SEO Expert for local business consultancy

I actually started as freelance search engine optimization consultant in London when I was based in the Harrow area. And by today, I run the best digital Agency ClickDo, all because I knew how to rank for the right lead generating keywords for my consultancy business.

So, I surely can do the same for you. When we have a call you can ask me about all the industries I dominate in as a top London SEO expert. I am happy to answer questions about how to effectively do the SEO work for your business as your most trusted consultant that you can rely on. You can read about my SEO tips and tricks on or and other premium publications.

You can see how I have built a digital agency in London in a very short time since I got started as a freelance seo consultant that people found in top positions on search engines.

Applying the same business strategies to grow your business online, I can surely help you build a thriving business this year.

I consult for various businesses in the United Kingdom, Australia and in the USA. Some of the toughest niches in the UK’s most competitive money market are dominated by me.

You can even see how I rank for such competitive terms like “seo consultant”, “seo expert London” and even “digital marketing specialist” keywords. And with one of my other websites I rank for most of the highly competitive freelance SEO terms in Canary Wharf, which is the business hub in London.


ClickDo SEO Consultancy Services In London

ClickDo SEO Consultancy Services In London

ClickDo SEO Agency in London was founded by me, Fernando Raymond. I started my career as a blogger and after discovering all the smart super cool strategies to rank and bank highly competitive keywords, ClickDo was born,  which now offers the best professional SEO Consultancy Services to many businesses in London.

ClickDo also offers other paid marketing services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Web Design, Web Hosting Services, etc. You can hire ClickDo if you are looking for the full suite of digital marketing services right from the domain registration to web hosting to SEO optimization all under one roof.

The team at ClickDo have vast experience and proven results when it comes to SEO. The ClickDo SEO Consultants have worked with many business owners in London from different niches like rubbish removal, pest control, dental, orthodontist, hair transplant, photography, jewellery, etc.

As a business owner in London, hiring ClickDo for SEO Consultancy will be one of the best decision ever made. When it comes to SEO, you should always make sure that you hire the right agency with a track record of professional experience in the niche.

SEO Consultant Services – What we offer?

ClickDo SEO Consultant Services include all kinds of online optimization and off page work like On Page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Marketing, On Page Blogging, Link Building, Citation Building, Press Release Services, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Management, SEO Optimized Landing Page Creation, etc.

SEO Consultants at ClickDo are very experienced and will work with business owners very closely to gather all the data and requirements from the client so they can provide the best possible strategy for businesses.

The delivery of the SEO work will be very transparent through constant reporting to the client with regards to the ongoing campaigns and the updates to deliver the best results. As a business owner, you will be well aware of  the work being done to improve your website on Google SERP’s.

As a first task our SEO consultants will conduct a thorough keyword research to identify the potential keywords to rank for. They will then develop an SEO strategy to achieve the desired results in the quickest possible time.

What we offer in SEO
Freelance SEO Consultant

Freelance SEO Consultant – Hire Now

As a business owner, if you have basic knowledge in SEO or if you just need the website to be optimized to stay online for the direct users who are searching for your brand name. In this case, you can even hire our Freelance SEO Consultant at ClickDo for hourly basis or task basis.

At ClickDo, our prime goal is to satisfy the clients by offering the best custom services of what they need. So whether if you are planning to hire a full time consultant or a SEO freelancer, than you can get in touch with ClickDo and we will arrange it for you based on your requirement.

In case if you need to do any technical SEO fix or any WordPress SEO fix. You can hire our consultants on hourly basis and get the job done perfectly.

Local SEO Consultant For Your Business

Local SEO Consultant is needed by the businesses if you are planning to rank your website on location based keywords. For example, if you are offering pluming services in Essex, then you may need to rank for keywords like plumbers Essex, plumbing services Essex and similar terms. In this case, SEO should be planned in a way to rank in target locations.

When it comes to Local SEO, clear strategy should be planned to make sure that the client doesn’t even miss out any small keywords. Because in Local SEO, the search volume may be less for the search terms when compared with the International SEO. ClickDo have Local SEO Consultants who have ranked business websites in different verticals.

SEO is all about research and implementation. There is no thumb rule to rank a website and each website needs to treated in a unique way to achieve the best SEO results. Hiring the experienced consultants only can help you to rank your website in the quick possible time.


WordPress SEO Expert For Business Websites

WordPress is the most used content management system by some of the biggest websites around the world. Hence if you are planning to start a new business website, it’s always better to get started with the WordPress CMS to build your website.

