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Email marketing services are one of the most important aspects of a business in the UK. Most businesses are doing email marketing services wrong and they end up giving it up or wasting their money.

When it comes to the email marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses, it should be done right. Done right by expect can help your business 10X the online revenues.

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Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing; A Quick Guide From ClickDo

We all use emails for our day to day communication, some people send and receive numerous emails on a daily basis. But have you ever paused to consider what email marketing is, and how brands can utilize it to drive their marketing campaigns? Well, email marketing still remains as a hugely untapped avenue that can be used by individuals, businesses, and organizations to drive their marketing campaigns and profits.

  • By definition, email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic email as a means of communication. But if you begin to dig deep and actually analyze it, email marketing is an art, it is a skill!
  • Most people have a problem communicating their thoughts, opinions or even asking a simple question face to face. Marketing is not easy even when done face to face. Can you then imagine how much effort it takes to convince a person to go for a certain product, solely through the written word?
  • Yet, if done correctly, email marketing is one of the most effortless but effective modes of marketing brand can ever have. In this post, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about email marketing

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing;

  • In order to understand why your business would need email marketing, take a moment to digest these statistics; in 2017, there were over 7 billion email users around the world and the number is expected to surpass 4 billion by 2022. Here in the UK, 76% of businesses have termed email marketing as important, or very important
  • What this tells you is that the ability of emails reaching a consumer and impacting them favorably towards your brand cannot be ignored. It is cheap and affordable, yet it reaches thousands or more of potential consumers with a single click.
  • Here at ClickDo, we always like reminding businesses that nowadays it’s not so much about working hard as about working smart; email marketing is a smart and cost-effective way of giving your brand or product unlimited online visibility.
  • Some businesses still rely on the traditional modes of advertizing, namely on television, on the radio, newspapers and even in the form of billboards. Although these methods work, they require one to part with a huge sum of money.
  • Yet, an email marketing campaign can be equally impactful if correctly done by a professional and experienced company. Besides, one can customize the marketing message to suit an individual’s interest and preferences; something that lacks the traditional modes of marketing on mass media.
  • Email marketing is also very vital in increasing your client base, keeping them up to date on current services being offered by your company. Basically, you are always in touch with your clients, which will ensure loyalty on their end.
  • Email marketing is also an easy way to keep customers informed. Think of all the sites you’ve ever subscribed to or videos you watched and subscribed to; every once in a while, you receive emails informing you of upcoming events, new products, new comments on the videos, and so on.
  • The emails are never late, they never miss their way and will keep bombarding you with new info and developments every now and then.

Email marketing campaign;-

  • Just like in any other type of marketing, email marketing is a campaign and as such, it has to be carefully designed, implemented and sustained. The emails are used to persuade customers towards a certain desired action.
  • So often, most businesses fail in email marketing because they lack clear strategies on how to implement the marketing campaign. Here at ClickDo, we always start by understanding what your goals or visions are; what are you hoping to achieve with your email marketing campaign? You want people to click on your site and learn about your brand? You want customers to learn of a new product you’ve introduced in the market? Do you wish to remind them of an upcoming event? Being clear on this is the first step towards crafting an effective marketing message.
  • Remember, it takes the average internet user a few seconds to decide whether an email is worth opening, skipping, or dismissing as totally irrelevant. Thus, the cardinal rule in email marketing is catchiness. It could be an enticing offer in the email’s subject; if the email subject is enticing, research shows that the user is likely to quickly click so as to acquaint themselves with more details.
  • Remember we started by saying that the email marketing campaign has to be sustained? Sure, when the user has been enticed by the catchy subject of the email, you have to sustain that curiosity. How? By following up with equally clear and enticing content or photos or a URL link. A good email ought to be short, precise, and to the point.

Benefits of Email Marketing;

  1. Email marketing allows a customer to give feedback in a prompt and detailed manner. This starts a conversation between the brand and its consumer; if you can utilize this bond positively, it yields customer loyalty. In marketing circles, we say that the bond between a client and a service provider is the most important thing, more important than even the product being sold.
  2. Email marketing allows you to increase your customer base. People log in to their emails on a daily basis and if not, then they do it quite frequently. In email marketing, it is often not about the target consumer being able to check their email; often, it is about brands and companies that give up too early.
  3. It also builds professionalism. Advertising your product on email seems more professional than going on Facebook or Instagram with the same advert. People use emails for official businesses and they may be looking for a contact when they stumble upon your email message by chance.
  4. Email marketing creates trust between the marketer and the customer. How? Customers feel at ease when they know their supplier is a phone call or email away.
  5. You are also able to reach people on any device when marketing via email. Phones, laptops, I pad; basically, any device that has access to the internet. This is better than adverts on the radio or television because today’s consumer is often on the move, too busy on their Smartphone to watch TV or listen to radio ads.
  6. With email marketing, you are also able to add a personal touch. People will buy a certain product or go for a certain service because of its personal touch. Therefore, with the help of email software, one can make emails beautiful and personalized.
  7. With email marketing, you are guaranteed results and better still, those results are almost immediate.

