spam comments on your blog or website. Their support team is terrific and they understand every facet of SEO, which is simply exceptional. They are the best web hosting providers enriching the SEO efforts of their customers. The most shocking aspect is that they are stunningly cheap.

Overall, SeekaHost web hosting is the most recommended hosting service for anyone looking for a budget-friendly cheap web host that offers excellent security and fantastic uptime services.

And these days SeekaHost UK runs a 50% off on business web hosting packages and if you are lucky you can watch the video below and go grab Business Web Hosting London Server 50% Off Code (OFFLONDSHUK50)

Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals 2019


The Cyber Monday web hosting deals 2019 is live right now at SeekaHost, UK’s best business website hosting services company.

You can get up to 99% off on personal website hosting and up to cyber Monday hosting offers. There are no cyber Monday domain deals this time however the offers for website hosting are unbeatable by any other website hosting services provider.

The black Friday web hosting deals ended handy and thousands of people grabbed the opportunity for PBN hosting and SEO VPS Hosting packages this time.

Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals 2019


What is the best Cyber Monday web hosting deal?

The 99% off personal web hosting package is the best deal and this is a good opportunity for anyone to text SeekaHost personal website hosting packages.


You can get the packages on our UK website or on the .com website.

Business Web Hosting Cyber Monday Offers


You can see all the best cyber Monday offers on SeekaHost website right now.



How to Choose a Web Hosting? 8 Things to Consider

How to Choose a Web Hosting_ 8 Things to Consider

How to Choose a Web Hosting_ 8 Things to Consider

Choosing a good web hosting for your business comes with a lot of pitfalls. While the foolproof solution is to buy a medium-priced hosting from a respectable brand, it doesn’t always cover all your needs. Whether you’re want to host your own website, or need a good article to show your clients who refuse to get better hosting for the project, we’ve got your back.

Here 8 things you need to consider when choosing a hosting plan.

  1. Type of Hosting
  2. SSD, RAM, and CDN
  3. Software compatibility
  4. Security
  5. Static vs dynamic content
  6. .htaccess vs performance
  7. Customization
  8. Scalability

1. Type of hosting

Shared hostings are super cheap. You can get one for as little as $15 a year if you come across a discount. Some even offer a free website builder features on top of that. If you feel that is something that’s going to suit you, your small website probably will be okay with the foolproof solution.

If you don’t think you can get a decent hosting plan for your business for $15, here are two more downsides: limited storage space and no root access. The price of shared hosting comes at the expense of your control over it.

how to choose a web hostingYou have no root access, which means your hands are tied. You’ll also suffer if your neighbor happens to be under a DDoS attack.

If you need maximum security and control, get a dedicated server to run. It can be pretty costly if it’s managed, so it’s a great choice for people who know how to run servers properly.

For those who want to get the golden mean, there are VPS hosting plans. The virtual privacy you get is enough for most commercial and non-commercial websites. You have complete control over the server and can fine-tune MySQL and tailor the server to your needs.


2. SSD, RAM, and CDN

Once you’ve settled on the type of server, you need to know the hardware basics. If you can spare the money, go for an SSD instead of HDD storage space. It’s way faster, and the unlimited HDD storage many hostings offer pales in comparison to speed. Then, get a decent RAM, at least 2 GB when your website is only growing.

If you cater to a global audience, consider compromising a bit of ownership to get a VPS with a content delivery network. A CDN is a set of servers in different locations that make loading time the same all around the world, or in your areas of interest.

If you don’t want to overspend now, don’t worry, you can always improve bandwidth a bit with software. But getting the bare minimum in hardware is a must if you want your website to run fast.


3. Software compatibility

Compatibility can matter very little when you don’t use many web apps save for a couple of WordPress plugins. If you own a more advanced website, compatibility needs a closer look before you decide to buy a hosting plan.

You can run an unmanaged server the way you want, but if that’s not an option, you need to pay attention to the software it runs on. Apache is the most common choice for servers, but it will handle .NET apps way worse than Microsoft IIS. You’ll need to do quite a bit of modification to make it run ASP pages. The same goes for Nginx.

Some content management systems will not run if you don’t have proper database software. For instance, the cheapest plans often don’t include PostgreSQL that is necessary to run Drupal or OpenCMS.

Make sure your core software will run on your hosting before you make an investment.


4. Security

Even big companies make securities mistakes. Facebook leaked a database with over 400 phone numbers because it simply didn’t have a password on it. While you’re probably nowhere near Mark Zuckerberg’s negligence when it comes to making your users’ data secure, you still need to check your hosting for security features. 

