Why you need the fastest UK web hosting for business websites

Fastest UK Business Hosting

When it comes to business web hosting we always advise business owners to get the fastest UK web hosting for their own websites.

The speed of how your website loads matters significantly for the search engine optimization. If you check ClickDo.co.uk page speed insights you can see how such a heavy website has scored above 90% and performs well. That’s one main reason why we rank for so many keywords on search engines.

Today we moved the website of Expert Payroll Services to one of our SeekaHost London-based web hosting servers. They are a successful payroll services company and their webpage needs to load faster. In order to achieve this we offered them to host their website on one of our UK servers, which are based in London. This means 10X the loading speed and we only want the best for our clients!

So what is the fastest UK web hosting service?

Now, you might think we are biased to promise that SeekaHost UK is the fastest UK web hosting company! SeekaHost is one of the sister companies of ClickDo Ltd. and Fernando started SeekaHost Ltd. this year after its success in the US and India with seekahost.com,

However, because Fernando wants to provide a great website hosting experience for many UK-based businesses he invested a lot of time and effort setting up and expanding SeekHost Ltd. with a mission to keep his promise. To see for yourself that he stands by what he promotes, check our client’s websites like EOT Cleaning and see for yourself how quickly and brilliantly they load.

SeekaHost UK is the fastest UK web hosting

SeekaHost Web Hosting Company

When you check the websites SeekaHost hosts for UK businesses, you will surely get to understand which is the UK’s fastest web hosting provider.

Why do you need to use the fastest UK web hosting for your website?

The speed really matters when it comes to SEO.

You can read this Page on why speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search

At ClickDo looking at the page speed is one of the main things we do when conducting a technical SEO audit and we improve it by hosting the page on a cloud server or a local UK server.

When a website loads fast people can access is easily and even if they have a weak internet signal it will pull up and load. No one will want to wait forever until a slow website comes up. Another negative side effect is a higher bounce rate and this does impact SEO outcomes.

You can also read the article on why page speed matters to SEO and what to do about it

So what do we propose at ClickDo for UK-based business websites to get optimal results?

Business Web Hosting At Seekahost

Get your business websites hosted on one of the SeekaHost super fast business website hosting servers. You can get your ideal hosting plan with one of the fastest UK web hosting services providers. We do a complete migration from your web hosting provider to SeekaHost servers in less than a day. Normally in a matter of minutes. But we ask for a day to make sure all goes well.

You can check the SeekaHost business website hosting packages that start from £7.99 per month.

You can call us to learn more about the speed testing and whether it would work for your website.

Because buying web hosting is like buying good land to build your house, so it must be done right.

You can even try SeekaHost business web hosting for 14 days to see how it goes for your business and that way you know how it feels to use the fastest UK web hosting services provider for your business website.



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