How much does SEO cost in UK?

how much does seo cost uk

What is SEO?

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way of optimizing your business or blogging website to make it search engine friendly and ideally rank on the top spots of the Google search results for the user searched query. In simple words, SEO is the way of optimizing and ranking a website on Google and another search engine for user search queries. If you are a business owner, you may have a common question like how much does SEO cost in the UK to rank a website? the answer is here!

Search Engine Optimization is not as a simple task as you think. Optimizing and ranking a business website will be more complex and it depends on various factors like niche competition, domain value and authority, content quality, and many more. In this blog, let’s see in more detail about SEO and the cost involved.

Do you need SEO for your business in the UK?

SEO for your business in UK

Well, the usage of online platforms like search engines is increasing day by day. As a business owner, you should really understand the user behavior to sell your service or product more effectively. Normally these days users have started using mobile devices to find any service or to buy any product.

Hence, as a business owner in the UK, You should make sure that the services or products which are offered are easily accessible for the native buyer via online platforms like Google Search or Social Media platforms.

Irrespective of the business services that you are offering, SEO is a must for all kinds of businesses in the UK to make sure that they reach the right audience and drive more inquiries to their business. SEO is one of the best and most reliable ways for all businesses to target the right audience via Google Search.

How does SEO work?

how does seo works

Search Engine Optimization is a kind of research and implementation to rank each business website. There is no written static rule to rank a website. SEO cant is defined like, do this and it will rank. SEO is a kind of more research thing and it involves more time and investment to rank any business website for the desired keyword on Google search.

SEO mainly involves two core categories, one is On-Page SEO and the other is Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO deals with all the optimization and the update works which is done on your website. Whereas, Off-Page SEO involves all kinds of work that is done outside of your website to boost your authority and rank it on SERPs.

How long does it take to rank a website?

SEO rank a website

As mentioned earlier, there is no fixed rule or time duration to rank a website on Google SERPs. SEO is all about research and improving the ranking of a business website. The time duration to rank a website depends on many factors as listed below like,

  • Website authority
  • Competition in that specific niche
  • Keyword competition
  • Brand value, etc

If yours is a brand new website then it will take around 6 to 8 months to rank it on the first page for the desired keywords and then to move to the top. But still, it depends on lots of many other factors.

At ClickDo, we have worked on many different niches and ranked many business websites related to dental, pest control, rubbish removal, photography, orthodontist niche, and many more. We have listed some of the SEO case studies below,

Dentist SEO –

Rubbish Removal SEO –

Cleaning Services SEO –

Pest Control SEO –

Hair Transplant SEO –

Orthodontist SEO –

Photography Studio SEO –

Payroll Services SEO –

Car Wash SEO –

Above listed SEO case studies by ClickDo will help you get an idea about how ClickDo SEO experts are best in working on any given niche and rank your business website on Google SERP’s

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How much does SEO cost in UK?

When it comes to the cost of SEO, it is still not a fixed value and it depends on many factors like keyword competition, niche competition, website authority, the current status of the website on Google SERP and many more.

Normally SEO Cost UK may start around £1000 per month and the maximum price may go up depending on the website and keywords. If you are looking for SEO for your website, you should never look for cheap SEO as it’s a one time work and since you are building brand value for your website, you need to hire the best SEO consultants like experts from ClickDo who has vast experience in ranking in different niches.

Still, SEO packages may vary like £2000 or £3000 per month depending upon your investment budget for backlinks. The thing you need to understand here is that the part of the SEO fee which you pay will be allocated for link building and other works which involve a specific cost.

Specific budget from your SEO fee will be allocated to different activities like On-Page blogging work, link building works, Citation building works, many more.

How much does SEO cost for small businesses?

seo cost for small business

Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, Google will treat all the business websites equally and the completion will vary from niche to niche. Hence even if you are a small business owner or a larger one, the minimum price of the SEO will cost you around £1000 to get the best SEO results.

When it comes to SEO, the toughness of ranking a website can be determined only by niche competition and not the size of the business. Hence if you are looking for the best SEO, it’s better to invest in it and get the results.

What will be included in the SEO package?

The SEO retainer fee will include many-core SEO elements. We have listed some of the basic things included in the package. Still it depends on the website and it may vary.