While you have to make sure you protect the database from SQL injection on your own, a decent hosting needs to have at least an auto backup tool. It’s even better if the server you own has DDoS mitigation software included in the yearly price.

When talking about WordPress privacy, there are several ways to do this. You can check this guide on how to make a single post private or close your site to the public altogether.


5. Static vs dynamic content

Does your website involve lots of dynamic content? If it does, you’d be better off choosing a hosting provider that runs on Apache because Nginx doesn’t handle it that well. It takes some work to make it run dynamic content well. On the positive side, Nginx has a slight edge over Apache when it comes to loading static content.

That’s not to say you should consider choosing an Apache server over the one run on Nginx if you have some dynamic content. However, if your website relies on thousands of dynamic requests, you just might do that.


6.  .htaccess vs performance

Here’s another thing to consider when you’re choosing between hosting software. Apache gives you the ability to use .htaccess files. It overdrives the main configurations and can be used to let each directory have its own rules and make the whole website a bit more decentralized.

The drawback of that is decreased productivity. The server’s computing power is lost on looking for .htaccess files in each directory. Nginx doesn’t have that feature, so it runs a bit faster than a .htaccess-heavy Apache does.

tips to choose the best web hosting

7. Customization

As you only start your website, it’s probably not going to require much attention. However, once the number of visitors starts growing or you start building more complex solutions, your servers may need some customization.

While Microsoft IIS is best when it comes to handling .NET apps, it’s a closed software and it won’t take your fine-tuning as well as Apache or Nginx can. Both of them are open source, so customizing them won’t be a problem.

It gets even easier because there are dozens of third-party apps that can do anything from MP4 streaming to robot mitigation. There are more of them on Apache, but that’s quicky evening out as Nginx is gaining more and more popularity.

8. Scalability

The last tip is both for software and hardware. You have to find a hosting plan that can be easily scaled once you feel the need to. You need to have the ability to get more computing power for your buck. If you can’t get more RAM or more storage space quickly enough, you’ll have to expose your visitors to longer loading time.

These 8 tips will give you a deeper understanding of choosing a hosting. Do you think the list is incomplete? What do you look for in a great hosting?


On Page SEO Checklist 2019: On Page SEO Audit Techniques To Boost Ranks

This article is an On page SEO Optimisation Checklist – all the most important factors that we as an agency come across time and time again. Get these things right and you will be ahead of your competition.

You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’, and it is quite true.

Good content on your website will

  1. Help Google understand what your website is about
  2. Help users to find the answers they are looking for on your website
  3. Flow nicely so they stay on your website longer
  4. Get people to become a prospect or a customer

So this is why content is king – it is the foundation of any good website on the internet.

The Best On page SEO Tools

As you can see from the image below ClickDo have the best content rating for the search term SEO Consultant – according to our content analysis tool Cognitive SEO.

seo consultant content quality rankings

You can also see that as a general rule the better the content the higher the website ranks for that search term.


If you look at the content rating for the top websites for this keyword you can see higher quality content gets ranked higher and lower quality content gets ranked lower.

Good content will help with dwell time which is how long someone stays on your website. Google uses dwell time to figure out if your website is good or not. So you want to make your website have lots of interesting aspects to it.

For more on this read our article on dwell time.

Of course, there is a multitude of other factors involved like how many good quality backlinks are going to the website, how old it is, the user experience and many more factors.

There is also technical onpage optimisation which is things like page speed, and error fixing and just generally getting your website in line with Google’s standard practice rules for websites.

When it comes to technical onpage SEO you want to make sure you have the following sorted out

  • Make sure you have Image ALT tags
  • Make sure your images are 50kb’s or less
  • Make sure you have meta titles and meta descriptions on each of your pages
  • Make sure you have your site set as HTTPS
  • Make sure you have no 404 errors and you redirect old pages using a 301 redirect to your new pages
  • Make sure you have at least one H1 and H2 title for each page (and only one H1 per page)
  • Make sure you have your keywords in your titles and your content

The way to check these is with a great tool called Screaming Frog, simply put your website in and it will tell you what issues you have to fix from the list above.

You will also need a plugin to add your meta titles and meta descriptions to each page which a couple of good ones are
All in One SEO and SEO Press.

Onpage optimisation is the foundation for any good SEO campaign and will help you rank higher in the search results.

Page Speed Load Time Optimisation

One of the most common issues we find with most websites is that their website loads really slowly, or at not as fast as it could be loading.

You have to imagine the guy at the bus stop on his mobile 4G internet.

