Why SEO proffesionals are some of the most disciplined proffesions you will find in the digital world


Business owners like to whine on how expensive SEO professionals are, or how little results they actually drive. This is the result of bad players in the industry. For the genuine ones, that can rank most websites on top of Google, the business owners would be happy to pay even more and the reason for this is the enormous work it actually take to rank a website.

Keeping up to date with the updates

Any SEO’r can relate to this, but for the non-insiders – there are continued Google algorithm updates that affect the search results. Some are big ones and some are smaller one, but the point is – the game is always changing and SEO professionals need to keep up with the algorithmic changes to keep ranking.

This process requires enormous amounts of testing, keeping track of what’s working where and reading up on what others in the industry are saying. It’s tough and there are hundreds of small updates per year. Google has to do them to increase their PPC revenues.

seo-grinderDifferent methods, different approaches

While fundamentally SEO is very straight forward – make a site appear to be popular and encouraged by internet users, how that actually pans out to the details in the optimizing process is up to the individual SEO’rs. People have different approaches and there once again is an enermous element of testing things out, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

It’s common for SEO professionals to run different, small side projects just to test things out and experiment. It allows for reflection so that the best strategies can then be implemented for client websites to rank them in a speedy and non-spammy manner. All of this keeping up to date takes enormous amounts of time and does not directly bring in the revenues. It’s basically a commitment to the skill and what it takes to be a part of the good side of the SEO industry.

Enormous amounts of tehnical tasks

Ranking a site on top of Google requires a good on-page optimization as well as the off-page. The on-page takes some practice and keeping up to date, a bit of technical skills and you’re set to go.

The off-page is enormously tough and is the real challenge – professional agencies keep a back-log of their own websites and networks, to link to the sites they want to rank. This is very simply put a lot of grinding. All those sites require keeping up to date with, adding new contents to and even the actual cash costs add up, too.

This can really be related to SEO, too.

That’s not all – once the back-end infrastructure is there, there’s also the actual back-link creation. So once the SEO’r spends the first 2 hours of his day keeping up to date, reading up and working on the experiment projects, he then has to spend another 2 just to update his back-end infrastructure, followed by another 6 hours of actually working on client sites.

This work is incredibly tehnical – you’re doing the same task for hours at the same time. It requires physical and mental focus on the task.


So next time you get a quote from an SEO agency, don’t wonder where the price comes from or if it’s too big. Question the agency – are they fakers? Will they take your money and not move a finger to rank you? Do they have the skills?

If you find a truly skilled SEO agency, that ranks on top of other sites, you are lucky – they are rare. These are the guys that you should not be cheap with – they will simply leave you. At ClickDo for instance, we get calls everyday.


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