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GDPR aftermath – how businesses can cope

Since yesterday, May 25th 2018, the new EU legislation on data protection called “General Data Protection Regulation” has come into effect all over the world and already problems for small and big businesses have emerged! Specifically, tech companies appear to have been struggling with the implementation of the changes in data protection. Services like Pinterest’s ... Read More

Why SEO proffesionals are some of the most disciplined proffesions you will find in the digital world

Business owners like to whine on how expensive SEO professionals are, or how little results they actually drive. This is the result of bad players in the industry. For the genuine ones, that can rank most websites on top of Google, the business owners would be happy to pay even more and the reason for ... Read More

The 2020 digital economy and how you can get ready for it today?

The internet is continuing to expand, especially in emerging markets and countries. Many new smartphones are coming online and the internet keeps getting traction with new technologies emerging all the time. There’s always opportunities – don’t be left out The digital economy and innovation always provides opportunities. While they might of been biger 10-15 years ... Read More

6 tech industries in UK that should utilize SEO for their website to become a top online brand

Technologies are becoming more advanced and as people spend more time online, the demand for digital solutions and services is increasing enormously. Some technology startups address issues in the physical world by utilizing technology, however, there’s an increasing number of solutions that solve digital issues are are parts of fully digital value chains.   In ... Read More