How to start your home based SEO business?


Starting an SEO business can be very lucrative and anyone can start it nowadays. There are so many ways you can learn SEO skills and master the art to Rank & Bank. The home based SEO jobs are high in demand and many people look for SEO remote jobs saying they are interested in virtual SEO jobs. I get many people asking me how they can start to work from home SEO jobs.

So in this article, I will look into all those and tell you my story and how you can also start and build an SEO business from home.

I’ve started my SEO services business after reading an article back in 2013 about rising industries in the UK. The article mentioned that every business owners will demand SEO services and consultants who have the knowledge will be paid well.

So I started to read more and more about search engine optimization. Back then I used to learn about Yahoo, Bing and even how to rank on Chinese search engine. But now all you need to know is to rank on Google and you are good to rank your website and even get paid to rank business owners websites.

UK business owners are seeking SEO consultants every day. When their ranks drop they try to look new SEO experts who can support their SEO and ranks for the money keywords.

SEO business is such a money market when your current clients rank drops, they might leave you but a ton of other new business owners wants to hire you. The thing is you must be good at ranking and of course your goal should be to retain your existing clients and serve them well.

So how can you start a home based SEO business?

  • First, learn SEO skill as shown on the online SEO training course done by me.
  • Then practice it on one of your websites and seriously know that you have the skills to rank. Ideally, you should try to rank in your local area or a city where you live or planning to get clients.
  • Then, start emailing prospecting business owners with free SEO audits done by your showing how they can improve their SEO and how you can help.
  • If you have a confidence, call business owners each day. Call 50 a day and you shall have 2-3 appointments to meet and close the deals.
  • Start going to business networking events. If you are in the UK, got o BNI meetings. That’s the best place to land clients. I got my first orthodontic niche client at a BNI meeting I went back in 2014.
  • You really have to be out at places where business people gather. To tell you I got my very first client Quick Wasters through my lawyer. I have told her when I met her that i do SEO services and even asked her to send over any business people she deals with at my way. And that’s how I got my first client.

I worked from home till early 2016 doing all the  SEO work for clients. I tell my clients I work remotely and I work while traveling. Business owners really do not care where you work from as long as they feel that you can rank their business website and help them get more leads, customers and have sales.

I even got one of my till to date biggest clients FCI London when I was still working from home living in Queensbury, London. Then the client came to meet me and I said let’s meet at Morrisons supermarket and they hired me to do SEO. To be honest, at the start they only paid me £200 per month and I was happy. But they doubled, tripped and again double and started paying multiple 4 figures per month.

So what I must tell you is that you can start a home based SEO services business and work your way up.

I started with SEO and in this article, I explained how to start an SEO business easily. Have a read and you will get some good ideas.

With that being said, if you really want to learn the most advanced SEO skills to rank local business websites check how to start an SEO business easily

Guys SEO is the most amazing skill set you should learn. I can tell you about my experience because I learned SEO skills and become the #1 SEO Consultant in London, I’m here right now living the life in Canary Wharf, London.

If you have any questions, connect with me on Facebook and shoot me an email to learn more about how to start your home based SEO consultancy services business.

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