Musings of an SEO Guy

The Musings of an SEO guy

The Musings of an SEO guy


Playing Devils Advocate with SEO

A question came up about whether websites that link to your website need traffic, and yes a website having traffic can only be a good thing – I like to play devils advocate and see both sides of the coin.

This is because it is easy to logically assume that a website with no traffic means that the link is not very good.

You could perhaps argue that if a link with traffic is a 7 out of 10 then a link with no traffic is like a 3 out of 10.

So is there value in getting links from such sites and does it even help with rankings?

I listened to a guy called Greg Morrison, he is someone that is in the shadows behind the scenes in the SEO world, he is happy testing on his websites and just doing SEO every day. So you may not have heard of him but some regard him as the PBN king.

A PBN is a private blog network, where you buy websites that have decent power or relevance to the website you are trying to rank. Then you build the website out to a basic level, put some articles on it and in one of those articles link to your website.

These websites generally have no traffic or very little because they are no value, often they have spun content or just generic content – just to fill the website with something.

So Greg Morrison ran a test, and he wanted to find out a few things.

Can you rank a website with a curse word in?

Can you rank a website with just PBN’s? (plus a few directory links and Web 2.0 links)

Can you rank a website with PBN’s with little to no traffic?

Can you rank a website with none of the technical SEO techniques people use? (for example Schema)

Can you rank a website with no Name, Address or Phone Number for the business?

Can you rank a website with terrible content and brute force it with links?

miami seo bitch

So the website is called and basically he wanted to break the BS around SEO and show that you can rank with pure links and a partial match URL website.

He has only just worked on it in the last 6 months to make it look a bit prettier and have a couple of those things because he found someone to send the leads to, he was ranking top 5 with his old version and was like hhmm i may as well do it up a bit and sell the leads.

His good friend Kotton Grammar has been ranking number 1 for Miami SEO for like 8 years and he wasn’t trying to outrank him just to make it to the first page to show what can be done.

kotton grammer media

You also have Ryan Stewarts Webris ranking at the top for Miami SEO and he just sold that for several million dollars.


Now obviously the best leads that Ryan and Kotton got were probably not from their websites, but you can bet your bottom dollar that both Kotton and Ryan were investing in their website to make it rank higher simply for credibility when they talk to prospects.

I know at least Kotton was investing a few thousand dollars per month to keep his number 1 rankings (this was across many USA cities not just for Miami)

I really like this case study that Greg Morrison has created on miamiseobitch because it just throws out all the nonsense of SEO and shows that behind it all links are all you need and you can brute force it.

Now obviously google will become smarter and figure more of this out over time, it has already started going that way as you know.

But for me, this website is like a canary in the coal mine, as long as it stays top of the search the PBN’s are still alive and kicking (PBN’s done right of course).

Not that I would ever use PBN’s at this point, but it does fascinate me – just like Kyle Roof who ranked a website number 1 for rhinoplasty Plato (which is a decent-sized city in Texas) in 2 months with just lorem ipsum plus the main keywords and a few web 2.0 and directory links – that to me is like a Picasso or a Mozart – a rare peek behind the google curtain.

It was literally like this – lorem ipsum Rhinoplasty Plato lorem ipsum etc

Also, he did this in a competition against the top SEO’s in the industry and beat them all with it.

These 2 experiments show in the rawest form how powerful links are and content with your keywords are.


The Rollercoaster of Search Engine Optimisation

ups and downs of seo

We had a question from one of our clients, basically, we have taken their website from outside the top 100 for their number 1 keyword, and we got the website to 24th within a couple of months.

However just this last week it dropped from 20th to around 50th position. Below my thoughts on the matter.

My personal opinion is in each niche there are a handful of main money keywords that I don’t know how but perhaps google realises somehow these are the number 1 keywords that people are going for – and for those, it does funny things with.

For example, on Happy Koala (my personal SEO agency website) my longtails were like page 2 after a month and a half but SEO agency Birmingham was stuck down in 100.

Then it gets to 2 months and more long tails are moving up and SEO agency is bouncing in and out of top 100, then 3 months and more long tails are moving up and SEO agency Birmingham is bouncing around at the bottom of the top 100 and stabilising, then out of nowhere it bounced up from 80th to 20th in one day.

