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At ClickDo we understand the importance of reaching as many target readers as possible. From our SEO and marketing expertise and experience, we have access to a substantial network of PR and news publishers we can distribute your content to for publication.

It’s not just about spreading news, but how to funnel and present them effectively. We can help you with our PR & News Distribution Services including SEO & marketing consultation.

News & PR Services

Share your news, announcements, events, developments and message with us. We’ll provide individual feedback to make your news and PR publication a success with regards to SEO and marketing.

Software to Help Companies and Employees Navigate a New World of Work

NEW YORK, NY – July 19, 2022 – WeWork (NYSE: WE), a leading global flexible space provider, today announced the official debut of WeWork Workplace, a new space management solution built in partnership with Yardi, the leading provider of real estate software.

BETT Education Technology Show London 2022 - Highlights, Trends, Exhibitors & Insights

The Uk Education blog team attended this years BETT Show at the ExCel center in London, where over three days 400+ leading EdTech Solution Providers exhibit, 90+ CPD content sessions take place.

Interview with Dan Hoyland: Don’t just work hard but work smart as a new entrepreneur

In 2020 alone, there were almost 726,000 new businesses created in the UK. Sadly, around 1 in 5 of these fail within their first year. Entrepreneur Dan Hoyland started buying and selling sports memorabilia from his bedroom.

Additional PR via Social Media Shares

In the digital age it’s not enough to share content in one format. To really boost your online presence, it needs to be shared via various platforms in different ways. We will share the content you’ve published with us via our social channels including relevant and trending # and @mentions for higher visibility and engagement.

Guest Content Publications

Guest content can be published in many shapes and formats, and we are here to help you identify the most suitable for your PR campaign. Simply get in touch with us to share your requirements and we’ll offer you the best options to achieve your PR and content marketing goals.

Guest & PR Publication Case Study Analysis – How effective are Guest Posts, Interviews, Entrepreneur Stories and Press Releases at LBN?

Many more people are asking if it’s worth getting published on the London Business News Magazine hence why I want to talk to you about recent case studies I have analysed as the digital marketer and SEO strategist at ClickDo. I want to start by highlighting that the magazine has recently reached 15,000 visitors in […]

Is the London Business News Online Magazine Worth Getting Published on?

Toggle Pros & Cons of getting featured in the online London Business News Magazine What are the Pros of getting featured in the London Business News Magazine?Exposure:Networking:SEO:PR advantages of guest blogging/guest posting:Backlinks and Referral Traffic:Brand Exposure and Credibility:Expanded Network and Relationships:What are the Cons of getting featured in the London Business News Magazine?Competition:Cost:Control:Is the London [...]

Link Building Services – Targeted SEO Services

What is Link Building in SEO? Link Building is one of the core Off-Page SEO factors in SEO. Link building is the process of acquiring or getting backlinks from the highly popular websites or high authority websites to your website. Ideally, this will let Google understand that your website has high-quality content and as a […]

How to Create A Perfect Pitch & Test Your Guest Post or Press Release Outreach Campaigns?

For most copywriters and bloggers, PR practitioners, small businesses, and large corporations, it’s pertinent that the pillars of the content shared on their platforms are grounded firmly on a foundation of online notoriety. In achieving this, two effective information outreach tactics, namely Guest Posting/Blogging and Press Releases, are often used by authors to build their […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging & Guest Posting to Optimise SEO Marketing

As a copywriter/blogger, small business, or large corporation looking to garner gradually increasing levels of stature and notability surrounding the content you publish via your online platform: ‘Have you ever been curious about the processes involved in the accumulation of total article views and what makes those numbers soar?’ Pay close attention because exploring this […]

How PBN backlinks can help you improve the ranks?

Backlinks of the PBN (private blog network) are a network of connections and blogs. Those sites are often controlled by the one individual, who makes connections to their income sites utilizing them all. You may also trade PBN backlinks for further profit to other site operators. The framework of the private blog network resembles a […]

Digital Content Creation Services

We Can Curate Tailored Content For You

As a busy business owner or manager you may not have the time to curate all your content yourself, plus for the ultimate exposure and best ROI of any guest contribution, it is advisable to have it written by SEO and PR experts. We therefore offer customised digital content creation services that manage your content from start to finish. We liaise with you every step of the way to ensure your content publication is exactly as you envision it. Simply get in touch with us to share your requirements and we’ll get going.

Digital Content Creation Services

Examples of News & PR Publications

Examples of News & PR Publications

Find below some previous PR, news and guest publications that we have worked on with clients to get an idea, but there are almost endless possibilities.

Speak To Your Audience With An Interview

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, expert, coach, influencer, author – You can be interviewed by our team with Q&As tailored to your target audience and campaign goals.

Announce a New Book, Product or Service Launch

Share your latest book, product or service you have released through an official launch with our niche audience via a news release or review.

Offer New Findings, Insights Or Your Expert Opinion

Anyone who can offer advice, data, tips or an analysis can share their specific insights via an opinion feature or expert guest contribution.

Share A New Partnership Or Collaboration

Many organisations partner with others to grow and thrive. Usually such an occasion calls for an official announcement and you can do this via a news or press release.

Digital News & PR Publishers

Digital News & PR Publishers

Digital News & PR Services UK News Magazine

Discover ways to get published on this general news magazine covering a wide variety of topics while offering press and news release publications, media release publication, interviews and list posts for businesses to be featured in.

Digital News & PR Services UK Education Magazine

Discover ways to get published on this education magazine covering anything to do with EdTech, learning, schooling, teaching, lower and higher education and more.  It offers press and news release publications, media release publication, interviews, business features, opinion pieces and list posts for businesses to be featured in.

Digital Business Publications UK Business Magazine

Discover ways to get published in this business magazine covering anything under the sun related to business, finance, marketing and more. Apart from guest posts, contributors can also get an interview, an opinion piece or a unique business story published.

Exclusive Brand Mentions

Exclusive Brand Mentions

ClickDo has built strong relationships with various prolific publishers within the UK and internationally. We can therefore offer branded mentions or listings in specific publications where your voice would be relevant and impactful. Because such exclusive mentions require a prior consultation with all parties involved, it is advised to speak with us first about your requirements and we’ll do the rest.



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