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{how we ranked fast on the first page}

We at ClickDo are very proud of this incredibly fast ranking SEO success story this year. This amazing outcome was delivered through our custom coding and website building expert services for the client.

When the client first approached us we explained why they need a bespoke website done from scratch after having completed a thorough analysis of their current online presence. We concluded that their website lacked some important SEO elements and microdata.

So Fernando proposed to build a new company website while managing all the SEO work for it. The client saw the need and agreed. Kasun and Buddhi got to work to build the brand new and hugely improved website. You can read the story at Expert Payroll Services Joins ClickDo for the best digital marketing services (here you can see I targeted those keywords on July 1st 2018 and ended up ranking for better buyer terms by now)


Have a look at this page where you can see how we went about the planning and the full story about this project from the point of meeting the client.

How did we rank the payroll outsourcing services company website on Google’s first page?

We built the client website from scratch applying each image with SEO elements before even uploading it to the server. It’s important that images have alt tags and are named with a keyword focus plus metadata. On this online SEO training course, you can see how to do image optimization. Also in the local SEO blueprint, I show in-depth SEO techniques and strategies step by step.

It’s very important a business website is built to be unique on the web. As Google famously does not like duplicate content it won’t support a theme that many others also have used to build a website. That’s why we always highly recommend building a fresh website on your domain that stands out among your competition in your marketplace. We offer such expert web design services to our clients as they make a big difference to their business development:

Once the website was built, Fernando personally did all the on-page SEO elements for the website with the keyword focus. You can check how the title tags and meta data are done on the home page, which is the main web page on Expert Payroll Services.


Clean on-page elements help SEO tremendously. You can see how we have used the word count Google appreciates. Nice and clean as Google bots like it.

We then optimized the page speed to achieve better bounce rates. We recommended using a top cloud server to get super-fast web hosting from SeekaHost. This is another element that will help the page to budge to the top.

What happened after building the site and the SEO on-page work?

We continued with the citation building services by Dinesh and each was done manually. We did over 100 authority directory listings. That’s what helped us budge the website to the top 10 pages on Google as this website wasn’t even on the top 10 pages back in July.

Then we started the branding work with guest posting on authority websites. This one (Expert Payroll Services in the UK can help your payroll management systems) is an example for you to get an idea about how we go about doing the authority building with PR articles. This is how PR for our clients is done effectively. If you are a local business owner who is looking for reliable SEO ranks, that’s what you need to get.

Additionally, we started doing some serious guest posting services by Dinesh. He is the expert in guest posting services and he recently opened up over 100 guest posting websites for local business owners and the SEO community to get their guest blogs published.

Manuela did the business story creations for many authority websites and she wrote a nice business story for Expert Payroll Servies for the UK business blog.

Basically, that’s what we did to get the payroll services company business website to the first page of Google. Of course, we do much more work in the background such as guest postings on niche relevant blogs and so forth.

Fernando conducted email outreaching and Manuela wrote articles for other accountancy blogs with brand mentions for Expert Payroll Services. Basically, those are citations links and they are excellent for the organic SEO ranks.

After the on-page SEO is done perfectly Google knows what the website is about, so you do not need to worry about getting keyword-rich anchors anymore. Google is smart now and they want to see if a website is built well and if it is mentioned and linked from the right sources.

The most important thing to keep in mind and what I did not mention above are the Google communities and social sharing. Social media shares on channels like Twitter, Facebook and Google plus (not anymore with Google plus I guess they are shutting down) helps tremendously for SEO.

With that being said I will leave the secret for you at the Local SEO secrets to check and learn.