So for me, it makes sense that the main keyword is going to do weird things compared to the long tails, but if it has gone up to 20th position there is a good reason behind it – it’s like google letting you look behind the curtain for 5 minutes of what the future may hold.

The bouncing down is simply just stabilising because it has moved up fairly quickly from nowhere and it’s like the stock market – it bounces to new highs then drops to new lows which is a higher low than it was previously, then it steadies itself and bounces to new highs again.

If google thought the site was worthy of being 20th position then it means things are on the right track, Google isn’t just accidentally putting you in 20th position for no reason and it not like it is trying to test the site out because there is no traffic there, and since then all we have done is add more good quality links – just got to wait for it to kick in.

It’s sometimes a little bit of a rollercoaster with loop the loops and scary moments but all the while you’re moving forward around the track and getting closer to the finish line.

The Monthly SEO Agency Headache

monthly headache with invoice seo clients

Below is part of a conversation I was having with an SEO consultant about the headache of chasing clients each month to pay their monthly invoice.

Below is my reply, I am not a sales guy but I do like logic and I think the below answer makes the most sense.

I understand about the invoicing situation that is a difficult one.

On paper in my head – it makes sense to frame the client like this and say.


So let me ask you a question

Mr client, does it make sense to spend a couple of hours each month for the next 6 to 12 months chasing you to pay an invoice each month, not just that but then multiply that by all out clients.

this is valuable time that is wasted for both of us that could be used more productively with you running your business and us helping your website rank higher in Google

this is why we have an auto bill each month to keep it simple and easy for both of us.

you will be able to see everything that we have done and are going to do with our live report which you can access at any time.

and on top of that, you are free to cancel with 30 days notice if you are not completely satisfied so you are completely in control.

Does this make sense to you?

(what can they say here other than yes because it is a win-win for both parties)


Now, this makes logical sense and it’s being put over in a way that’s a benefit to them.

Like I say on paper this makes sense for both parties in my opinion.

Reality is obviously a lot different but try it next time you get a client and ask them if they think auto bill is right for them.

How to make money from your blog? (Steps to earning blogging)


What is blogging? is a questions I had I always wondered and how does blogging work when you have your own blog?

Since I teamed up with ClickDo, it was never easier to understand the whole strategy. And I can tell you that anybody learn the ways to earn money online, blogging. But it needs a lot of effort and time put into it. In the beginning, because later on basically it’s a money making machine.

What do you need to earn money online?

It will take some time and many blogs to write until you build authority on the web. But if you are determined to make it happen and start making money from your bedroom, then it will happen. You need to be persistent, patient and hard working in all areas. Not only writing but also advertising and presenting. I’ll give you two examples of blogs. One is my own blog which I’m starting now and I’m on my way to really crush it. And the second one is a UK Business Blog which is running so good this year. I’m publishing new blogs on my website every single day, of course, they have to be related to my niche, not having cooking recipes in it.

Start a blog and write daily

My niche is media and digital marketing. I write about videography, photography, marketing, social media, SEO but with the biggest focus on creatives of all kinds. Sometimes I even write about other people or companies, to make it more interesting for the reader. It doesn’t always have to be only about me. I also plan to interview a few entrepreneurs, photographers and business people for my blogs which breaths another fresh air into it. There are many topics to write about and many ways to get in touch with new people from your industry. And your blog will make all these things easier.

Step by step towards making money

Create a blog section on your website and start posting daily. If you have more time, you can post multiple times of the day. Write a blog about current topics, about what you’ve learned recently or what you have done for your clients and so on. You can write longer or shorter blogs but the longer the better, from an SEO perspective. Also learn how to optimize a blog for Google, here is a great article on How to write SEO friendly blog titles for the blog posts to boost ranks.

Why my blog needs authority?

Build the general authority on the web, create courses and build your online profiles. Once you get the authority, you can start earning money. Keep reading and also watch this video on building authority online.