There are many SEO benefits when it comes to WordPress websites. ClickDo’s WordPress SEO Expert team can be hired for both web development and SEO optimization to be done at the same time.

Like WordPress SEO, we also work with other platforms like Magento SEO, Shopify SEO and all relevant platforms to optimize the websites and rank them on top of the Google Search Engine Results Page.

SEO Expert


SEO Consultation for Local Business


Local Business Advice for Entrepreneurs 


Marketing Adviser for Corporations


Digital Agency Adviser for Agencies

Web definitions Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings….

So you probably see 4 of the best industries in London, UK I do consultant for. I do consultant for over a dozen other local business industries where I will help your business succeed online and make more money. From piano tuners, magicians, valuation companies, furniture stores and many more.

ClickDo is also a local business and you see that what we do we stands for. It’s important you always hire a consultant who walks his talk. I have been a freelance SEO guy who started out back in 2013 and then gradually took the journey towards becoming one of the world’s greatest consultants to advise many local businesses in UK.

I’ve built an agency by myself and created over 20 jobs for people so far. So you know if I can do it for my business in the UK by utilizing the power of web technologies, I can certainly do it for your local business in the UK.


Contact me today on 075 7660 4928 or hop to and get in touch with me for free advice on how to go about building a thriving brand online for your business.

By: Fernando @ ClickDo Ltd. London, UK Office

Dental SEO is something we’ve started this year and Angel Smile is one of the sites we did the new website and helps gain top ranks in London.We take serous care from the point of designing the website to optimizing it for better conversions. So if you are dentist in UK and wants to get higher ranks on search engines, get in touch us today!

As a dentist in UK, you must plan how you will go about becoming the best dentist in your city,town or in entire UK. And that’s only possible with the help on online marketing. See how ClickDos search engine optimization specialists can your dental practice with our dental marketing services.

We also do videography for dentist in any city in UK. See how we’ve done a video story creation for Angel Smile dental practice in London.

First of all do search for “Orthodontist London” on and see #1 ranking website. Just hop over to that and see who has done the website and helped the budge.

At ClickDo Ltd. we are the most authentic and skilled SEO consultants in United Kingdom.

You can see the SEO for Orthodontics and the case study on the client portfolio.

Orthodontist London
ClickDo PPC Consultant UK

Now when it comes to SEO for lawyers in UK, I’m your guy. I’ve ranked for the toughest terms in Canary Wharf, which is the toughest legal area in London. So contact me and let me sort you off the web, where you will get continuous flow leads from your websites every day. Check this page > for more details and call me right now.

We have our clients ranking for extremely competitive terms like “employment lawyers London” on top spots. When you contact Fernando, and arrange a free seo consultancy meeting to discuss your digital strategy you will get the opportunity to how to go about building an authentic brand on the web.

The new digital marketing techniques helps you build brands on the web that will last for years to come and help your target audience find you easily and contact you.

Now here we go here we go. This another niche in London, where I own the top 3 spots for every single tough competitive keyword you can possible imagine. I’ve been optimizing business websites for this industry for a log time now and I know the ins and outs of this industry very well. So there is well organized strategy for this industry and let me get my guns for you.

With that being said, we already consults for over 6 rubbish removal companies in UK for their online marketing needs and have top ranks for businesses like Quick Wasters and several more London Junk clearance companies. Our SEO consultancy is done in a different manner and we focus on building brands that search engines loves to send organic traffic.

Some uber competitive niche domination terms that Fernando has ranked for over 2 years now are (each with over 1300 monthly search and the toughest money terms in the niche)

  • Rubbish Removal London
  • Rubbish Clearance London
  • Rubbish Collection London

So if you are the clearance company in UK, get in touch with Fernando or call him directly on 075 7660 4928 for some advice.

Rubbish Removal companies UK

Why you should hire an SEO expert in London?

Why you should a hire SEO expert in London

At ClickDo Ltd. we do consult for various local business industries in UK and we have proved our search marketing skills with top ranks with niche domination for below industries in UK. 

If you own a small business in London, then chances are that you are scratching your head, asking yourself about the best way to help it expand and grow. But relax a moment, you have come to the right place; our highly qualified and experienced team of SEO experts is here to help you gain a solid online platform, and outdo your competitors. We pride ourselves in having the best team of SEO consultants in and around London, we are experienced, and our track record speaks for itself!