Email marketing software;

There are a number of email marketing software but first of all, we need to understand what email marketing software is.

Email marketing software is service based software that marketers use for email marketing. It leads to loyalty from the customer and brand awareness, amongst other things.

ClickDo prides itself on having some of the best brains in the UK when it comes to digital marketing, of which email marketing is one example. They have a variety of software that they combine with other email etiquette tips to attain the best possible results. Some of the software includes;

Email-Marketing-ServicesEmail Marketing tips

  1. Know your audience. You can’t sell toothpaste to toothless people no matter how enticing the product is. Thus, even in email marketing, ensure that you’re targeting the right people with your email messages.
  2. Add interesting links. Let’s be honest, nobody likes reading emails unless it’s for a job acceptance or free rides from Uber. A boring Email does not make the situation any better. Link videos, photos, and blogs which may interest the reader, which is a plus for you.
  3. Don’t overwhelm your subscribers. We have all had an experience where we subscribed to receive certain emails and immediately regretted it because they sent us five emails a day. This simply puts off customers, leading them to unsubscribe from your site and automatic emails.
  4. It is also very important to test an email before sending it out. Make sure that features and links you intended to put are there. Ensure that the font you chose remains the same and even the color of the font! Nothing ruins the reputation of your brand than a careless typo or grammar error in a marketing email. Here at ClickDo, we have a pool of professional editors and proofreaders who keenly craft and design all marketing emails during a campaign.
  5. Be sure to highlight the benefits that come with the service or product being sold. As aforementioned, you only have a few seconds to impress a prospective customer/client; make sure that everything you say in your email is relevant, believable and enticing.
  6. And lastly, make it easy to unsubscribe. When you come to think of it fairly, nobody wants to feel like they are in prison because they cannot unsubscribe from certain emails! It’s annoying, at best. At worst, they’ll spread the word that the site should not be trusted and it’s your brand that will get hurt. Therefore, make it easy to unsubscribe.

Why get email marketing services?

  • Why hire a professional chef for a party, while you can equally prepare the same meal and save cash? Why get a trainer when trying to lose weight, while you can simply exercise alone? The answer to these questions is the same; you may know how to do them but you are not expert at them!
  • Professional digital marketers are best suited to design, launch, sustain, and track email marketing campaigns. In other words, this is their specialty.
  • Professionals take the responsibility of email marketing off your hands so that you can concentrate on other aspects of growing your business.
  • Besides, professional email marketers have software they use to make the marketing campaign more professional and effective.

Why hire ClickDo as the email marketing agency?

  • Email-marketingAs a London business or service provider, you have a thousand and one reasons to work with ClickDo Ltd for all your digital marketing needs. In a span of just a few years, the company has emerged as one of the leading online marketing and PR firm in the UK, with a client base that spreads from real estate to finance, health, sports, entertainment, you name it. In other words, they have a clear, demonstrated track record of helping all manner of businesses enhance their profitability.
  • How has this been possible? Well, there are several reasons why ClickDo is the premier email marketing agency in London. They are professional; they have a vibrant team of young brains who’re well versed on the dos and don’ts of email marketing.
  • But that’s not all; the fact that ClickDo always prefers meeting the client in their London offices, crafting the marketing campaign jointly, as well as offering bi monthly results and impact of the marketing campaign; making clients feel a part of the marketing process has helped them get such positive referrals across London and far. ClickDo CEO Fernando Raymonds personally gets involved in all projects big or small, always leading from the fore in helping the marketing campaign yield the desired results.

In Summary;

Big business, small upcoming business; feel free to contact ClickDo and be advised on the best email marketing services practices.  It doesn’t matter the budget you’ve set aside for online marketing or the nature of your business; talk to the real online marketing gurus and see how email marketing can help change the fortunes of your brand.