Once you have enough blogs, start offering your blog for guest posting. So I’m a videographer and you can see my website at and my plan is to offer my blog section to other videographers to post their articles about videography. And I will charge for it of course, because I built a blog which has authority and a good reach in the niche.

How do you turn your blog into a money making machine?

Why would they pay? They can place links to their sites and services on this blog, so it is advertising for them as well as good SEO. Their name will be seen by my audience as well which is exactly the audience they want. Videographers and people who want videography. For me it’s a win too, I get the money and they share my blog because they published their articles on it. Meaning – I get even more authority online. And of course more content to my website without actually doing anything anymore.

So once you build a blog with authority, your work is done more or less, it can run by itself. However, to get there, it takes a lot of time and effort. Give yourself the challenge to write a blog every single day for 30 days like Neil Franklin. If you can do it, then you’re all set up!

Successful blogs that make money

A good example of turning your blog into a good profit is UK Business Blog which is a role model of a successful guest post and blogging service. It generates money daily either with placing links on the existing articles or publishing new ones. It ranks #1 on Google and the content is business relevant and focused on the UK market. Companies publish their business stories with nice long articles, linking to their sites and they promote themselves this way as well as they get a backlink to their site for the SEO purposes.

How to promote my blog?

You can promote your blog in many ways but the best way is to make videos and publish it on all of social media. Create a video where you explain what is your blog about, what are the benefits of posting on your blog, how does it work to get published. And then circulate it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. You might even create campaigns but the main thing is to make multiple different videos and have it everywhere. If you don’t have much time, ClickDo Media can help you with your video production.

You don’t have to create social media profiles for your blog from the beginning, it will be much easier to promote it on your existing accounts from the start. Post Instagram and Facebook stories showing your blog, talking about it. Every single day put some video out there and explain to business owners why they should publish their business stories on your blog.

It’s your time to make money online

So these are some tips on how to make money from your blog. Anybody can do it. You can pick the topic that you like the most, the topic that you’re passionate about and want to write about it every day. Remember to write daily, once article per day at least and make it very SEO friendly too. Promote your blog with a nice video and do some email marketing, but only after you really grow it with your articles and have some good visitor reach daily.

How To Get High Quality Backlinks For Free

Get High Quality Backlinks For Free

There are many ways to get high quality backlinks for free for your new website. We cover the main 3 ways to get the best links for your website.

Get High Quality Backlinks For FreeHigh Quality Directory Websites

So the easiest backlinks a business can get is from directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp and Thompson Local.

There are many great directories on the internet and you should be on as many of the good ones as possible because

  1. You never know where your next customer will find you
  2. It is easy backlinks from good trusted websites
  3. It builds a brand across the internet
  4. It gives your business more trust and relevance in Google’s eyes
  5. They help you rank in the local search results and in the Google map results

Directory links are always the first place we look to get good foundational links to a website.


We have put together the top free local business listing sites UK to get listed on.

There are 3 different kinds of directory links

  1. General directories like Yellow pages –  type in business directories in Google and you will find a lot
  2. Niche relevant directories like Trust a Trader – type in lawyer directories if you are a lawyer or dentist directories if you are a dentist.
  3. Local directories like All in London or Birmingham Post –  type in London directories

The general directories are usually the biggest so give you authority.

The niche relevant directories are specific to your business so give you relevance.

The local directories are specific to your location so they give you trust.


We have put together the top free local business listing sites uk to get listed on.

High Authority Niche Relevant Backlinks

We don’t think there is ‘1 thing you can do to rank at the top of Google’

But out of the hundreds of different things you can do, one of the most effective is called Guest Posts.

A guest post is an article on a high powered website that is relevant to your niche.

They are great because

  1. They are high powered so will help build your authority
  2. They are relevant so they help build your trust and relevancy
  3. You can get your keywords in the title and the anchor text
  4. You can choose what the article is about
  5. A good business should be linked to by websites in their industry

We use guest posts for our own website, which is why we rank number 1 for SEO consultant London in Google.

Which you can see here

seo consultants london number 1 Google ranking

We also use guest posts for our clients which is why they rank at the top of Google.

For example, we just recently ranked Angel Orthodontists who are a London dentist number 2 for the search term Orthodontist London.