If you have a slow loading website and it take 10 seconds to load a page, will that guy at the bus stop stay on your website or will he go back to Google and go to your competitor?

This is why having a quick load time is important.

You can check how fast your website is at GT Metrix.

It will show you why your page is loading slow and what you can do about it.

For example below is an image of the number 1 lawyers in London

page speed score gtmetrix

As you can see they have a slow website and they are getting bad ratings on their performance scores.

This company ranks number 1 on Google for London lawyers, so page speed isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to ranking on Google.

But from a user experience perspective it is quite important.

Slater Gordon Lawyers could do with having a look at improving their page speed.

A few good tips to improve your pagespeed

  1. Get a cache plugin for your WordPress website like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache
  2. Reduce the size of your images (images should be 50kb’s in size or less) with Reduce Images or Image Resize
  3. Reduce the amount of embeds like videos and maps on your pages
  4. Sign up for a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Stackpath or Amazon
  5. Get premium hosting on a fast hosting service like Siteground or Seekahost

There are lots of little technical things we could go into but just doing these 3 will put you in a better position page speed wise than your competition.

Schema Markup On page Optimisation

So the last most common issue we find with websites is that it has no Schema markup.

Schema markup is a language that Google reads and it is basically its native language.

So if you have Schema Markup on your website you are basically talking to Google in the language it likes to have a conversation in.

If you are one of the few people in a crowd of people who are speaking Google’s native language

Do you think you will have a higher chance of being noticed and get more priority in the search rankings?

The answer is a sort of yes.

It is just one factor of hundreds of factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites.

But you can be sure that Google will appreciate you taking the time and the effort to communicate in the language they prefer most.

If according to Google your website and your competition’s website was equal in everything that it takes into consideration, but you have Schema Markup on your website.

Then Google will put you above your competition in the search engine results.

So think of Schema Markup as the cherry on the cake.

Once you have done everything else right, it is good to add Schema to your website.

If you want to do it yourself you can go to a Schema Markup Generator Website and simply fill out your details. 

You want Local Business Schema, Website Schema, and Organisation Schema.

You then need to put the Schema codes that it gives you onto your website.

Which you do that by adding it into the head section of your website.

To add it to the head section simply go to Appearance then your Theme Editor

Then find the Theme Header on the right hand side.

Then find the place where </head> is and paste your Schema code above there.

put schema markup in header

So this is how you do Local Business Schema, Organisation Schema, and Website Schema.

However, you can also add Schema on particular pages  

For example, you may have a contact us page – so you can add Contact Us Page Schema.

Or you may have some products or reviews so you can have Product Schema or Review Schema on your page.

To add unique Schema to particular page download a WordPress plugin by typing in ‘SOGO header’ like in the image below.

insert header plugin for Schema Markup

Then simply go to that plugin and add the code from the Schema Markup Generator and your done.

You need to go to the page you want to add Schema Markup to, then scroll to the bottom of the page to underneath where you write your content.

That is where you will find the add script to the header of the page box.add your Schema Markup code to SOGO wordpress plugin

This is great when you want to add unique Schema to a page for that particular page.

If you would like us to take care of your Schema Markup so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – which is running your business. Then will happily do that for you.

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Free web hosting for college students in the UK to start a website and blog online



When I was starting my online remote working jobs, I was looking for free website hosting to host my first blog for free. I remember my time where I did not have the money and more than that, and I wasn’t sure if I should spend to buy a reliable web hosting from a good web hosting company in the UK.

Now after five years of doing online working, starting my blogs, building businesses online, I have come to the point where I can give college students with free web hosting to begin their online journey.

Why are we giving Free web hosting for college students?

As I said, if you are still in college but do not have the money to buy web hosting for your site, then you are missing out. I know many college students will leave or delay in starting their very first website or blog and starting a blog if the first step to earning money online or growing a personal brand. I would say every college student should start a blog and build up their brand name.

Just imagine you are applying for a job, the first thing an employer would look up is your name on Google, so if you have good things coming up on Google, then they will be impressed. Ideally, your work, personal information, writing with a great web page on top for your name would be the best thing to do.

For some of the college students if maybe that you want to start an online business or test out something that you want to grow online. Considering these cases, we at ClickDo has decided to give college students in the UK, free web hosting packages that case is used for three months, six months or even 12 months depending on your requirements.

How long is the free web hosting being valid for a college student?

As long as you are a college student, you will have free hosing from SeekaHost to host a personal website or startup business website. We encourage more and more university and college in the United Kingdom to start a business while they at uni or college. There are many successful cases where people started their first business while at college.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook while at university. And the successful mage web hosting company Hostgator was started by the founder from his dorm room at university. So you can see it’s possible.

