Google AdWords Case Study – Pay Per Click (PPC) for Dental Clinic

Google Ads for Dentist

As a dentist in the UK, probably you should be having a website for your clinic with the list of all the treatments that you are offering. As like the other niche, Google is the main place where the normal people used to search for the terms like “dentist near me”, “orthodontist near me”, etc to find the best dentist and inquire for later treatment.

So if you would like to make more people inquire you, then your website should be either ranking organically with proper SEO works or you can give a try with Google ads to flood the traffic to the website from Google search.

PPC experts at ClickDo have vast experience in the dental niche and have been closely working with many dentists in UK for both organic SEO & for paid campaigns like Google AdWords, Remarketing, etc.

Why you need Google Ads for you Dental Clinic?

From the below ahref’s data, you can see that roughly 1.2k users are searching every month for “dentist london”. This is just an example, Similarly all other keywords have still more searches than this from specific locations in UK.

google ads for dental clinic

Just looking into this data deep, you should know like how dental treatment-related search queries are searched more by the users from the UK each month.

This infers that your website should receive most of the clicks from these searches, so you will be getting more inquiries at the end of the day for the treatments. Google Ads is the prime source in which you can start any time with the best PPC Consultants in the industry like ClickDo’ers and start getting more inquiries.

Dental Clinic Google Ads – Case Study

ClickDo team have been closely working with many dental clients in UK from different cities. Below is one such case study for your review.

Below image just shows the one month Google Ads campaign performance of one of our dental niche clients. As you can see, we have spent nearly £1.5k with Google and have received 500+ potential users to our website.

google adwords for dentist in london

After seeing the positive results with the Google Ads campaign, client have further insisted us to increase the budget and below is the spent of the respective dental niche client in the one year span with ClickDo.

ppc campaigns for dentist

In an year, spent was nearly around £10k. ClickDo PPC consultants have worked closely with this and have delivered the best results by driving more bookings to their clinic from Google Ads.

Below are some of the keywords which we have targeted and got clicks for,

google ads dentist case study

Keywords are laser targeted and the chances for getting irrelevant clicks to the campaigns is very rare as our team will monitor and update the negative keyword list regularly. Not only with Google Ads, our SEO experts works to make sure the website is ranking top for the potential keywords.

Not only for the general dentistry like Emergencies, Root Canal Therapy, Dentures, White Fillings, Dental Sedation, Mercury Removal, etc. Our team is also working in Google Ads for other cosmetic dentistry treatments like Teeth Whitening, Cerec, Smile Makeovers, Invisalign, Bridges, Crowns, Adult Orthondontics, Dental Lumineers, etc. Below are some of the keywords which we helped our client to get clicks on other treatments,

google ads ppc for dentist in london

Our web development experts will review the landing pages and will optimize it best for the conversions. Our team will also help you out in integrating the live chat system in website, so the website owner can communicate easily with the user who are landing on the website, which helps in quick conversion.

How we can help your Dental Clinic in UK with Google Ads?

Our SEO & PPC Experts at ClickDo can help you rank your website organically on Google for core keywords and also in the other hand can help you with all kind of paid marketing campaigns like Google AdWords, Remarketing, etc. As you can see, we have proven results in the dentist niche and if you are a dentist reading this blog, ClickDo will be the best choice for you to provide all kind of Digital Marketing services.

If you would like to book a free consultation today, email or just give a call to 020 8638 5857.

ClickDo Review by Dr. Fariba Banaie at Angel Orthodontics, London