London is one of the most competitive money market in the word. Every business owner wants to rank high on search engines, so for your business to get the maximum traction from the web, you better rank your site effectively on tops spots.

If you found me on search engines like google, you know what I mean? I’m about to sell to you and serve your business thrive in the digital economy.

SEO Case Studies

Photo of sunset
SEO for Rubbish Removal Company
Photo of sunset
SEO for Hair Transplant Clinic
Cleaning Company
SEO for Cleaning Company
Pest Control Company
SEO for Pest Control Company

Payroll Services Company
SEO for Payroll Services Company
SEO for Orthodontist
Photography Studio
SEO for Photography Studio
Car Wash Company
SEO for Car Wash Company

Why do you need SEO services for your London business?

Cost effective; SEO is very cost effective, compared to the traditional marketing platforms like TV and print. SEO offers you a simple but effective way to gain a solid online foothold.

Your competitors are doing it anyway; yes, the plain truth is that whether you embrace SEO or not, your competitors will still do it! In the words of one famous digital marketer, SEO is a ceaseless procedure. Every time that you’re not actively involved in SEO for your business, you are giving your business opponents a chance to outfox you businesswise.

More leads more customers; the good thing with SEO is that it provides better and more effective sales leads, to a targeted audience. A majority of people search for products they are interested in online, check their reviews and ratings, before proceeding to buy them. With the correct SEO practices, your London business will be catapulted to the top of the search engines, and appear first to visitors doing their search. Again, if you ignore the power of SEO, you are simply letting yourself get pushed to the last pages, while your competitors rise to the top.

Top ranking on Google; as a business owner, it is very important that your site ranks on top at the search engines, and this ranking is often determined by keywords usage. From our vast experience in SEO, unless a site has been optimized for SEO and keywords, its chances of emerging on top of the Google search page are really minimal. Therefore when you embrace SEO, you greatly position your brand to compete effectively on the online platform.

Things we will do for you as SEO consultants

  • First, we’ll analyze your site, check the keywords, work on link building, mega tag optimization, optimization of the title tag, and such like.
  • We’ll also resolve and rectify any ethical issues on your site.
  • Our SEO tools and tips will also see your site catapulted to the top of Google.
  • We also keenly analyze your competitors, their strategies, and ensure that you’re always one step ahead of everyone.
  • We are also skilled and knowledgeable in generating fresh, high quality content.
  • We also work on the navigation system of your site, to ensure that visitors have an easy time navigating around.
  • We also monitor and track the SEO strategies being implemented, with weekly reports of the progress achieved.

Why are our SEO services the best in London, why choose us?

  • Our services are incredibly affordable, even for small businesses.
  • We’ll provide you with detailed and progressive SEO reports on a weekly basis.
  • We are experienced; we’ve been offering SEO services in London for many years.
  • We have a proven track record, we’ve helped many clients attain top ranking
  • We are abreast with the latest and most effective SEO tools; we are always ahead of other consultants around London.

How can a seo consultant really help your local business?

SEO-Expert-LondonHiring a London based search marketer gives you the opportunity to meet him in person and discuss about your business!

You most probably found him on Google, Yahoo or Bing and that means he know how to rank higher on search engines.

It’s vital you always only ever hire a specialist who has already proven his skills by ranking for toughest seo niche consultancy terms in UK, especially in London.


I can get you placements on authority sites to boost ranks fast.

uk business blog
talk business
The London Economic
deadline news
financial news
bm magazine
london loves business
abc money
home business mag

ClickDo Client Reviews

To discuss your business’s online growth strategy

This is how we get to work, first you call me, then we do phone call and see the requirements and arrange the Skye call or if you are in London, Fernando and his team come and meet you.

We discuss your business plans and what needs to be done and we will explain how we will be doing the SEO consultancy work. There is big importance in we meeting you in person, because that way you know how you are dealing with and get to understand how to tailor the most helpful strategic for your business’s online success.


Experts explains you the SEO strategy for your business

If you own a small business in London, then chances are that you are scratching your head, asking yourself about the best way to help it expand and grow.

We have been consulting for many businesses and applying the same success strategies we will tail make a digital marketing strategy that can help your brand grow online. We have world class presentations skills and the team led by Fernando will come to you office or let you meet us at our London SEO agency in Canary Wharf and show you how we will help you gain ROI from the web.

