What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting is all about working with an expert to come up with strategies for your website to rank higher. Given the benefits that SEO consulting comes with, competition in search engine ranking is at an all-time high. Companies are looking to make use of the top-ranking to get all the prospective customers in their folds.  Like in any other field, an SEO consultant must be an expert in search engine ranking. They come with all the strategies and techniques to help your page rank higher for targeted traffic and also how to turn the traffic into profits.

Before hiring a consultant, you have to look for the experience and assured ranking results. The expert must be in a position to guarantee the company of returns in investments. To rank your page higher, the SEO consultant has to keep up to date with the search engine ranking algorithms.

Some of the top services offered in SEO consulting include;

  • Detailed SEO Audit – To come up with an SEO strategy, the consultant must first run an SEO assessment of your website. The assessment helps in establishing SEO opportunities and how to beat the competition. The expert develops a strategy based on the SEO report.
  • Keyword Research – Keywords are the most important aspects when it comes to ranking. To help you rank higher faster, the consultant must research and analyze some of the most viable keywords. They have to understand consumer behaviour and trends to determine some of the available keywords.
  • Analyzing Competition – If at all you had the exclusive rights and access to the different keywords, you might not need a consultant in the first place. The consultant looks into the strategy of the competition and how to counter it.
  • Software Guidance – The need for ranking has seen the advent of many SEO software. Websites also come with different plugins for functionality. The consultant helps you choose the right software for your website. The right software helps in improving the website's responsiveness and user-friendliness.
  • Training – Even though you outsource the SEO services, you might consider an in-house team. The consultant trains the team by helping them come up with strategies and proper implementation for long term success.
  • Others – SEO consulting comes with more unexhaustive services. In addition to the above services, it also involves website redesigning, SEO audits, backlinking audit and any other SEO success roadmap.

What is SEO Consulting?

SEO Consulting

By now, you must probably know that SEO helps in ranking your website top in the search engine. But ranking high is not enough when you don’t understand why it is essential for your business. The main reason why you want to rank higher in the search engine is for traffic. Most traffic to websites is from organic search. Most people rely on Google for information on almost everything. Whether looking to purchase a house, car or looking for any service, the internet has made it easy to search online. By appearing on top, the searches are likely to end in your page. The lower you rank, the lesser the chances of getting clicks as most people rarely go past the first page.

SEO optimization is also essential in helping you building credibility. The more people visit your page, the more you become an authority thus more influence and sales. It is even easier given that you can track your performance to see the points you need to improve.

The other importance that comes with SEO is the affordability. Unlike the other traditional advertisement and marketing that are capital intensive, SEO is quite simple. You can easily tailor your strategy depending on your budget. It is also an assured investment that comes with long-term benefits.

No matter how stellar your SEO strategy is, you will never retain the top ranking if you don’t offer quality services. SEO, therefore, helps you build quality services like responsive and user-friendly website and exceptional customer service. You also have to continually look for ways on how to improve the services that set you up for more opportunities and growth.

How SEO Consulting Services Help

The influx in the SEO consulting services in recent shows that most brands are learning to appreciate the need for consultants. While there is always the option to develop and implement an SEO strategy by yourself, using an experienced consultant comes with several benefits like time-saving. Instead of spending time learning all the tactics, you better hire someone who already has the skills. The time you save, you can invest in other productive activities. You also limit the chances of mistakes.

SEO consulting is also great in saving money and resources. Instead of buying several SEO software and tools that you won’t fully utilize or are irrelevant, you let the expert get the right ones. You also save the money that you could have otherwise spent on costly advertisements. Having worked on SEO for some time, the consultant understands all the latest strategies and how to evolve with changes. It means that you will always keep on top irrespective of change in algorithms, thus assured return on investments.

Most SEO consultants employ the authentic channels to the ranking that keeps your page free from possible blacklisting by the search engines.

Should you hire a consultant or company?

Hiring an SEO specialist is one of the most daunting tasks for brands. Given that both SEO consultants and companies offer almost similar services, you are likely to find it hard settling on one. Before you can hire the right service, you have to understand what each does. An SEO company is a collection of several SEO experts working together. In most cases, expertise in a different section of SEO that makes it great for a wide range of services. A consultant is someone working independently.

Before you settle on the one to work with, you have to consider the pros and cons they come with. An SEO company comes with a wide range of services and expertise. On the downside, it is quite expensive and lacks a personal touch. Working with a consultant comes with the needed one-on-one attention and affordability. The only concern with the consultant is the possibility of limited knowledge in some subjects.

Working with either a consultant or company depends on the nature of your job and the budget. For a big company looking for a broader reach, an SEO company that comes with massive resources is the best fit. Otherwise, when starting, consider working with a consultant for the personal touch and the affordability. Also, you might start with a consultant and move to a company once you have made enough money from the SEO returns.

How much does SEO cost?

As a company, how much you spend on any resource impacts your business. Most businesses struggle with knowing how much precisely SEO cost. The cost of SEO is relative, dependent on your business terms like your objectives, your current SEO ranking and the period of engagement.

The prices also vary with the different SEO consultants. Don’t be quick to go for the cheap services if you want results. Most companies that offer lower rates with promises of faster outcome most probably employ dirty tricks to get you ranked. The methods set you up for susceptibility to blacklisting.

Some companies spend as little as less than £500 on SEO while others as much as over £15000 monthly on SEO. Also, talk to the consultant on your budget for a custom package.

How long does SEO take to work?

Anytime you invest in anything, you need to know how long it takes before you realize the benefits. When it comes to SEO, you have to make sure you have the patience and discipline as the process takes time.

In most cases, it would take around 4 to 6 months before you can achieve your SEO goals. The first month involves analyzing your SEO position and coming up with the best strategy. The second month is all about observing the procedure and putting changes whenever needed. Afterwards, you will start creating content, then incorporate social media as you gain more traffic.

No matter how little the changes are little in the start, don’t hurry to abandon the project. Some projects take up 12 months before hitting the results.

Why is ClickDo the best for SEO Consulting?

SEO is essential to your business, and you need a partner that understands as much. Consider working with one of the leading SEO leading consultants in the UK in the form of ClickDo. Having worked with several brands posting impressive results, the consultant ensures you rank on the first page within the agreed time.

Before working on your project, the ClickDo analyses your page to ascertain your position. They then tailor-make the strategy to fit your needs.

Unlike the other consults operated by a single person, ClickDo has a team of experienced SEO experts to handle all the aspects of your strategy. With ClickDo you don’t have to worry about looking for other consultants or to move to a company once you make more money.