How much does a website cost in UK?

how much does a website cost uk

What is a website?

What is a website

Well, We are living in the technology era where businesses and all the things around you are booming with the growth of the internet. If you are a business owner in the UK, Then obviously you need to make sure that you have a well-designed business website to showcase the products and services which you are offering.

A website can be simple or more branded based on the business services that you offer. Having a well-designed website will speak about your work and project your business in a very positive way for your audience. If your business is service-based then you can have a simple business website showcasing all your services. On the other hand, if you are selling products online, then it’s the main source of your business and hence you need to build it in a better way.

Why do you need a website for your business?

need a website for your business

Nowadays, consumers are more and everyone is using the internet to find information about any product or services which they are in need of. Hence as a business owner, you should always understand where the real audience is coming from and you should make sure that you have the perfect platform to reach them.

Even compared to the past decade, the rate of online purchase and booking has increased by greater numbers in recent times. This shows that consumers are more reliable on online sources to buy any product or services that they are in need of. Hence even if you run a small a large scale business, a website is a must for you to reach your target audience.

What are the things needed to build a website?

the things need to build a website

To start a website or a blog, you just have two things to get started with. Below I have listed the basic needs to start a new business website,

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting

These are the two prime things that you need to get before starting the website design.

1. Domain Name

Domain Name is a brand name or the website name which you are planning to build. For example, if you take our ClickDo Website, this is the domain name So you need to choose a domain name first and it can be a brand name. Once you finalize your domain name, you need to register it under your name with any domain name registrar. I would personally recommend SeekaHost register a domain name as the prices are best when compared to the other domain name providers in the market.

The cost of the domain name may vary from 5$ to 12$ and it may vary based on the domain extension you are looking for. The cost you pay for the domain name will be for a year and you need to renew the domain name every year to own it.

2. Web Hosting

Once you have registered the domain name, the next thing you need to do is that you need to host the domain name by buying a hosting from any web hosting provider like SeekaHost. Web Hosting will cost around 2$ to 5$ per month and still it may vary based on the requirement.

You need to host the website, this is done to store all the data’s related to your website on an online server. So when any user tries to load your website, all the data will be retrieved from the server and will be displayed on the user’s computer.

These are the two common things which are must to create a website. Once you have done this both than you can get started with web designing.

Type of websites & how much do they cost?

types of website and cost

When it comes to developing a website, it overall depends mainly on the requirements and the need. Based on the business model, you can plan pick the type of website from the list below,

  1. Simple Business Website
  2. Premium Business Website
  3. E-Commerce Website

1. Simple Business Website & Its Cost

If your business model is so simple and you just need the business website to showcase the brand and if you are not planning to drive any traffic or audience to your website, then you can chose this model and build the website. A simple business website will contain totally a maximum of 5 to 10 pages including the website including the home page, the about us page, the services page, and the contact us page.

The simple business website are built using the WordPress content management system as they are best for SEO. The cost to build a simple business website may range from £700 to £1000 based on the website complexity. This cost is just an estimate and still, it may vary based on the customer requirements.

Even If you are planning to build a personal website for you then it will fit under this simple business website category but the cost may vary.

Here is the example for a simple business website developed by ClickDo –

2. Premium Business Website

Premium Business Website

If your business model is reliable on traffic to your website. Then you can chose the premium business website. Premium business website will contain web pages from 10 to 25 or more than that based on the client requirements. In addition to this, this business website model will come with payment integrations, an online booking option, and many more for the users to make the payment online to avail of your service.

Premium business websites can either be built on the WordPress CMS or can be custom-built using any other platforms. WordPress is more recommended as its best for SEO and easy for you to optimize it and rank it on Google SERPs. The cost for the premium website design may vary from £2000 to £5000. Still, the prices may vary based on the website complexity and the client requirements.

Here is the example for a premium business website designed by ClickDo –

3. E-Commerce Website

This is a type of business website which allows you to list the products that you are selling on the website and make the customers buy from your website. In this model, your business will be mainly reliable on the online sales and hence you need to make sure that your business website is performing well to reach the right audience and drive traffic to get more sales online.

An E-Commerce website involves lots of time, manpower and investments to build a website. The cost for the E-Commerce website may vary from £5000 to £10000. This prices are just an estimate and still, the prices may vary based on client requirements and the other factors. Not only for selling products but also you can choose this kind of package if you are planning to sell services online.

Here is the example for a website which ClickDo have designed to sell services online –

The cost for designing a website in UK depends on the many factors like client requirements, business model, complexity involved in implementing the client requirements, regular updates and maintenance, etc. Hence if you are looking to design a website for your business, You can book a free consultation with ClickDo web development exerts at and get started.

You can also have a look at some if the websites model and the design done by ClickDo web experts at This will help you get an idea of how good we are in developing a business website and even rank it on Google with proper SEO strategies.

ClickDo web experts have worked in different business verticals and have delivered the best online solution with proper web design and the digital marketing activities. You can check more case studies in all departments along with the client reviews at This will help you get a clear idea about how ClickDo is best when it comes to web development and other online marketing activities.

How to hire the best web developer in UK?

How to hire the best web developer in UK

In UK, there are lots of businesses running online and even the business which offer the services offline needs a business website to showcase its brand to the target customers. Also to reach the customers via online mediums, business website is must for all kind of startups and the large enterprises.

Hiring a best web developer like web experts from ClickDo will help you to find the right solution for your business website. Depending on the business niche, the interface, UI and the other terminologies should be decided. Having the best web consultants will help you to develop a proper business website to match the brand needs.

While hiring the web developer, always make sure that they have plenty of experience in developing websites on different niches. At ClickDo, we have a well experienced and qualified web team who have worked in different business niches to design and optimize the website to perform better on Google.

Also you need to review the previous works done by the web developers before hiring them. So this will help you get an idea about their design works. At ClickDo, we have worked in many different niches and you can find some of the web development case studies at

How much does website cost in UK? – FAQ

1. Do I need regular updates for my website?

It depends, If you have a business website where you sell products and services online, than you need to update the website regularly and keep it upto date. On the other hand, if you are having the static website just to showcase the brand, than you can update the contents once in a while. But definitely you need to update your business website to make sure it performs well on Google.

2. Is web design a one-time fee?

Commercial fee for the web development always depends on the client requirements. In case, if you need regular updates and changes to be done on the website. Than you need to pay the maintenance fee. So it depends on the client requirement always.

3. How long does it take to develop a website?

If you just need a simple business website with like five to ten web pages with a simple design. Than the web design can be completed in one or two weeks. In case, if you need the site with more pages and many configurations, than the time taken for the website completion will increase and will take more time. Depending on the client requirement, the time for the website completion will vary.

4. Does every business need a website?

We are living in the modern decade where everything is moved to online. Even if you are business have nothing to do with online, business website is a must. People nowadays started using Google or other internet mediums to find any information that they need. Hence if you are running a business and if you would like to make your business stand top against the competitors, then business website is a must.

5. Whether WordPress is the best to build a website?

WordPress CMS is one of the most recommended platforms to build a business or personal website. The main thing to note about the WordPress CMS is that its more SEO friendly and the customization is made so simple with WordPress. As a business owner, even you itself can make some necessary changes in the WordPress website.

If you are business owner in London and if you are planning to build a new website for your business. Then you this blog will help you get an idea about the cost involved in developing a new business website.

We at ClickDo have experienced and the professional web experts who can help you identify the right business needs and help you develop a professional business website at the best commercial fee. You can check some of the previously developed websites by ClickDo web experts at and if you would like to book a Free consultation, then visit

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