Google AdWords Case Study – Pay Per Click (PPC) for Jewellery Shop

Google Ads for Jewellery Shop

In the UK, Hatton Gardens are well known for Jewellery shops. When it comes to buying Jewellery, people may normally like to visit the store directly to view the designs in real time and pick the best. But still, choosing the best Jewellery shop is the tricky part for the people. Normally when they plan to buy a jewel, the first thing they do is that to take the mobile and search for the terms like “hatton garden jewellers”, “best jewellers in hatton garden”, etc. So they visit many website and decide where to buy. By using Google Ads, you can make the potential users to land on your Jewellery website and increase the sales.

As from the below Ahref’s stats, you can see that the term “hatton garden jewellers” alone has like 4k+ searches each month on Google. All these people are in the intent to buy a Jewell very soon and they are looking for the best Jewellers in Google.

Google Ads for Jewellery Shop

Why you need Google Ads for your Jewellery Shop?

Being an Jewellery owner in London reading this blog, you know the importance of getting potential users from Google to land on your website. Yes, Google is the main source of leads for all the businesses. When it comes to Jewellery niche, you should make sure that you get most of the potential users to land on your website from Google who are in the mood to buy a Jewellery very soon.

For this, you can either hire a best SEO Consultant from ClickDo & rank the Jewellery niche website organically for the main keywords. On the other hand, you can opt for the best PPC Consultant and start the Google Ads campaigns by using which you can drive more traffic from Google in quick time and increase the conversions.

Jewellery Shop Google Ads – Case Study

Our PPC Consultants at ClickDo have worked closely with many Jewellery shops in UK. Here we are going to see the Google Ads performance of the one such Jewellery niche client in UK.

From the below image you can see that we have driven nearly 1000 visitors to one of the most popular Jewellery website in UK in a month by just spending £452. Ideally we have made each user to land on the website by spending just £0.46 per click in Google Ads

Why you need Google Ads for your Jewellery Shop

Below are some of the potential search terms for which we have got clicks for. This shows how our consultants work with the businesses and laser target the keywords to improve the sales.

online marketing for your Jewellery Shop

Google Ads for your Jewellery Shop

Keywords are super focused and monitored regularly. So there will be no chance for irrelevant clicks to happen.

Also, these users who land in the website for the first time are retargeted instantly by using the custom retargeting ads in both Facebook & Instagram.

Google Ads copies are curated to make sure that we get most of the clicks in Google within our budget.

Over 4 months’ time, One of our Jewellery niche client have spent around £1.7k in Google Ads and return we have delivered with 3.4k+ potential visitors to their website from Google.

digital marketing for your Jewellery Shop

From this data, you can infer that how consistent we are with delivering the results and help in improving the sales.

How we can help your Jewellery Shop in UK to flood with more customers?

At ClickDo, we have a dedicated team for Web Development, SEO, Google Ads, Web Hosting. If you are a Jewellery owner looking for the right team to help your brand get more reach online and increase the sales. You are in the right place and we can help you to get more out of your business. As you can see, we already have proven case study in this niche and we would be help you with the best digital strategy.

You can book a free consultation with our team by sending an email to or you can just give a call to 020 8638 5857.