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SEO Consultant Job in London

Love To Work At ClickDo;

We appreciate new talent and creativity in as far as SEO services are concerned. We strive to satisfy our customers and give them reason to come again and again. Join us today if you want to be part of young, innovative team at ClickDo.

Say What;

Are fascinated by solving complex challenges using creativity and innovation? Are you result oriented, and a good communicator? Then you could be just what we are looking for!

SEO Consultant in London – Job Description;

  • As the SEO consultant in London, you will be answering to new clients who’re interested in using our SEO services to advance their online marketing.
  • While working directly under the Director of SEO services, you’ll be expected to possess great communication and customer care skills, both orally and written.
  • Prior experience working in the SEO fraternity is an added advantage.
  • You’ll be needed to keep close tabs and progress records of all SEO clients. There are times you’ll have to travel to meet clients, or organize video conference sessions in order to engage them.
  • You must possess the ability to explain to clients the technical recommendations that you suggest, not to forget keywords strategies to use when helping the marketing campaign of clients.
  • Once you’ve brought a new SEO client on board, you’ll have a duty to constantly call them, engage them, and update them on the progress of their marketing campaigns.
  • Seeing that the SEO world is a continually changing one, you must always keep yourself updated and acquainted with the latest SEO skills, tricks, and solutions.

What We Expect From You;

  • Keep open communication channels at all times, so that both new and old clients can reach you each time they want to. This includes channels like social media accounts, phone number, Skype, and Emails.
  • Once clients communicate to you, you must strive to carryout follow-ups, set up meetings, and basically convince them why our SEO services are the best.
  • In order to convince them, you have to clearly spell out the Keywords strategy that can be implemented so as to help the client’s site improve on the ranking.
  • Seeing that we are a rapidly growing company, you’ll have several SEO clients to track, and keep record of. You’ll be expected to frequently update them on the progress of their projects.

Focus is on you;

  • SEO consultancy serves as the gateway through which any business must pass by, if it has to mount a successful marketing campaign.
  • As such, it’s very important that you possess, not just the academic papers, but also an ability to communicate convincingly, with courtesy, and with professionalism.
  • The SEO consultant in London should be someone capable of expanding the client base and helping steer our company to profitability.
  • As a SEO consultant in London, you’ll never walk alone; you’re always part of a team that works together, assists the other, and we’ll also ensure that you are given as much support as you need to get going.
  • You will meet other experienced SEO consultants who will guide you on how to engage clients, bring them onboard, and ensure that their marketing campaigns are successful.
  • There will be targets to be met, we will push you to deliver; but always within your limits and as part of a dedicated team.

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