This search term gets 1900 searches per month, so they are very happy right now.

Which you can see here

angel orthodontist rankings

We have a whole load of case studies we can show you, so we made a page with some examples and more information about our Guest Posting Services.

How to find websites to Guest Post on

  1. Go to Google and type in

[keyword] “write for us”

[keyword] “guest post”

[keyword] “Submit an article”

[keyword] “guest blog”


So it will look like

guest blog

Then simply contact each one through email or their contact form, and ask them how you can get a guest blog on your websites.

You may have to write your own articles or some of them will write one for you. It varies from site to site.

Sometimes they will ask for a fee to post on their website.

But if you get in contact with enough people you will find websites that will happily post good quality niche relevant content for free.

Which means you can with some rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work get high quality backlinks for free.

High Quality Web 2.0 Backlinks

One of the most common missed opportunities that we see on people’s websites, is that they have not built a moat around their castle (their website).

What we mean by this is that there are social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Most businesses are only on a couple of these.

There are also other websites that we call Web 2.0’s – these are simply other places you can put a branded page about your business on.

For example, there are blogging websites like Tumblr, Weebly, WordPress, and Blogger.

One of the most fundamental aspects of your search engine optimisation strategy should be Web 2.0’s.

These are websites across the internet that you can get a branded page to put your content on.

When you create a blog post on your website, it can be sent out to all these social websites and Web 2.0 websites.

This gets you easy links which help you rank, and it also makes you look like a serious business in Google’s eyes so you will rank higher in the search engines over time.

For a full list of Web 2.0 websites, to get your business on visit Knowem.

Until next time

P.S. If you would like us to do the hard work for you, we are partnered with over 100 business websites in the UK and can manage your guest posting for you. Click Here to see our Guest Posting Service 

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Are Nofollow Links Valuable?

Are Nofollow Links Valuable? – Expert Answers

Are Nofollow Links Valuable

So Nofollow links get a lot of criticism and slack.

First of all, what is a nofollow link?

A nofollow link is a link that tells search engines to not increase a page’s ranking because of that backlink. This was initially created to stop people from ranking by spamming their links everywhere.

A dofollow link which is the opposite of a nofollow link will allow the search engines to influence the rankings of a page.

Since nofollow links will not affect your rankings, does that mean you shouldn’t build them?

Absolutely not. You should have a healthy mix of nofollow links in your backlink profile.

You see, you want your website to be a brand. Something that people type into search engines. And what do brands do? Brands create a social media presence.

And when you link back to your site on a social media platform like Twitter, the link pointing to your site is a nofollow link. You see, nofollow links can help you rank in the sense that they’re creating trust.

Bring in real traffic

It’s not always the best thing to do if you’re thinking about not building a link because it’s a nofollow.

You see, blog comments are typically nofollow. However, I’ve still driven traffic to many of my sites through these nofollow backlinks.

Have you been given the chance to post on an authoritative niche site? Do it! Regardless if the link is a dofollow or nofollow because people can still click through your link and land on your website.

A link on an authority website can build trust in the eyes of search engines, regardless if it’s a dofollow or nofollow backlink and bring in traffic.


Nofollow links are still very important in 2019. They build trust and show Google that your link profile is actually natural.

Why are you building links in the first place? To get traffic through ranking on Google. Well you can also get traffic through many different methods and a lot of them include leaving a nofollow link. These methods include guest posting, commenting on forums, and blog commenting.


How Guest Posts can be used to build natural links?


Link Building is the core part of the Off- Page SEO which you should do in a very strategic manner by without letting the Google to realize that you are building links manually.

Guest posts are one of the natural ways of building authority links to your website in an SEO friendly way.

Here let’s see how guest posts helped me to rank some of my sites.

guest posts to build linksMake the On-Page Perfect:

Before getting into the Off-Page SEO works make sure that you fix all the On-Page issues.

Fix all the interlinking errors and update the web pages with the proper Title Tags, Meta Description, Image Alt tags, etc.

After making the On-Page perfect, then move on to the Off-Page SEO. That is backlinking.

