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Musings of an SEO Guy

  Playing Devils Advocate with SEO A question came up about whether websites that link to your website need traffic, and yes a website having traffic can only be a good thing – I like to play devils advocate and see both sides of the coin. This is because it is easy to logically assume ... Read More

How to make money from your blog? (Steps to earning blogging)

What is blogging? is a questions I had I always wondered and how does blogging work when you have your own blog? Since I teamed up with ClickDo, it was never easier to understand the whole strategy. And I can tell you that anybody learn the ways to earn money online, blogging. But it needs ... Read More

Are Nofollow Links Valuable? – Expert Answers

So Nofollow links get a lot of criticism and slack. First of all, what is a nofollow link? A nofollow link is a link that tells search engines to not increase a page’s ranking because of that backlink. This was initially created to stop people from ranking by spamming their links everywhere. A dofollow link which is the opposite ... Read More

How Many Backlinks Should A Website Have?

Have you ever wondered, how many backlinks should a website have? Well in this post we’ll be going over exactly that. I’ll be covering how many links you should be building to a new website. A website that’s been around for a little while, a really old website, and expired domains. Also, I’ll be going over ... Read More

How to get Backlinks from Google for FREE in 2018

Are trying to get backlinks from Google? Well, you’re in luck because, in this post, I’m going to showing you exactly how to get backlinks from Google for free. You see, Google is arguably the strongest website in terms of SEO domain strength, simply because they own the biggest search engine called Google. Pretty obvious, ... Read More

How Infographics Helps to Boost Your SEO & Improve the ranks on SERP?

Infographics are the pictorial representation of any process or service that you are offering. This will help the users to understand the concepts better. As a business owner, you can create Infographics based on your niche and populate them on the web to gain traffic to your website and also to boost your ranks on ... Read More