The SEO functionalities may vary from site to site and these are just normal things and they will vary based on each business website.

Do you need to pay monthly for SEO?

SEO is never a one-time fee and it’s a monthly investment to optimize your business website and rank it on SERPs. You need to pay on monthly basis for the SEO experts to make sure that the link building works and the On-Page blogging works are done consistently to rank your website on Google for the desired keywords.

Investing in SEO is like investing in an asset for your business. Once the website is ranked on top for your target keywords. Then your business website will be flooded with organic traffic free of cost. But this being said, it involved more time and investment along with the very strategic plan to rank a website on Google.

Does cheap SEO work?

There are many agencies and freelancers who offer cheap SEO packages for the price of £200 to £400 per month or even less. But definitely, this is never a deal and SEO is not that cheap to work with. For example, to build a really powerful backlink from a premium blog like eBusiness Blog ( will cost around £100 per post. So hiring an SEO consultant for £200 per month will definitely not get you a link from such sites.

At ClickDo, we work closely with all the businesses, and each month specific budget will be allocated for backlinks as it’s the main core thing in SEO. Our SEO experts have permanent editorial accounts in premium UK-based blogs like eBusiness Blog, Live Business Blog, London Local News, UK Business Magazine, etc where we will help you get publications for your business with a backlink.

Hence, spending time with cheap SEO packages is a definite NO. If you are really looking to rank a website, hire the best SEO consultants and leave the job to them to do it.

How to hire the best SEO consultant?

best seo consultant in uk

Nowadays, there are many freelancers and SEO agencies who are offering SEO services at different prices. But you should always take time and think twice before hiring an SEO consultant for your business.

First, before hiring an SEO consultant, you should always look for their previous works and case studies by them. For example, at ClickDo we have listed many SEO case studies where our SEO experts have worked in different niches and ranked for many keywords with the competition.

So reviewing the previous works will help you get an idea to know how good a particular agency or consultant is. At ClickDo, our SEO Consultants have worked with many different verticals and also ranked many websites for highly competitive terms.

Before hiring an agency, you should be very clear with your SEO requirements and the keywords which you are looking to rank for. So based on that you can get the insights from the consultants and take it forward. But you should be always clear with your goal before speaking with an SEO agency.

Lastly, before hiring an SEO agency, check out their online presence and reviews from the existing clients. Checking the Google reviews will help you get an idea about how good an agency is at offering the services. At ClickDo, we have 100+ potential and positive Google reviews about our SEO work. We do also have lots of video testimonials from the existing clients which you can find at our website.

Overall, before hiring an SEO agency or a consultant, you need to have a look at their background and existing client feedback to get an idea about them. This will help you hire the best SEO consultant for your business website.

How much does SEO cost in the UK? – FAQ

1. Can I get SEO for a very cheap price?

SEO is not a cheap service to look for. As mentioned in detail in this blog, SEO involves lots and lots of work and many investments. Hence if you are really looking for a good SEO consultant, then it’s never available for a cheap price. The cost of SEO in the UK will be decided based on the keywords and the stats of the business website and it’s never a fixed value.

2. Can I get my website ranked in quick time?

Optimizing a business or a blogging website for proper SEO and ranking it on Google SERPs will take time and there is no fixed time duration. The time to rank a website may vary always and if you are trying to rank a brand newly built business website then it will take some time depending on the niche.

3. Do I need to pay for SEO every month?

When it comes to SEO, it’s not a one-time fee and you need to pay the monthly retainer fee to get the website optimized and ranked on Google. Even the pricing may vary based on the various factors as discussed above in this blog.

4. Do I need to pay for SEO still after ranking my website?

In SEO, even if your website is ranked #1 for a particular keyword or the desired keyword. Still, you need to keep on updating the website with proper On-Page content and backlinks to sustain the ranks. There will be frequent updates by Google and hence to withstand those updates, you need to keep doing the SEO work.

5. Can the ranking be guaranteed within a specific time?

SEO is all about mainly research and implementation, there is no guarantee that your business website can be ranked within a particular time frame. The time taken for the website to rank on Google will vary from website to website and from time to time. So there is no fixed time frame to rank a business website.

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