Check out this Video – as Fernando is explaining On Page SEO with Live Demo.

How to build quality links with Guest Posts?

Google loves the sites which have authority backlinks from the relevant sites of high authority.

paid guest posts to build links

Guest posting will help you to publish blogs in high authority sites in the relevant niches.

Links from this sites will make your bank link profile look more natural.

Guest Posts helped me to rank our lovely client “Quick Wasters” for the top-notch business terms in the UK.

I worked with Fernando and made the On-Page factors perfect Quick Wasters before moving into the backlinking.

To be honest, Rubbish Removal industry is comparatively tough when it comes to ranking the websites for potential business terms.

But learning the organic SEO game makes it possible to rank any kind of website on top of Google SERP.

Being an SEO Consultant, if you are working to rank for really competitive terms, then you should plan strategically and execute it.

Bunch of links from the same site will not help you to rank your webpage on top. Google gives importance to the quality of the links than the quantity.

Find the best sites relevant to your business and start publishing guest posts & get quality backlinks to your website.

Not only Guest Posting, Create accounts for your business in platforms like Quora, Medium, etc.

Start publishing blogs in these platforms like once or twice per week.

Try to give branded links or naked links to the website.

Give equal importance to both the do follow links and the no follow links.

Having a good number of no follow links will make your backlink profile to look more natural and help you to budge to top of Google SERP.

Then the quality guest posts that I have done for the Quick Wasters made the job more easier. We ranked Quick Wasters #1 for many potential terms as in the below screenshot.

Myself and Fernando did quality guest posing for Quick Wasters in top notch sites and help it budge to top of Google.

Quick Wasters have the account in Quora nd Medium, which makes their backlink profile to look more natural.

guest posting

Thus if you are fumbling with the ranks of your web page in the SERP. Then get publish guest posts in authority sites and gain quality backlinks to your website.

You can get in touch with us or just drop a mail to ClickDo Ltd to build quality backlinks to your website. Our expert team will help you to publish guest posts on quality sites and improve the ranks on Google.

This will help you to improve the ranks of your web page on the Google SERP.

If you need quality sites for guest posts. Get in touch with me or just drop a mail to, I will help you to publish guest posts in quality sites and get backlinks for your site.

Factors that you should give importance while building links


Backlinking is the core Off-Page SEO factor which you should do in a very strategic way in order to improve the ranks of your business website.

Link building alone will not help you to improve the ranks, You should give importance to the anchor text, authority of the sites you are linking from, content, etc.

important factors in link buildingHere let’s see some important factors which you should give more importance while building the links.

When you make any mistakes in the On-Page SEO, you can correct it easily and can update the site.

But when it comes to backlinking, you should be very conscious and do proper linking with the SEO friendly anchors.

As improper Off-Page SEO will let your website in deep trouble by spoiling all the good organic SEO works that you have done so far.


Many people try to build a bunch of links in a very short period of time.

This will help the Google to easily spot that you are doing the manual link building.

You should not build many links in a very short period of time. Try to build links gradually like 1 or 2 links per day. This will make your backlink profile look more natural.

building backlinksBuilding a bunch of links on the same day or from the same site will spoil all the SEO works that you have done so far.

Building many links at the same time will help the Google to spot as manual link building and may result in deindexation of your website.

You need to look upon many factors before choosing a website for backlinking, The first and the foremost thing that you should check is that whether the site is indexed by Google and it is spam free.

Domain authority not matters in backlinking, hence give the least priority to the domain authority and check whether the blogs are updated regularly in that website.

Number of Links from the same website:

The number of links matters, Don’t build many links from the same website.

This will not help you to improve the ranks of your website on SERP.

factors in link buildingTry to build unique links from many sites related to your niche.

Find relevant sites and try to build quality links over a period of time. This will help you to improve the ranks organically on Google.

This will help you to increase the authority of your website and improve the ranks on the Google SERP.

Guest Posting is Best:

When it comes to building quality links to your website, Guest posting is one of the organic ways to do so.

You can outreach to the business websites or blogging websites related to your niche and can request for guest posting.

Guest Posting will help you build more natural links to the website from the other high authority relevant websites.

