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HTTPS – Why is it important for the Business Websites?

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the security protocol which secures the data or the information which is being shared between the user’s computer and the web server. It doesn’t mean that it will protect the site from the hackers, it will just protect the information that is being shared between the user’s system and the web server.

Does it only important for E-Commerce sites?

https for websitesUsually, business owners and the website owners have a myth that the SSL is only required for the sites which handle the sensitive information of the users like credit card details, online payments, etc.

SSL is important for all the websites, even the intruders may try to misuse the communication between the user’s browser and the web server and try to inject some inappropriate Ads into the site.

SSL For E-Commerce Sites?

No more second thoughts, SSL is the must for the sites which handle the online transactions and also for the websites which store the user’s payment information like credit card details, net banking information, etc.

HTTPS will secure the connection between the browser and the web server. That is no intruder can able to bypass the information that is being shared.

Having SSL integrated for the E-Commerce sites, Banking sites will ensure the safety of the user’s data that is being shared.

https for websites

Advantages of SSL:

  • Secures the information shared between the user’s browser and the web server
  • Increases the site authority on the web
  • Helps in SEO to improve the ranks
  • Provides authentication
  • Secures the payment details
  • Safeguards from Phishing
  • Improves the customer trust

These are the main reasons for which you should integrate SSL to your business website.

We at ClickDo help the business owners in the UK by securing their websites. We provide SSL integration services to all the business websites and ensure the user’s security.

Mail us to digital@clickdo.co.uk for SSL Integration services. We will help you to upgrade your website from http to https.





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