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What is Link Building in SEO?

What is Link Building in SEO

Link Building is one of the core Off-Page SEO factors in SEO. Link building is the process of acquiring or getting backlinks from the highly popular websites or high authority websites to your website. Ideally, this will let Google understand that your website has high-quality content and as a result, lots of other external sites are referring you.

When it comes to link building, you should always make sure that you build links from good-quality websites and that links are built in a more natural way. The main thing to note is that links should not be built for the sake of just backlinks. Links should be built in a way that should make sense both for the users and the Google crawlers as well.

As a business owner, if you are planning to build proper quality backlinks for your business website. Then the best option would be is to hire one of the SEO Consultants from ClickDo and we will help you get high-quality links built to your business websites from the top-notch UK-based business and news websites.

Why backlinks are vital in SEO?

Why backlinks are vital in SEO

When it comes to SEO, it’s divided mainly into two broad categories which are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. When it comes to On-Page SEO, it’s mostly all about fixing and optimizing the contents of the website to make it a perfect fit for Google.

On the other hand, Off-Page SEO deals with all the work which is done outside of the website to boost the brand authority on Google. Backlinks are one of the core factors in Off-Page SEO. Even if you have tons of content on the website and the On-Page is done properly, you definitely need some high-quality backlinks to boost the root domain authority of your website and improve the ranks on the Google Search Engine’s Results page.

Backlinks are divided into main categories like PR links, guest post links, forum links, infographic submission links, video submission links, PPT/PDF submission links, and many more. Overall PR links and the guest posts links should be given more importance to boost the ranking ability of the website on Google.

Things to consider when building backlinks

There are many things that you need to give importance to while building backlinks. Some of the core things are,

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Domain Rating
  3. Backlink Profile
  4. Organic Traffic
  5. Niche Relevance
  6. Spam Score

These are some of the important things which you need to give more importance to when it comes to link building in SEO. Now let’s see about each terminology more briefly.

1. Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a ranking score that is decided by MOZ for each of the websites. Each website on the internet is rated out of 100 by MOZ based on various factors like the number of backlinks that the domain has, contents, social signals, etc.

The higher the domain authority, the higher the brand value of the domain. Backlinks from high domain authority websites will help you to rank your websites fastly and links from such sites are more powerful than the websites with low domain authority.

2. Domain Rating (DR)

Domain Rating

Domain Rating is more similar to Domain Authority. This was calculated by Ahrefs and it’s mostly based on the same factors of how DA is calculated. The higher the domain rating, the more good the website is to build a backlink from it. When it comes to building links, you can always go for the domain authority and domain rating of 50+ as those sites are best for links.

With this being said, it’s not meant that low DA/DR websites are not meant for building links, even those links will have value and only thing is that they will have less link power than the sites with high DA/DR.

3. Backlink Profile

Backlinks Profile

Even if the website has good domain authority and domain rating, you should always have a look at the backlink profile. Make sure that the website has good quality backlinks from really premium domains. This will ideally help you get an idea that acquiring backlinks from such domains will help you boost your website authority and the ranks on Google SERPs.

4. Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

is the number of users that the website receives from Google Search and other search engines. Before selecting a website for building links, make sure that the website has good quality organic search traffic from Google SERPs. Building backlinks from high-traffic websites will always have a generic value in boosting your SEO. Try building links from high-traffic websites and it’s the best thing to do.

5. Niche Relevance

Niche Relevance

Niche relevancy should be followed and this is one of the most important things. For example, if you are planning to build a backlink to an online shopping site that sells T-Shirts, then building links from Fashion or Lifestyle-related blogs will help you get a good SEO boost. Also, you can build from general news and business websites as it will have a good value to your domain as well. But at the same time, it’s always recommended to give importance to the niche relevancy.

6. Spam Score

Spam Score

The spam score of a website is decided by many factors and when building links, you should always make sure that the website has a low spam score as much as possible. This should be given the least priority because even the big premium news websites will have a spam score, even though the domain is highly valuable.

What should not be done when it comes to link building?

What should not be done when it comes to link building

When it comes to link building, the normal mindset of the consultants would be is to build a bunch of links in a quick time. That is importance will be given to the number of links than the quality. But this is not the case in fact. In Link building, the quality of the links should be given more importance than the number of links.