Many will ignore your request, but very few may accept. Just publish quality contents on their website and link to your site.

This is the organic way of building links to your business website.

You can also find the right sites by getting in touch with the guest posts providers.

We at ClickDo help you publish your posts in the high authority websites and build quality links to your website. We have sites related all the popular niches and we update the sites regularly with quality contents.

For Quality Guest Posting sites, just drop a mail to and get access to 100+ high authority paid guest posting website.

You can find the pricing and more information about the guest posting websites at 

How Many Backlinks Should A Website Have?


Have you ever wondered, how many backlinks should a website have?

Well in this post we’ll be going over exactly that.

I’ll be covering how many links you should be building to a new website. A website that’s been around for a little while, a really old website, and expired domains.

Also, I’ll be going over the number of backlinks you need to rank.

A new website

You shouldn’t simply start a massive link building campaign on your new site. It’s new so naturally, it won’t be getting many links.

Here’s what you should do instead:

The soonest links you should be building to your website are branded links. These include social profiles, branded web 2.0s, and local citations if you’re doing local SEO.

I would recommend waiting 1 month and just building out your social profiles and putting up content to fill your site up.

By building up a social profile, this is going to help justify the links you build.

A website that’s been around for 2 years

If your website has a decent amount of age, 2 years in this case. You can build as many links as you want. Now, this doesn’t mean as soon as you publish a post, you go balls-to-the-wall on the backlinks you build to that page straight away.

No, let it sit for at least a week and collect some traffic. And then build links. WHY? Because if your post has got 0 views on it, it’s going to look a little weird that people are linking out to it.

With a site that’s 2 years old. You don’t have to worry much about the amounts of backlinks you build to it.

Just don’t purchase a link package from Fiverr and blast a load of links to it. That’s going to kill your site.

An old website (10+ years)

With a really old website. You can pretty much go balls-to-the-wall crazy with your links. Build as many links as you want.


Make sure these are quality backlinks and not some links from sites like Fiverr or using a piece of software like GSA to do it.

Expired domain

So what about expired domains? How many links can I build to an expired domain?

Well that all depends on the age of the domain. How old is it? You can easily get the answer by putting the domain into

As you can see, ClickDo was registered in the year 2013

How many backlinks do you need to rank?

This is super-tough to answer since there are so many factors and variables.

I can’t take a look at your website and tell you how many links you need to rank.

However, I can give you some awesome tips. Make sure to take these variables into account:

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Word count
  • User experience
  • Multimedia
  • On page SEO
  • How many links point at your competitor’s URL

Make sure to take these into account when creating your post and when you’re checking out the competition.

Quantity over quality

Let’s say your competitor has a lot more backlinks pointing at their page than you.

There’s no need for you to replicate all those links.

Instead, you can reduce the number of links by focussing on the quality of the links.

What makes a quality backlink?

  • The domain authority
  • Domain’s niche
  • The topic of the page
  • Social shares
  • Traffic coming to the page
  • Tiered link building


So there you have it. How many backlinks should a website have is answered. There are so many variables and I covered them all.

If I left anything out then please comment below and let me know.

How to get Backlinks from Google for FREE in 2018

Backlinks from Google

Are trying to get backlinks from Google?

Well, you’re in luck because, in this post, I’m going to showing you exactly how to get backlinks from Google for free.

You see, Google is arguably the strongest website in terms of SEO domain strength, simply because they own the biggest search engine called Google.

Pretty obvious, right?

So it makes sense getting links from Google-owned domains.


Everyone has heard of YouTube. It’s pretty much an app that’s been downloaded on every single smartphone.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and will eventually overtake Google because people prefer their content through video.

Text is still a very popular format but eventually, video will be the main platform.

Getting a link from YouTube is very simple.

Upload a YouTube video and you can leave a link back to your site in the description.

You can also leave a link in your channel description.

The links you get from YouTube are a dofollow link as the domain authority is a whopping 100.


Google + is a social media platform created by Google.

Sure, it’s not as popular as Facebook but getting a link from Google + is still a really great link to have.

You can also leave a link in your Google+ profile which is a dofollow link.