At ClickDo we want to support 100,000 students in the UK start their website, blog and eventually build a business with the online possibilities.

The internet is the best thing that happened to us, I’m writing this while at my home in Canary Wharf, London and I feel blessed to be able to work from home doing what I enjoy helping business people in the UK.

Now being able to give free hosting for young people, students from any age in life is indeed a great feeling.

I want you to take this free web hosting package and start building your name, brand, business, platform online and reach out to millions of people.

I want you to think big and grow rich as Napoleon Hill says in his book Think And Grow Rich. I read that book, and it helped to take massive action in life. I started my very first blog on and then and now running offering free web hosting for people like.

My goal is to help 1 million people in the UK start a blog, learn online marketing and digital skills and be able to do the work they enjoy working remotely. You can read the remote working jobs article I wrote to get some ideas about what jobs you can do living from anywhere in the UK.

I hope this gave you some inspiration and the momentum to start online and develop your skills as a college student.

If you are looking for free web hosting and domain name for students, then you can still send an email to me and tell the reason so I can decide to help you with that as well.

To get free web hosting as a college student, you can email to me or claim the code “FREEWEBHOSINGFORCOLLAGESTUDENT” on live chat support and tell Fernando gave you think opportunity.


Starting my own blog back in 2013 was my first step to get online and since then I’ve started hundreds of blogs and helps thousands of people get started online and build their blogs.

You can read my story about how starting my own blog changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine.


Why you need the fastest UK web hosting for business websites

Fastest UK Business Hosting

When it comes to business web hosting we always advise business owners to get the fastest UK web hosting for their own websites.

The speed of how your website loads matters significantly for the search engine optimization. If you check page speed insights you can see how such a heavy website has scored above 90% and performs well. That’s one main reason why we rank for so many keywords on search engines.

Today we moved the website of Expert Payroll Services to one of our SeekaHost London-based web hosting servers. They are a successful payroll services company and their webpage needs to load faster. In order to achieve this we offered them to host their website on one of our UK servers, which are based in London. This means 10X the loading speed and we only want the best for our clients!

So what is the fastest UK web hosting service?

Now, you might think we are biased to promise that SeekaHost UK is the fastest UK web hosting company! SeekaHost is one of the sister companies of ClickDo Ltd. and Fernando started SeekaHost Ltd. this year after its success in the US and India with,

However, because Fernando wants to provide a great website hosting experience for many UK-based businesses he invested a lot of time and effort setting up and expanding SeekHost Ltd. with a mission to keep his promise. To see for yourself that he stands by what he promotes, check our client’s websites like EOT Cleaning and see for yourself how quickly and brilliantly they load.

SeekaHost UK is the fastest UK web hosting

SeekaHost Web Hosting Company

When you check the websites SeekaHost hosts for UK businesses, you will surely get to understand which is the UK’s fastest web hosting provider.

Why do you need to use the fastest UK web hosting for your website?

The speed really matters when it comes to SEO.

You can read this Page on why speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search

At ClickDo looking at the page speed is one of the main things we do when conducting a technical SEO audit and we improve it by hosting the page on a cloud server or a local UK server.

When a website loads fast people can access is easily and even if they have a weak internet signal it will pull up and load. No one will want to wait forever until a slow website comes up. Another negative side effect is a higher bounce rate and this does impact SEO outcomes.

You can also read the article on why page speed matters to SEO and what to do about it

So what do we propose at ClickDo for UK-based business websites to get optimal results?

Business Web Hosting At Seekahost

Get your business websites hosted on one of the SeekaHost super fast business website hosting servers. You can get your ideal hosting plan with one of the fastest UK web hosting services providers. We do a complete migration from your web hosting provider to SeekaHost servers in less than a day. Normally in a matter of minutes. But we ask for a day to make sure all goes well.

You can check the SeekaHost business website hosting packages that start from £7.99 per month.

You can call us to learn more about the speed testing and whether it would work for your website.

Because buying web hosting is like buying good land to build your house, so it must be done right.

You can even try SeekaHost business web hosting for 14 days to see how it goes for your business and that way you know how it feels to use the fastest UK web hosting services provider for your business website.



What is the best web hosting for UK small business websites?

web hosting for small business

It’s SeekaHost UK business web hosting services. You can search for “business hosting uk” and SeekaHost ranks #1 on Google and that shows that our sister company SeekaHost is the best web hosting for Small businesses in the UK.

