Hair Transplant SEO Case Study

How we ranked for “DHI hair transplant” in UK?


Cosmeticium came on board with ClickDo on Oct 2019 and this is the most successful case study as we have increased the organic traffic of by 700% in just 4 months.

With, Their requirement is simple as they need to be ranked for the term called “dhi hair transplant” in the UK. We started with working on that term and on the other hand, our SEO Experts have other ideas and we planned to implement some smart techniques to improve the ranks of other terms as well.

Starting at Oct 2019, we have built some powerful backlinks to from UK based sites and in December 2019, we have moved the term “dhi hair transplant” to top on

From then, we have started working on improving the ranks for many other potential terms related to

From the below images, you can see how we have increased the organic traffic by 700% and also the number of keywords that we have moved to the top 10.

Cosmeticium Case Study

Cosmeticium Case Study

We have increased the organic traffic to 700% higher not just with the backlinks. We have done lots of onsite blogging activities to increase organic traffic. Our blogger outreach experts at ClickDo have did lots of research in this industry and found the keywords with high search volume. We have published blogs in in a regular phase in the last 4 months. This resulted in an increase in organic traffic.

Below data will give you more insights on how the traffic has grown over four months for

cosmeticium before boarding at clickDo

cosmeticium after Boarding at clickDo

Ideally, the number of keywords ranking in the search positions between 1 to 3 is only two before we started our works. After 4 months of our work, the number of keywords ranking between 1 to 3 search position on Google is 150. So that’s the growth one business people can experience with ClickDo.