TIP: In your Google+ profile, you can link to your other links to help boost them


Blogger is a really great platform for people to create free blogs.

You will need a Gmail address to sign up to Blogger and then you can create a free website on their platform.

After you’ve set up your blogger, you can simply post some articles and leave a link back to your website.

The links will be a dofollow link and high in domain authority.

Google Docs

Using Google docs is a sneaky little way to get a link from Google.

Make sure you have a Gmail account. Go ahead into your Google drive and create a new Google docs sheet.

Here, you can just write an article and leave a link back to your site.

However, you must make sure that you right click on the doc and go to “Settings”. Here, you will be able to set the doc as public so Google can actually index the doc which will pick up the link you built to your site.

Google Sheets

Google sheets is another sneaky way to get a link from Google.

Simply put in some content into the sheet and leave a link back to your site.

Make sure to make this sheet public so it can be indexed by Google.

Google Slides

Yet another fantastic way to get a link back to your site from Google.

Make sure you create a nice little presentation related to your topic.

In the first slide, I would recommend adding a title with your keyword in it.

In the following slides, make sure to create content that talks about your topic.

After this is done, you can go ahead and link back to your slide.

Of course, you’re going to want to make this document public so it can be indexed.


Sites.Google is a web page creation tool from Google.

Make sure you have a Gmail account and sign up for Sites. Google.

After you’ve done that, go ahead and put some content on the page and leave a link back to your site.


So those were some super simple methods to get free backlinks from Google.

These are great to help with your foundational link building campaign or if you’re just trying to rank a page on your website.

My favourite out of all these methods has to be using blogger.

Try these methods out and tell me which one is your favourite.

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How Infographics Helps to Boost Your SEO & Improve the ranks on SERP?


Infographics are the pictorial representation of any process or service that you are offering. This will help the users to understand the concepts better.

As a business owner, you can create Infographics based on your niche and populate them on the web to gain traffic to your website and also to boost your ranks on SERP.

how infographics boost your seoLink Building:

Infographics will help you to build some natural backlinks to your website.

Creating and submitting the Infographics in many online platforms like Flickr, will help your site get authority backlinks.

Backlinks from the Infographic platforms will look more natural. This will help you to budge the ranks to the top of Google.

Link building is one of the important ranking factors which the Infographics helps to solve again.

Source of Traffic:

Even if you can generate traffic to your website by using the Infographics. A nicely designed Infographics will have the good reach among the social media.

Try to share the Infographics in all the social media platforms, Question/Answer forums like Quora and give a link to your website. This will act as a new traffic source and will help you get more visitors.

infographics helps seoEmbed Infographics on the Website:

When you create Infographics on the certain topic, Embed them on your website as a blog post. Also, enable the social sharing buttons in the Blogs.

Thus when the user lands on your web page, they can share your Infographics if the content is really good and useful. This will increase the authority of your site on the web.

Increased Brand Awareness:

Add the brand logo and the contact details in the Infographics, this will help you to increase the brand authority on the web and get more reach.

Make your content go viral by sharing them on the Facebook groups. You can get more reach for your site if you use the reddit effectively.

These are some cool tips for you to boost the ranks of the web page on Google.


CASE STUDY Do Tumblr Backlinks Still Work in 2018? – Web 2.0 Link Building


Recently people have been saying to me, “Tumblr backlinks don’t work”

Whenever I hear statements like this, it makes me cringe.


Because these people have no way to back up these statements.

I’m sick of people telling me that web 2.0s are useless in 2018.

When in reality, web 2.0s are some of the most valuable backlinks you could have in 2018 and years to come.

Web 2.0s are blogs hosted on another site. If you build them the correct way and link out to your site the correct way, your ranks will increase.

When people decide to create Tumblr backlinks, all they do is…

…put up a few words and link out to their site.

This is NOT how you build Tumblr backlinks.

In fact, if you do what I just described, you’re going to be wasting your time.

Because that link will be useless and you could get hit with a Google penalty.

When building a Tumblr backlink, you need to make sure it looks legit. You need to take your time and actually build it out.

Posting images, liking, commenting and doing things that Tumblr users do.