You should never urge with link building and build hundreds of links in a quick time from a bunch of websites. The quality of the links should be given more importance and you should make sure that you get proper links to your website. You should not always fall for quantity in link building and it may result in bad SEO results.

This is the most common mistake which occurs when it comes to SEO and you should avoid this to build genuine backlinks in the proper time frequency to get the best SEO results.

How to build high DR links?

In link building, there are many super cool methods to build links. But you should always be aware that for quality links, you need to pay some commercial fees, and it’s not free. Below are some easy ways to get quality backlinks,

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Outreaching

1. Competitor Analysis

As an SEO consultant, we will do the competitor analysis based on your niche and will find the best websites from which your competitors are building backlinks. There are lots of tools available to find this and it can be done either using ahrefs or SEMRush. Based on this we will list the best websites from the competitor’s backlink profile. After that personal outreaching will be done to each website to publish a guest post and acquire the backlink.

This is one of the best ways to find top-notch websites relevant to your niche and get quality backlinks from the respective websites.

2. Outreaching

This is one of the common ways which everyone in this field follows to get a quality backlink. In this method, you can simply Google it and find some of the best websites based on your niche and outreach them personally requesting guest posts.

Based on the website authority, domain rating, organic traffic, and similar other factors, you need to pay a basic commercial fee to get your guest post published and get a quality backlink to your website. As mentioned earlier, quality backlinks are never available for Free and a commercial fee should be allocated to get the job done.

Does backlinks still work in SEO?

Does PBN backlinks work in SEO

In SEO, backlinks are one of the main factors and without backlinks, it’s not possible to rank for highly competitive terms on Google. Even if you have high-quality content and other stuff on your website, you should always make sure that your website has high-quality backlinks to rank on top of Google SERP’s.

Also, you should also make sure that On-Page SEO is done with proper quality content. Because backlinks alone will not help and you should have proper On-Page Optimization done. So both the content in On-Page SEO and the backlinks in the Off-Page SEO should be given equal importance to rank a business website on Google SERP’s

How to get free backlinks?

There are few options available to get free backlinks. But if you are aiming for high-quality backlinks, then they are never available for Free. The links which can be acquired for Free will usually have less value when compared with the other kind of backlinks.

Below are some of the backlinks types by which you can get free backlinks,

  1. Forum links
  2. Infographic links
  3. PDF Submissions
  4. PPT Submissions
  5. Video Submissions, etc

These are some of the options by using which you can get free backlinks. These backlinks will still have value, but not much when comparing to the links from high domain authority websites.

Does PBN backlinks work in SEO?

PBN called a Private Blog Network is the list of hundreds of thousands of websites that are on the internet maintained mainly to build backlinks to the client websites and rank them. These PBN blogs will not have much traffic, but the DA/DR will be decent. That is these blogs are used only for building backlinks.

In SEO, PBN links still work, but it all depends on how properly the PBN blogs are maintained by hosting them in unique IPs without footprints. When you are going for PBN backlinks, you can go in bulk, and at the same time, you should make sure that you build links in a legit way without spamming your website.

So the answer is, PBN links can be used in SEO and it still has more value and help you to improve the rankings of the business website on Google SERPs. It all depends on how you handle the link-building strategy plan.

How much does a backlink cost in the UK?

The cost of the backlinks will vary based on many factors like domain authority of the website, page authority of the website, domain rating of the website, organic traffic, backlink profile, and many more. For example, if you are planning to publish a guest post on a premium UK-based news site with DA/DR 50+ and with organic traffic of more than 10k per month. Then the price of the guest post may vary from £200 to £300 per post for a backlink.

So based on the site’s authority and the value of the domain, the price for the guest post may vary from website to website.

If you are planning to build high-quality backlinks for your website and improve the ranks on the Google SERPs. Then you can hire one of the consultants from ClickDo and we will help you to get backlinks from the premium UK-based and other similar websites for your business website. Our consultants have direct editorial accounts on many premium websites and hence we can help you to publish a guest post and get quality backlinks at the best affordable cost.

You can get in touch with us today by booking a free link-building consultation at and one of our consultants will get in touch with you with the required information and sample works.

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