How to build website authority smoothly & boost SEO


Increasing your websites domain authority is very important. It will not happen overnight or even in 90 days as explained by Ahref blog post. When I read that article I wanted to make some points and that’s why I’m writing this post.

I’ve gone through all the points they’ve mentioned and they are true, however, it will take more than 90 days to gain website authority. I mean increasing domain’s authority to level you can drop a blog post or page and Google bots will places in the first page or at least top 3-5 pages and quickly move it to the first page without any backlinks.

ClickDo website and our SEO blog have achieved such by now after over 3 years of hard work. A couple of days back I dropped an article about how to make money in the UK, and bam it’s already on the 3rd page and on the first page for many long tail keywords. Likewise, many of our blogs (we started doing much blogging last two months), are rolling up on SERP’s without and links. Because the domain authority is so high that Google has picked us up as a trusted website/blog.

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