Web Hosting is the base for an Online Business. It’s time for every business owners to show their head up in Online to grow their business in a better way. As we know the importance of Online presence for a business, every small business (or) a company should have a website with all the needed information.

clickdo uk websiteA website is must for every small business over online to explain more about your services or products which is completely based on the domain. Here, Domain Name and Web Hosting is the basic need for a website. A Domain Name is completely based on your interest and business name. But web hosting is all about how your research and choose the best one.

Web Hosting – Base of Online Business

In this current storyline, Online is the place where you want to focus more to grow your business. For Small Businesses, it is more important to have a strong base while moving towards great heights. As web hosting is the base of Online Business, it is very important to choose the best and reliable web hosting company who can provide you with affordable packages and needed features. Also, your readers may have a confusion in your mind that how a web hosting company helps the Small Business and it is explained very clearly in the next few lines.

web hosting

Web Hosting Helps Business

To catch the eyes of your potential customers, you should rank your website at the top of potential search results or else you want to promote by targeting your right audience. Finally, people going to enter into your website where you will have quality information to convince your visitors to make them as your customers. So if your web hosting is not reliable then there is no matter of getting visitors to your website.

How Can Web Hosting affect Small Business?

If the server is not capable of handling your requests then it will keep your websites down or else it will be resulting with an error code. Finally, it is going to cost the business owner who will not get any conversions. The website visitors will be satisfied only if the site loads faster without creating any problems in it. So in such case, web hosting plays a major role in supporting the Business over online.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business

The time period is very crucial when the company is in a growing stage. Also small business cannot afford much for a web hosting which is very important for their Business. In such case, SeekaHost (Web Hosting Provider & Domain Name Registrar) which acts as Best Web Hosting company for Small Business. They provide reliable web hosting services with guaranteed uptime and advanced support with all the needed features.

seekahost offer

SeekaHost offers super-fast web hosting services. Purchase your Business Web Hosting in SeekaHost and get 50% OFF using the Promo Code: CLICK50.

For more information, you can check here ->

Qualities of a Trustable Web Hosting Vendor in London

web hosting server qualities

Hosting your website will become a nightmare if you host your business website with a vendor who does not have the qualities described in this article. These recommendations and Qualities are based on hosting Business websites and Blog sites. Your experience may slightly vary based on your requirements and budget.

For instance, If you are willing to host just 1 website and want the hosting vendor to take care of everything, the best is you can opt-in for CMS based hosting providers. Most popular ones are Magento hosting, WordPress hosting and Zoomla hosting. The hosting vendor takes care of everything from CMS updates, security patches, upgrades and backups. In a nutshell, You just have to pay for the number of people who visit the website.

For whom this article is best suited for?

If you are a business owner who would like to take control of your complete web presence from domain to emails inside the cPanel with the CMS, you should be reading this complete article.

Should I Expect 24×7 Support?

Absolutely Not! If it’s a good hosting provider, you need not expect a 24×7 support. All you need is a good and timely support during work hours. If your hosting vendor has a well established and highly trained team of professionals, the system will be fully functional and most of the issues with respect to hosting, updates and upgrades wound go un-noticed.

On the other hand, some vendors do offer quality support 24×7 irrespective of the ability to offer good quality service. Its an added advantage but it’s not mandatory as long as the service and hosting servers are reliable.

Uptime of the Servers & Connectivity

Uptime and Server connectivity plays a vital role when it comes to Quality of service. They are also a key factor when it comes to Search engine ranking and visibility of keywords in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). You should always focus on a server that’s having the maximum uptime and should have more than 100Mbps connectivity.

On special instances, your server should have the feasibility to connect with a CDN. The connections between the CDN vendor (Like Google, Amazon, MAXCDN, etc) should be seamless.

Connectivity matters a lot when its evaluated for Page Speed Optimisation. When you have a server that always UP and if the connectivity is poor (slow speed), then it’s of no use for the purpose of ranking your website in Search Engines.

Webhosting Interface makes a lot of difference!

The interface used to manage the complete web presence means a lot when it comes to ease of use. If you take leading players like GoDaddy, they have built a completely customised interface for their service. But, this cannot be replicated for every service provider as it is super expensive to build such interfaces. WHM and WHMCS with cPanel are one of the most widely used interfaces by Web Hosting Vendors. The interfaces are constantly evolving and part of the interface are often kept open source to ensure continuous UI and UX upgrades.

Turn Around Time for Tickets

When you demand support, you definitely expect a faster turn around time. But, you should also think about the number of requests that a web hosting company would receive. With this being said, the web hosting company should have the ability to help and support all the tickets sent to them within a maximum of 48 hours (maximum time).