Guest Posting Opportunities at ClickDo

write-for-us-guest-posting-opportunitiesYou can write for us as a guest blogger, guest author and expert in your industry or niche. Our ClickDo Blogs cover a wide variety of tech, business, online marketing and SEO subjects. Our team of experienced writers and bloggers has built the ClickDo blogs over the years, together with aspiring guest writers and we are the leading SEO and digital marketing services agency and local business advertising and marketing company in the UK.

Many people contact us daily looking to submit guest blog posts to gain more exposure on authority platforms in their niche. We provide advice on where to submit blog posts for more web traffic and brand visibility. So ClickDo is an ideal partner for you, providing multiple guest posting opportunities.

We aim to publish the best quality content on topics like search engine optimisation, how to start a business, how to use online marketing to grow local companies in the UK, blogging tips and ways to earn money online from authentic skills. However, we are always open to new and fresh ideas, concepts and suggestions from talented copywriters.

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to our ClickDo blogs or in submitting a blog post to our UK Business Blog, UK Tech Blog, UK SEO Blog, UK Education Blog or UK News Blog, you can contact us via this page or email us. We will then discuss the best guest blogging, contribution or PR options with you.

The Requirements for Writing For US:

  • Your articles must be well researched and written uniquely with supporting references of reliable/trusted sources.
  • The articles should have a clear objective of who is the audience and what message to convey.
  • Ideally, the articles that you wish to submit or publish as a guest blogger should be written for our UK audience in perfect English.
  • You can find some examples of the blogs on our ClickDo blog to get the idea about how we write articles for our audience.
  • A guest post should have a minimum of 800-1000 words to cover a topic comprehensively.
  • All sources, quotes, images or graphics added should have a link to the original source added.
  • You must have a thorough understanding of your proposed guest post topic and the voice must correspond with our readers such as UK business owners, online marketers, business people in the UK, SEO consultants and so forth. Overly promotional content that does not provide valuable information to readers cannot be published.
  • Topics we are very interested in are starting a business advice & tips, growth hacking with online marketing, best tips for work from home industries, earn money online, blogging and web property management etc. We welcome any expert advice and insights.

How to get published on the ClickDo Blogs?

guest-published-on-uk-blogsInquire with us via this page or email us your article by submitting the blog post for consideration and approval. We will check it and get back to you if it’s approved to be published on the ClickDo blogs. We manage are range of niche blogs that we can advise you about upon your initial enquiry with us. When you submit your articles for guest blogging we will inform you about the best and most effective publication options for you and your business. Our expert team will take your requirements and wishes into account so that you can be assured to opt for the most ideal guest posting opportunities with ClickDo.

Please note that the content will be checked for duplication, plagiarism and royalty free images by our editors before publishing. We appreciate you only send us well written unique articles that have never been published anywhere else on the web.

Use this opportunity to establish yourself as a reputable author with various insightful articles published on authority platforms. At ClickDo we can offer advice and support to bloggers, writers and business owners about growing their exposure and brand through guest contributions.

We do charge a publishing fee for our time, staffing and resource management and all link placements are subject to editorial approval and review. You can read the content publishing policy and our T&C’s for clarification.

If you are interested in becoming a regular content contributor, we can set up an author profile for you with your featured image and profile info. Any content published in the guest author’s name expresses their own opinions and views and while ClickDo Ltd. is the publisher of this content, it does not reflect opinions and views of the company.

By submitting your guest article, you agree to our terms and conditions.