Fernando gets in to work optimizing your websites 

After all explained to you and we have drawn the conclusions for the SEO strategy, Fernando and his team of experts at ClickDo get in to work. It’s our goal to rank your websites on the top spots and help your business grow.

We take full responsibility to build your brand online, as that”s the most authentic way to rank higher on search engines. You can see this page, which you probably found us for a term like seo expert London, seo consultant London or some similar long tail term, is done in a very creative manner and that’s why we stand out on the web.

We build brands on the web that ranks and help you bank!


It’s not just Fernando, he got a world class SEO team

If you thinking is it only Fernando to handle your business consultancy work! He is surrounded by a world class team of experts who he personally trained on all aspects of search engine optimization.

That’s why we at ClickDo and can successfully handle any caliber of work when it comes to local business consultancy in London. Speak to Fernando today and you will realize how the world’s best seo specialist operates and what level of knowledge he has about this subject. Not only we talk, we walk the talk by ranking for the toughest consultancy niche keywords in UK!

Check Out Our Concrete SEO Results!

ebusiness blog ranked 1 for plumbing companies
pestcontrolinlondon website ranked 1 for pest control london

Our Team

Fernando Raymond
CEO & Founder, ClickDo Ltd
Dinesh Kumar VM
SEO & Digital PR Manager
Manuela Willbold
Online Media & PR Strategist

Inquire for SEO Consultancy




Google Reviews

I contacted Dinesh about my enquiry and got a super fast reponse. Ordered work required via website and services delivered fast and efficiently. 5 star service from me! I would not hesitate in recommending ClickDo.
Craig Andres
Craig Andres
17:44 01 Jul 19
Valuable information provided by Fernando. Honest opinion from his side. Recommended.
Tomas Samot
Tomas Samot
12:53 28 Oct 19
I took the following 5 courses from them:1. Blogging Course2. Remarketing3. Google Adwords Course4. SEO Training Course5. The SEO BlueprintThey all were excited as well as conceptual. The chapters(videos) in all the courses are perfectly arranged, which gives you a better understanding.I am sure anyone going through these courses will be immensely benefited from them.
10:37 07 Feb 20
I've dealt with ClickDo CEO and knows how they works and advices UK businesses with their SEO services. I've took the SEO course by ClickDo and it's very well done and helpful to understand the fundamentals of SEO works and how actually they do SEO services.
Great agency for SEO. I've been using them for several years and they never disappoint.
Nunzio Prenna
Nunzio Prenna
14:41 02 Jun 19
Fernando did an excellent job analysing my website and find all the things that needed to be fixed. He helped my website rank higher on Google thanks to his great SEO skills.I had a great experience dealing with Clickdo SEO agency and I am enjoying the results.Thanks a lot
matt hale
matt hale
03:08 24 Jun 19
When searching for a partner to raise our profile online, increase web traffic and boost enquiries we chose Fernando from ClickDo. Face to face meetings and a fresh approach to determine our business needs was exactly what we needed. Both web enquiries and phone enquiries have quadrupled and we now have continuous support to improve and fine-tune our campaigns. Going forward with ClickDo's help and guidance, we can now look forward to building on this early success and work together as they continue to deliver results!
Mark Stanford
Mark Stanford
15:59 20 Mar 20
Really one complete solution for any business, from web development to ranking in Google, recommended 100%
Martin Calzadilla
Martin Calzadilla
01:11 22 Oct 19
Aaaand. Just completed to course. It was amazing. Got to know about so many new things. The most amazing things i got to know was LSIGraph & xifer tools. And i was amazed how you were writing content right away live in the video. I wish I could do that.
MohammedTahir Patel
MohammedTahir Patel
09:54 26 May 19
I am following Fernando from past 3 years and learned many things from him about SEO and Online Money Making ways. Recently he launched Local SEO Course which I completed today. It changed my way of doing SEO completely. Things I learned today found no one is explaining in depth. I recommend ClickDo team for Digital Marketing Business.
sandeep khanagwal
sandeep khanagwal
11:03 24 Aug 19
Great team, special thanks for Fernando for the guidance through the project. Praween for taking the project lead.Cheers, wishing Clickdo the best.
Maldives Traveler Hub
Maldives Traveler Hub
05:17 06 Dec 19
ClickDo are a great team to work with. Their link building services are spot on, and they have helped us out a lot over the past couple of weeks. Would highly recommend them as your SEO agency,
Michael Deane
Michael Deane
10:35 09 May 19
I highly recommend the SEO course and at 55 years of age, if I can do it anyone can. Fernando and his team are also very prompt and helpful when it comes to support.
Neil Franklin
Neil Franklin
07:52 15 May 19
The ClickDo team lead by Fernando is very helpful in SEO advising and also helping brands grow online. They have helped our companies with their SEO tips and personalised SEO consultancy tailored to our business websites. Highly recommend and Fernando Raymond and his entire ClickDo team for UK business SEO services
Roshan Vitharanage
Roshan Vitharanage
13:46 22 Nov 19
Hello Seekahost TeamI had an issue with my website and one of your team mate named Henry help me restore my website in quick minutes, I'm really happy that I started my blogging journey with Seekahost thanks you for such a wonderful support,.
Softgeek couk
Softgeek couk
08:01 20 Jan 20

General Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the work of SEO Consultant?

SEO Consultant will help you in optimizing the business website and will help your business to get more inquiries from Google organically by ranking your website on top for the potential search queries. SEO Consultants will look after your website and will implement all the necessary white hat SEO Techniques to rank your business website on Google for the potential search queries.

How SEO works and what does a SEO expert do?

SEO works like this in modern days with latest algorithm changes by Google. Build a website with perfectly done On Page SEO, then manually build citation links, create an infographic and submit on infographic submission sites, do blogger outreach for guest posting on niche relevant business websites, buy high quality backlinks from authority websites that are active. Keep checking the website for errors, fix anything and repeat the process of offsite SEO by getting more backlinks that will support the website to rank higher on Google.

How SEO Consultant can help your business in UK?

As the online presence of the users have been increasing day by day, every business in the UK depends online mediums like Google search as the main source of leads to their business. SEO Consultants will help you by optimizing your business website and making them to rank on top of the Google SERP’s for the potential search queries made by the users. This will help your business to get more inquiries from Google organically.

How much you need to pay for SEO Consulting?

As businesspeople, you need to pay the monthly retainer for the SEO Consultants to work in your business website and maintain the organic ranks on Google. The monthly retainer may vary based on the various factors like Business niche, Keyword competition and many more factors. The average prices fee by and experienced SEO consultant start from £500 to £1500 per month. However top tier SEO expert like Fernando Raymond may charge up to £6000 per month for his SEO consultancy.

Whether SEO Consultant should be hired on retainer fee basis?

SEO is not about one time work. SEO involves lots of strategic work and it will take months of time to rank a new website. Even if the website is ranked number one, proper updates and the SEO work should be consistently done to maintain the ranks and sustain the position. Hence SEO consultants should be hired on monthly retainer basis to get the best results.

How to choose the best SEO Consultant in London?

Choosing the best and knowledgeable SEO Consultants will help you to rank your business website using different latest SEO strategies. Before choosing the SEO Consultants, check their organic ranks on Google and make sure that they rank on top for their business. If so, then without having any second thought, you can hire them for SEO works. For instance, you can just search for the terms like “seo consultant london”, “ppc consultant london”, We ClickDo rank on top for these search queries by competing with our own industry competitors.

Does every business require dedicated SEO specialist?

Yes, each business in the UK requires the dedicated SEO Consultants to rank their business websites on Google. Especially, if the business partially or fully depends on Google as a source for the lead generation, Then SEO Consultant is must for the business to work on the regular basis. SEO consultancy by and expert can help a local business thrive online and get the desired ranks and drive free organic traffic from Google.

How long it will take for the SEO Consultant to rank your website?

When it comes to SEO, there is not fixed time to rank any business website. The turnaround time to rank the business website may depend on many factors like business niche, keyword competition, competitor’s domain score and many more factors. Realistically if you are looking to hire an SEO consulting services provider, hire a local consultant and discuss how long it may take to rank the website. Normally it takes up to 6 to 12 months to rank viable keyword on first page top 5 spots on Google. However, it could happen much faster, if invest on high quality backlinks and guest posting services to build the brand fast.

Is Link Building must for SEO?

Link building is one of the core factor in Of Page SEO. Authority links are needed for all the website to build the brand value on Google and get the website ranked on top of the Google SERP’s for the potential search terms. It’s recommended to do link building after completing and fixing all the On Page SEO errors.

Whether ClickDo can be hired to rank websites in other countries than UK?

ClickDo SEO team has good experience in ranking websites on different locations and not only in UK Hence you can hire us for any kind of SEO requirement and in case if you need to rank your business website on different countries.