Introduction to WordPress SEO

If you do not get the On Page SEO right and launched a new site,  it will not rank fast on Google search engine. Even to get to top 10 pages it’s tough, but with properly done SEO for the new WP site, you have the highest chances to move your new site to the first page. The website we will be doing on page SEO > and it’s newly done WP site created for the local business owner in London. Designed by ClickDo web designers and hosted by SeekaHost London web hosting services for optimal performance.

12 Steps for WordPress SEO

Now let’s look at each step individually and you can watch the videos for each step to understand how the SEO is done for the website.

10 keyword research tools you can use can be found at or learn further at on how to do keyword research. Also 15 more you can read further

Keyword research is one of the most important things and all the SEO success will depend on this step. So use the tools as listed above, but you can see we use SEMRush for keyword research on the below video.

Start with the All in one SEO pack as that’s the most important plugin for WordPress SEO setup on newly done websites.

Doing on page SEO is very important is you want to grow your blog with organic Google traffic. As you can see on the below video how I do the on page SEO for the most important page to start with.

Google site map is very important and it makes it easier for Google bots to read your WordPress site code and understand easily. That’s why I recorded the Google xml site which you saw in the video. You can easily search it from the WP dashboard and install it. Watch the next video to see how it’s done.

As a UK local business list over 100 UK directories that are listed on
You must publish articles that are related to the niche. do further internal linking
And get backlinks to the WordPress website to boost the SEO.