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We have been lucky to work with some great local businesses in the United Kingdom. Now it’s time to help you grow your business rapidly and help you make profits.

PPC Consultant

Fernando Raymond

CEO ClickDo Ltd.

At ClickDo we aim to extend our SEO and marketing services for local businesses in the UK and beyond. We are growing our presence overseas and ClickDo Consulting is geared towards the digital journey in 2021. With offices and remote staff around the world, from the UK, to India, Sri Lanka and Canada we have teams working around the clock.

Our Services


Web development

At ClickDo Ltd. (UK) we have qualified graduates who have mastered their craft when it comes to web development.


Social Marketing

ClickDo Social Media Marketing Experts know how to help you get profitable clicks from your Social Media Marketing.


Graphic Design

We have experienced Graphic Designers that worked for best selling authors and they have graduated in Arts & Design


Website Hosting

We have the industry’s best hosting services that will keep your business websites up and running 24/7 for 99% of the time.


Local SEO

If you are running a local business in Europe, ClickDo SEOs know how to optimize your business online for profitable clicks.


Server Optimization

Require networks that need to function well? Then let us know and we will set up your servers to the highest standards.

Our Clients


A letter from the CEO,

Over the years ClickDo has become a top SEO Agency in London, UK. SEO wasn’t an easy journey, however, done strategically it helps to budge. We’ve grown from a small three staff SEO Consultancy business to a remote working agency of 20 that consults local businesses in the UK, US, Asia and in some European countries.

We have extended the services we offer beyond SEO and can now deliver various marketing aspects for business websites such as Google Ads, link building and press and PR services.

Here are a few of our prestigious publications & features:

ClickDo CEO Fernando Raymond as author on Entrepreneur.com

Fernando Raymond’s inspiring Entrepreneur Story in the Reader’s Digest

CEO interviews featuring Fernando Raymond in esteemed tech magazines Tech Bullion and Tech Round

Because Google changes their search engine algorithm several times each year with updates, website ranks can fluctuate and high-authority publications and references can significantly help with building a brand that ranks consistently. And that’s what we do at ClickDo. Just as we build our digital agency services brand, we do the same for our clients, utilizing the most effective search engine marketing techniques. We mainly focus on storytelling with high-quality content, citations, blogs and different media that capture people’s attention.

With offices around the world, in the UK, India, Sri Lanka and Canada we have teams working around the clock. Our digital consultancy experts are always motivated to deliver the best SEO and marketing results.

How we work at ClickDo?

Whether you are new to SEO or look for support with your business marketing campaign, you can arrange an initial consultation with our SEO consultants. We will analyse and discuss your options, offering you affordable yet effective solutions. Get in touch with us for a free online consultation and find out what can be done to get your business to the top on search engines.

Fernando Raymond

CEO & Managing Director, ClickDo (Pvt) Ltd.

We have ranked many clients in top positions in SERPs in London and all across the UK. The ClickDo team handles every SEO project individually and carefully plans the SEO strategy that works best to achieve high ranks on a reasonable timescale. We want to ensure that those ranks keep up with competitors and that is the real SEO challenge. Take the next step. Request your free SEO consultation with us to discover great opportunities for your website and business rankings.