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Social media marketing helped ClickDo digital agency grow to where it is today. We started ClickDo Media to grow our media business in the UK and help 1 million local business owners in their business with social media marketing techniques.

You can see how we do social media marketing on Facebook as we’ve realised Facebook & Instagram are the best places to capitalize on social media opportunities.

Social Media Marketing Services our Agency Offers

As a business operating in the 21st century age where the internet is the fabric connecting businesses and consumers, knowing how to position yourself both on search engines and social media platforms is important. Social media is a power house in digital marketing and knowing how to use social networking sites effectively can greatly enhance the fortunes for your business and boost your organic ranking.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) helps in connecting all your social media platforms into one cohesive piece which then points your targeted customers where they should go. Our social media professionals employ a multipronged approach to build a solid SMO foundation, enhance your SEO as well as drive potential customers to your website. Our social media optimization solutions bring together the top platforms and show the customer how to leverage on each of the platform to achieve a high degree of exposure.

Facebook Marketing and Services

Facebook has enjoyed a massive growth globally and has created a platform that businesses can ride on to boost their reach into their targeted social communities. According to research, more than 250 million people visit Facebook every single day making it the most populous social platform. Our experts will help you capitalize on Facebook marketing through the following avenues; Facebook pages, Facebook Advertising which includes text and graphics, Facebook Places which allows your clients to check-in to your business based on the geographical location of their mobiles. We shall also promote your business through custom Facebook Badges.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is popular for photo sharing. In the event your business deals in products or services that have a visual appeal, Instagram marketing can easily turn your customers into brand ambassadors to enhance the promotion of your product to your targeted audience. Our professionals are experienced in building brand awareness as well as engaging existing and new customers. We shall develop an Instagram marketing strategy tailored to meet your marketing objectives.

LinkedIn Business Marketing and Advertisement

LinkedIn has over 2.5 million subscribers who are in essence potential customers. To succeed in LinkedIn business marketing, you have to leverage on your existing contacts to linkup with potential customers. LinkedIn advertising is effective because research shows 51% of companies acquired new B2C customers through LinkedIn. Also, about 93% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as the leading site in effective lead generation. We shall help you set up a LinkedIn company page, a customized cover page and linking your LinkedIn profile with your other social media platforms. We customize your LinkedIn marketing through content creation and posting, reputation management and social monitoring.

Pinterest Marketing Service

As an online bulletin board which allows users to curate beautiful and eye-catching images of their products, Pinterest gives you an opportunity to expose your brand and interact with your followers at a much higher level. According to research, 29% of Pinterest users have gone ahead to purchase something after pinning it. Bearing in mind that Pinterest accounts for 40% of social media purchases, having a functional Pinterest presence can give your business mileage.

YouTube Advertising

Over 1 billion videos are watched daily in different parts of the world including the United Kingdom, a fact that makes YouTube video content one of the most influential branding strategies that creates awareness, drives sales as well as customer retention. Our YouTube experts use advanced customer algorithms and targeting technology to deliver your advertisements to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time in order to drive ROI and optimize results.

Social Media Analytics and Monitoring

As a business, listening to your customers is very important. However, businesses that go ahead to understand their customers gain extra mileage relative to their competitors. With billions of social conversations going on daily over the internet, you need intelligence monitoring and gathering tools. We help you to analyze, monitor and gather insights across the social platforms to enable you make informed decisions on how to shape your marketing campaigns and create better products for your customers. We bring together your social media accounts on a single platform to enable us monitor effectively.