8 Startup sectors in London that should consider SEO consultancy to thrive in 2017


SEO is and will remain a great user acquisition channel even way into 2025. It’s a habit for people to search for things and social media does not fundamentally offer the same functionality.

So here are 8 startup sectors that should utilize SEO as a marketing channel.

1. Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a sector classified by 2 big groups of players: the massive ones like Amazon and the small ones specializing on a nice items and providing information on the products with premium prices for the product lines.

While we are increasingly seeing niche specific ecommerce sites building social media presence, the business model is still about providing information to people as they search for it online and then providing the associated products. Social media is for the long term, where as SEO will return an instant ROI.


Software as a service, also known as SaaS, is to benefit enormously from SEO. Professionals don’t shop on Facebook and while Twitter and LinkedIn are great alternatives, SEO is the way to go.

Fundamentally, this is because of the problem solving nature of SaaS and we all know how we solve problems we have – by asking to Google.

3. Fintech

Fintech is very similar to that of SaaS in it’s pricing models and similar. The more consumer oriented FinTech businesses, like credit ranking checks or saving portals, can enjoy enormous benefits by creating authoritative blogs on savings tips and similar.

Authoritative blogs also span into the business sectors – professionals also search for information online, especially on accounting and law.

fintech-startups-seo4. Media

This is a very obvious one – you can attract viewers to your blogs and media websites by SEO. Make sure the on-page is supreme to increase your chances. Contact us for help.

5. MedTech

Medicine technology is picking up rapidly and it’s not a surprise – it’s a sector with a lot of room for innovation and deep pockets. The NHS is a massive part of the UK’s budget and so a good innovation is likely to be enormously profitable, too. What’s more – the UK and EU generally has some of the worlds most elderly populations, creating constant demand for MedTech innovations.

Businesses that focus on patient advice or tracking solutions are to benefit rapidly from SEO. Not only authoritative blogs, but ranking for buyer terms, too.

6. Leasing and renting

AirBnB ranks on Google, so does Gumtree or any other site that offers you to rent or lease anything. This are on-demand services and are the best to promote on Google by SEO. Social media doesn’t even stand close here.

While not particularly startups, may companies in the ProTech (property technology), could enjoy great benefits from SEO.

7. Corporate wellness

There have always been many people trying to sell services of some sorts to corporate’s. What’s changing recently is that many of these services are becoming portals of some sorts or they are information based.

Anything to do with information or free advice – SEO is your best friend to acquire those clients. Especially for corporate’s and small businesses – these people do search online.

8. Recruitment

Any technology startups in the recruitment space should be looking at utilizing SEO. While recruiters do look at Facebook, ranking for terms like “SEO jobs in London” can be an amazing channel for user acquisition for recruitment platforms.

job-search-seoClickDo – helping you rank

SEO is an incredibly hard process, it requires commitment and back-end resources. For this reason, you either need to find a co-founder with these skills, have the skills yourself or outsource to an agency.

The effect will be amazing and long lasting effect, start now and rank in 2017. The steady increase in traffic will also help you with the fundraising and traction for your startup company.

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