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Times have changed. Traditional marketing is no longer enough to attract new customers.

If you want to grow your business quickly, there is no alternative to moving online and promoting your products through digital marketing.

I am Fernando Raymond, the CEO of ClickDo, a leading digital marketing Services based out of London. While I am the brain behind SEO planning for our clients, Dinesh Kumar VM leads the PPC campaign service.  Working with us is a diverse group of experts with experience in SEO, SEM, Content Creation, Digital Advertising, Brand Building, Web Analytics, Social Media Management, and Online Reputation Management. As Americans would put it – we bring you the whole enchilada.

From marketing strategy development to implementation and execution, for every service you need, you will find us up to the task.

Digital Marketing Services in London

What Makes Digital Marketing Essential?

The world is tech-driven, and everyone around you has a smartphone or laptop.

The digital domain is where the action is. From 2016 to 2021, digital marketing services have grown 11% annually.

Why are business owners investing billions of dollars in digital marketing strategies?

Because 70% of consumers want to learn about a product online rather than through old-fashioned advertisements.

Low Spend

The price of advertising on television or print is sky-high. Very few business owners can regularly run a campaign through these channels. Digital marketing services are extremely affordable. You get the word out about your product, but the cost is negligible.

Reach Your Target Demographics

Tailor the message exactly for your audience because they are the only ones going to receive it. The magic of digital marketing is that it only reaches the desired audience.

Go Viral

All it takes is a little bit of imagination, and your content could go viral. Millions will retweet it or share it on Facebook. There is always the potential to go blockbuster, and your brand would never look back.


There is no way to tell how many have read newspaper ads.  That does not happen with digital marketing. It produces accurate and verifiable metrics, and at all times, you know what works and what does not. An enviable level of tracking ensures the proper allocation of marketing dollars.

What Digital Marketing Services Do We Offer?

In short everything. Once you hand us your campaign, there is no need to employ another agency, freelancer or consultant for anything at all.

We pick up the ball and run with it while you stand back and wait for the goal. Sounds promising?

Let’s explain a bit more. After all, a little bit of convincing never hurts. Our Digital Marketing Services includes,


This is where all digital marketing begins. Your website needs to rank high in search results, and we make sure it happens as fast as possible. If you don’t have a website, we shall build that for you.


PPC or pay per click is a form of digital marketing where you only pay if your link is clicked. No wastage since you are assured that you are only paying for traffic to your site.

Social Media Management

From posting captivating images of your products to exclusive behind-the-scenes video snippets, social media is the way to make your customers feel that they are a part of your business. All of your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat need to be updated frequently, and we shall be glad to do it for you.

Email Marketing

Sending emails remains the best way to get new leads and engage old customers. It’s cheap and has excellent returns. Our team will ensure that your mail is delivered, read, and remembered.

Our digital marketing services cover the entire spectrum. Click here to find the details.

Can We Guarantee Sales?

Are you feeling lost in the deafening lingo that buzzes you every time you have tried to employ someone for digital marketing? No cause to worry any further.

There is no use making exaggerated claims. We can’t guarantee sales because we do not make the product. You do.

All that we promise is being able to drive a whole lot of new leads your way.

A lot of agencies would guarantee sales. But we are not like the lot. We have carved out our niche by being able to deliver what we have signed up for.

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  • Marketing is largely a matter of shaping perception. It is our task to know your product and know your customer. The digital marketing strategy merely builds a bridge between the two.
  • Our acumen lies in finding a new way forward. There is one thing about digital marketing. It never gets boring since we never run out of fresh ideas.
  • We help with feedback. Maybe we don’t know much about what you sell. But a fresh set of eyes can do wonders for your brand.
  • We shall be an honest critic and ensure that what you sell and what we promise to match each other. If that is not alchemy for more sales, nothing else will be.

How do we work?

  • We understand from you exactly what you require – is it more leads, more site visits, better brand recognition, or a blend of the above.
  • If you have indulged in digital marketing in the past, we go over the KPIs and determine what worked.
  • Based on the research, a plan is drawn up to guide us through several months of incremental marketing efforts.
  • Our team delves into Google Analytics, researches keywords, writes top-notch content that carries your brand messaging forward.
  • There is constant assessment in real-time, and every week we send you a detailed report about the activities and their impact.
  • Throughout the process, we stay in touch with you or your marketing team and fine-tune the effort. Good teamwork always wins.

Try Us Out

We have emerged as a leading digital marketing agency because of our ability to provide customized solutions.

Together let’s work hard and work smart and evolve. Give us a call today.

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