Why you should build Tumblr backlinks


Tumblr backlinks are very powerful.

You see, you’re not simply starting with a fresh domain that Google has never heard of.

You’re leveraging Tumblr’s domain to create powerful backlinks.

This means you don’t have to wait months for Google to index your site or build your domain authority.

Tumblr has already done the hard work for you.

You’re essentially latching onto their domain and using its authority to power up your site.

This is called parasite SEO.

On page SEO


First of all, before I built the Tumblr backlinks back to my blog post. I had to actually create the blog post and optimise it.

I picked a keyword that had a few hundred search volume and buyer intent.

I then searched for that keyword in Google and took a look at the competition. I was confident that I could outrank them.

Next, I clicked on all the blog posts that were shown on the first page and took note of the posts with the most amount of words.

After I found the post with the most amount of words on the first page, I decided my article was going to be a few hundred words longer.

I then made sure to optimise my post’s:

  • URL
  • Google title
  • Blog title
  • Meta description
  • Text
  • Multimedia
  • Keyword variations etc.

After the post was made and optimised, I then published it and submitted it to the Google search console so it could be indexed.

Before building the Tumblr backlinks, I let the post sit for 2 weeks and collect some traffic.

Here’s what it looked like:

keyword position after 2 weeks no link building to the page screenshot

Building the Tumblr backlinks

super power

After 1 week, I decided to build the Tumblr backlinks.

But, I used 1 magic trick.

I didn’t build the Tumblrs from scratch, I purchased expired Tumblrs and built them like that.

Why should you purchase expired Tumblrs?

You see, when you create a new Tumblr, it’s lacking page authority.

The page authority is going to allow the link juice to flow to your site and power it up.

2 great ways you can gain page authority is through links and age.

That’s why I would highly recommend just purchasing expired Tumblrs.

They don’t cost a lot either. You can purchase 10 page authority 40 Tumblrs for under $50.

You can purchase these expired Tumblrs from sites like Fiverr.

I would recommend starting with 20 of these Tumblr links.

Here’s what it looked like after I built 20 expired Tumblr links to my page:

keyword position after Tumblr links

So my ranks dropped from position 47 to 87 during the 2 weeks after the page was indexed.

But after I hit it with just 20 Tumblr links, I already hit postition 15.

And those were the only links I built to the page.

What I would do after the Tumblr backlinks


I’ve personally ranked keywords with just a bunch of Tumblr links but that’s not always enough to get it in the first position.

That’s why I recommend starting with 20 Tumblr links and seeing where you land.

If you’re not in the position you’d like to be, I would recommend building other types of web 2.0s instead of Tumblrs to diversify your link profile.

These web 2.0s could be:

  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • Overblog
  • Blogspot etc.

If you want to learn how to build web 2.0s the right way, then check out the SEO Blueprint.

In the SEO Blueprint, I take you through how I create my web 2.0s and rank websites.

Here are some more example of pages being pushed with just Tumblr links:

more example of tumblr results

And these are just a few examples. I have pushed so many pages with just a fewTumblrs.

The magic really happens when you build your Tumblrs the correct way.

Do you want me to build Tumblr links for you?

I have a network of powerful Tumblr links.

I have used these to rank my websites #1 on Google and bank $$$.

I will build 10 high page authority Tumblrs for only $70.

These links will be permanent and will push your rankings.

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Links on SteroidsConclusion

Yes, Tumblr backlinks still work in 2018 if you build them the right way.

For the most part, the reason why people don’t rank when they build Tumblr links…

…is because they haven’t even optimised their blog post that they want to rank. If you can’t even do that, then you may as well forget about ranking.

A lot of people seem to think that they can throw up an article on Tumblr and just rank.

When in reality, they need to treat their Tumblr like a real profile.

Tumblr backlinks F.A.Q

Q: Do my other sites still hold?

A: Till this day, the sites I ranked with Tumblrs still hold in the SERPs and bring in traffic and money.

Q: Should I interlink my Tumblrs?

A: No, don’t do this. This is a big no-no. You don’t want Google to know you’re creating these links and by linking them together, that’s an obvious giveaway.